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Post by Fox Storm on Fri Apr 06, 2012 12:34 am

Parts Two and Three!



We now return to the Canis Lunis facility, as the green moon lurks in the background, hiding from the cloudy and darkly-lit facility. The camera slowly closes up onto the facility, as if sensing a foreboding secret…

Cut to a window within the facility. We hear a weak groan emit. The camera pans downwards to a curled up and shivering Ty Parsec, shaking and groaning on the floor in a fetal position, gripping his arms. Blue oil is underneath him. His once kept pompadour is now a big mop top hairstyle. His shirt is ripped to shreds on his neck, arms and part of his torso and abdomen. His pants are only a little ripped, on the kneecaps.

He stops shivering and gets on his hands and knees, still groaning.

Cut to a camera shot of Ty standing up, a bit wobbly, as he groans and starts standing up from his hands and slowly gains his balance. Blue oil starts dripping from his hands from the stained floor. The blue oil comes from Sentry Two. Sentry Two himself is destroyed, his decapitated head lays next to his broken body. The camera zooms forward between Ty’s legs onto Sentry Two.

Cut to Ty as he stops groaning and shrieks back, his arms dripping with oil. He’s confused and appears scared at the sight of Sentry Two’s dismembered body.

Ty: (in a very timid, unsure and soft tone of voice) Uh?.....(looks at his hands) Wha?

Cut to a shot of Ty’s hands, still dripping with blue oil onto the floor. Sentry Two’s dismembered body is below them, spread eagled on the floor.

Ty: (off-screen) What happened?

Cut back to a full shot of Ty as he reacts numb for a minute before he falls down to his knees, the camera matching his speed. Ty kneels down at the sight of the robot body, staring at shock, groaning in fear and gaping in horror at the gruesome sight

Cut to the same bedroom the Wirewolf came into, as the camera pulls back to see Ty coming in, as if in a hurry. He leans into one side of the door, grabbing it for support before he nearly loses his balance and bumps into the other side. He regains his balance and walks to his bed, the door closing behind him. He places his hands on the bed and asks in a very shaken and scared tone,

Ty: (unsure and frightened) What’s going on?

Next shot is of the dimly lit hallway where Sentry Two’s body is, still lying a small pool of blue oil, in the corner of the screen.. We see shadows on the wall, and they belong to Team Lightyear. XR is in front of, Buzz, Mira and Booster. They walk down the hallway when XR suddenly speeds up to the corpse.

Next shot shows us his quick reaction; a shocked gasp.

Next shot shows Sentry Two’s body on the floor, and XR rolling up to it.

XR: (rolls up to the robot) Another one! This is horrible! (The rest of Team Lightyear approaches from behind to see the corpse) Oh, the technology! (tears are flying out of XR’s eyes and he flings his arms upwards in a very dramatic fashion) Oh, the brutality! Oh-(stops flinging his arms and crying, suddenly spots something on the floor) wait a second, a reciprocating gyro rastor, I could use one of these. (picks up a gadget with a green lightbulb sticking out)

Next shot shows XR holding the device upwards, as Mira walks into the screen from the left, her hands on her hips akimbo as she says,

Mira: Ewww…(she watches XR open his chest compartment to store away the gadget. She turns slightly away from him, crossing her arms and glares disapprovingly at XR) Isn’t that a little gross? (XR has hands on hips, looking proud. Turns to face Mira, her glare no longer present.)

XR: Circle of life, my friend.

Cut to Buzz, who glares with determination

Buzz: NOS-4-A2 is (punches his fist) back.

Cut to a wide screen shot of Team Lightyear, with Buzz in the middle of the group, Mira and XR to the right side, Booster to the left. Buzz commands,

Buzz: Mira, XR, check for points of entry, Booster, search for the other victims, I’ll go save Ty. (laughs hard at joke…[not exactly funny, dude], stops laughing) I’ll go TELL Ty, whoops. (Team Lightyear watches him off, XR gaping and Mira with raised eyebrow)

Next shot we see Mira walking, her hand on her right wrist where her laser is. She’s alert. We also hear a whirring sound and then a thud as Mira is slightly shoved forward, her hair swaying to her side.

Next shot we see XR, who apparently bumped into Mira, keeping close to her because he’s grinning, scared like he’s seen a ghost. Mira, annoyed, crosses her arms.

Mira: Yeah-hi, how about a little personal space here?

(XR quickly turns around, as if to check there’s nothing behind him. He backs away from Mira about a few inches, and then salutes)

Mira: Oh, (sarcastic laugh) thank you, I can hardly see you (uncrosses her arms and walks off screen) way back there. (She’s offscreen, while XR looks at the fourth wall, worried. Once he sees Mira is offscreen, he does a take and shakes, gritting his teeth in fear and speeds offscreen to catch up with Mira)

Cut to Buzz walking down a hallway before shifting his eyes to his right at a metal door and stopping in front of it

The camera focuses on Buzz as he proceeds to knock on it. Near the door is a Star Command sign that reads “Ty Parsec”. This is his cabin. Buzz knocks three times.

Cut to the metal door. It slides to the side, revealing a very disheveled Ty. He’s leaning over to the right, his right shoulder giving way and his left shoulder supporting his weight. His uniform is torn, leaving his arms, shoulders, neck, and parts of his chest and abdomen exposed. His hair is bushy, sticking up in various places. One of his eyes is half-lidded, while his other eye is fully awake. He’s gaping dumbly as he’s standing there.
He blinks.

Cut to Buzz, who smiles as he asks his confused friend some questions, unaware of Ty’s appearance.

Buzz: (closing his eyes and smiling) Say, Ty, have you heard or (opens his eyes and leans his head forward) seen anything (leans head back, before he does a take, his eyes wide and mouth ajar. He glares and leans forward again) What happened to your uniform?

Cut to Ty, rubbing the back of his head.

Ty: Oh? Uhh…(closes his eyes and tilts to the side) I’m a rough sleeper. (opens his eyes and stops rubbing his head) Yeah, had a nightmare. (places hand on wall, trying to act casual) What’s the problem? (his left eye is still half-lidded, while his right eye is wide awake)

Cut to Buzz, who is standing there with crossed arms, very confused and bewildered. His eyes are wide and his mouth is somewhat pursed. He leans forward, glaring.

Buzz: You lost another robot.

Cut to Ty and Buzz. Ty’s weight is shifted onto his right, while his left is leaning downwards. Buzz is outside Ty’s room, his hands on his hips, as if berating. Ty’s pants fall down, revealing blue boxers and skinny legs. Buzz looks down at this.

Cut to Buzz, as he looks at Ty and calmly points out,

Buzz: And your trousers.

Cut back to Ty, who does a brief take at seeing his pants down. He looks back up and closes his eyes, trying to cover up his embarrassment. He places a fist at his side.

Ty: I know that. (abruptly pushes button on the side of the door, sliding and closing the door into position)

Screen slides into next scene. Team Lightyear is gathered into where the main control room. Buzz is standing behind a chair, with Mira seated in it, both in deep thought as they stare at the floor. XR is next to Mira, glaring with determination and smiling. We see Booster’s back as he looks at his friends.

Buzz: (looks up and looks at Mira, who in turn looks at Buzz) Okay, what do we know?
(XR is taken aback by Buzz’s question)

Cut to Mira in her chair, as she tilts her body as she responds,

Mira: No one got in last night.

Cut to Booster, Mira and Buzz all sharing in the space on the screen. Buzz and Mira look at Booster.

Booster: The robot sentry was the only one attacked. (waggles his finger at Buzz and then turns around, closing his eyes and pumping his arms with excitement, as Buzz looks down on Mira.) And WOW was he torn apart!

Booster: (off-screen as we cut down to XR as he listens fearfully at Booster’s words. Mira’s legs are shown.) His electron modulator (XR blinks twice) was so bent out of shape (he shrinks back) I thought it was an electron ALTERNATOR! (taken back, he suddenly starts to wobble)

XR: I feel faint…(Mira lowers her hand and places her hands on her chair, between her legs as she looks at XR, who wobbles and inflates his cheeks, ready to throw up. He wheels off screen, Mira watching)

Cut to Ty, standing next to a chair with arms crossed and leaning on one leg, his eyes shifting to one side and looking very bored. XR wheels by his side. XR stops and groans, with Ty glaring at him, as if to say, ‘don’t EVEN attempt it’. He slightly shifts his leg. XR makes throwing up noises before gasping and switching on a light on his chest. It shines on the floor as XR points at it, Ty looking at what XR’s pointing at.

XR: Hey, what’s that?
Cut to the floor, XR’s hand in view along with the light, and we see green glowing Wirewolf prints.

Ty: (off-screen) Footprints.

Cut to Ty and XR looking at the footprints. Ty looks down with his arms now uncrossed and at his side, XR looking at the camera.

Ty: (places fists on hips) All over the place.

XR: (shares a glance with Ty) From the size of it, I’d say (Cut to XR, leaning over to get a good look at the footprints, with Ty’s legs and feet by him) an 11 and a half D. (stands up straight pointing at nothing in particular. He smiles as he raises an eyebrow) A RADIOACTIVE 11 and a half D. (looks at Ty)

Cut back to Buzz and Mira, still in her seat. Buzz has chin in hand, thinking. Mira shifts forward in her chair and looks down.

Mira: Wait a minute. (Buzz takes chin out of hand, arms crossed as he looks at Mira. Mira looks up.) NOS-4-A2 doesn’t have any (stands up from her chair as the camera pulls back) feet! (XR comes onto the screen, slightly) What are we DEALING with here? (raises arms up, as if to shrug)

Cut to Buzz, with raised eyebrow.

Ty: (offscreen) Whatever it is, (enters on screen, Buzz shifting his eyes to see Ty coming and then turns to face him, his back to us) it attacks at night.

Buzz: And so tonight (Ty blinks) we’ll lay a trap for it. (Ty blinks again) And to lure it in, (Buzz turns his head, looking over his shoulder. Ty blinks and puts on a more serious and determined expression) we’re gonna need some bait.

Cut to XR.

XR: Good idea! (throws hands up in air, excited) All we need is a tasty little machine with lots of power, (Cut to Ty, Buzz and Mira, all looking at XR intently as we see them from XR’s POV) lots of gadgetry, (camera pans over to Booster, who looks intently at him as well) bells, whistles, preferably round. (Booster blinks)

Cut to XR, who’s smiling and standing there before-

XR: (gasps and blinks) Waitaminute. (wheels backwards, shaking hands out) BAD idea. Yes, that’s a BAD idea. (points to the ceiling with his right hand) Now that I've had a second to think about it (points to the ceiling with other hand, protesting) that's a very bad idea. Because, because, that's exactly what it would expect (arms are wide open) THAT'S why it’s bad, it’s VERY bad-

Fade from XR’s pleading to the Canis Lunis night sky. Although jet black, the sky is alit with a few stars and purple-whitish clouds, and a few dark clouds as well. Camera pans over to the right, past rocky mountains, blue and purple-whitish clouds, to come to a stop. The green moon slowly rises over the mountains. Fade to the inside of the research facility, of what appears to be a warehouse, filled with boxes and big cans. There are stairs and a door. The green moon is shining upon a lone XR, looking around rather nervously. Camera pulls back to reveal XR in the center of the warehouse, Buzz and Ty hiding behind some cardboard boxes with the Canis Lunis symbol on them, and cans under the stairs, Mira hiding on top of the stairs, and Booster hiding on the opposite side of Buzz and Ty, behind some boxes.

Camera pulls back, with XR looking around.

XR: (deadpan) Boy, are my batteries packed with energy!

Cut to Buzz and Ty hiding behind boxes and cans. Buzz is in front, Ty is behind him, under the stairs. Both are glaring with determination.

XR: (offscreen and still deadpanned) Yes, why I can’t (Buzz blinks) remember (Ty blinks) when I’ve ever felt so (Buzz blinks) energized.

Cut to XR standing in the green moonlight.

XR: (stomping on ground with feet and sweats out of fear, tone still deadpan) I could just keep going and going and (starts swaying) going and going-

Cut to an annoyed Buzz.

XR: (Off-screen) Oh, boy, do I have (Buzz looks to the camera, raising his right hand in the air over his communicator) energy here! (Buzz slaps down on his communicator and it opens up, beeping as it does so.)

Buzz: (annoyed) Try to sound a little LESS like bait. (tilts his head, tone now a questioning one) Booster, Mira, exits (shifts eyes to his left) secure?

Cut to Booster hiding behind boxes.

Booster: (hushed tone) Secure.

Cut to Mira hiding on a platform.

Mira; (hushed tone) Secure.

Cut to Mira, much closer.

Mira: Well, uh, uh, I mean I-I'm guessing it's secure. Well, I-I-I mean, I can’t guarantee it’s secure until someone tries to get through, you know, I won’t know for SURE and-

Buzz: (on the communicator) Mira.

Mira: (shifts up, suddenly alert, her mouth gaping and then blinks) Yeah?

Buzz: Resume radio silence.

Mira looks down at her communicator, before leaning back down and putting her chin into her hand.

Mira: (hushed yet slightly annoyed) You got it, Buzz. (she looks upwards, chin still in hand, miffed)

Camera pans from Mira to the ceiling, where a large window shows the blue clouds departing to make way for the green moon. It starts to shine its light.

Pan to Buzz and Ty, the former still alert and tense, while the latter is leaning against the stairs railing, with crossed arms and a grumpy disposition to match. He blinks while the camera slowly comes to stop on him, the green moonlight shining upon him.

Ty suddenly does a take, uncrossing his arms and gasping, straightening upwards, rigid. He shakes slightly, and starts coughing. His hair starts to stick up on ends and his eyes rapidly dilate between black and white for a minute before grinding his teeth and attempting to walk away, still coughing.

The camera pans from Ty over to behind the stairs, where we see his shadow. It’s hunched over, and we see small wolf ears and a muzzle. Suddenly we see electricity under the stairs, along with Ty’s shadow, which is now static, as Ty changes. It solidifies into a now more familiar shape of the Wirewolf, as it growls. It rears up, howling like a regular wolf.

The howling carries over into the next scene, where the camera returns to XR on the floor, with Buzz still hiding behind the boxes.

XR shivers, scared at the howling.

XR: (trying to be friendly albeit his fear) Wh-wh-wh-wh-who’s theeeeeerrrreee? (He looks to his right and then his left,, still shivering)

Cut to a close-up. XR pats his chest compartment, trying to protect himself. His head still shakes.

Cut to Buzz, hiding behind boxes, the Wirewolf slowly towering up over Buzz, raising his arms. He reaches up to his full height.

Buzz: Uh, Ty, (the Wirewolf is looming directly over him) do you hear that sound?

The Wirewolf gives a small growl.

Buzz: I’m not sure where it’s coming from, either. (The Wirewolf’s growl grows a bit louder) XR, sensor scan. (Buzz shifts his eyes to his left and then back) Where’s the source of that sound?

Cut to XR’s back. He turns his head around, and then does an EXTREME take. His helmet and head float in mid-air and he gasps loudly.

Cut to Buzz and the Wirewolf, the creature slightly swaying back and forth.

XR: B-b-b-behin-

Cut quickly to the ceiling, where the clouds slowly cover up the green moon.
XR: (off-screen) Buh-b-behin-buh-buh-be-behin-
Cut quickly back to Buzz and the Wirewolf, the latter’s jaws now dangerously close to Buzz’s head. Buzz looks confused and concerned.
XR: (off-screen) Be-be-be-behin-buh-buh-be-behin-

Cut back to XR, waving his arms up and down.

XR: Behin-be-be-be-behin-(His helmet and head float in mid-air again, higher than the last time) TURN AROUND! (He continues shaking his arms up and down)

Cut to Buzz with a raised eyebrow, the Wirewolf’s snout close to his head, and claws out.

Buzz: Behind me? (Electricity surrounds the Wirewolf’s body, and then at supersonic speed, changes back into Ty. Ty now stands in place of the Wirewolf, standing there in his shredded outfit, a bit dizzy) What’s he talkin’ about? (Turns to face Ty)

Cut to Ty, swaying a little bit, and groaning. He has one lidded eye, one wide eye, disheveled hair, and a very dizzy expression. His arms slightly waver.

Cut back to Buzz, who looks very dumbfounded for a second or two. Then he turns back around and opens his communicator.

Buzz: (in a scolding tone) How many times have I told you to-

Cut to XR, who stops shaking and waving his arms. He blinks.

Buzz: (off-screen)-clean behind your sensors?

XR folds his arms and glares,in indignation.

Cut to a fretful Ty, who is hiding by the stairs. He blinks, and moves under the stairs, the camera following. It stops to see him pause under the stairs, looking at presumably Team Lightyear, before starting to tiptoe.

Cut back to the ceiling, where the clouds unveil the moon once more, the light descending downwards.

Cut to a tiptoeing Ty, who stops dead in the moon’s light, hunching forwards and then excessively arching backwards, groaning in pain. A slight crunching sound is heard. He floats in mid-air slightly, electricity building up and dancing along his body.

Cut back to XR, whistling. He seems restless. He sways on his feet to one side and then the other, whistling.

XR: (in a teasing tone) Join Star Command, save the universe.

Cut to a closeup of XR, and a certain pair of claws above him.
He shrieks as his eyes pop out of his head, and he is grabbed by the Wirewolf’s claws, now off-screen.

Cut to Buzz hiding behind the boxes, with the green moonlight shining on him.

Buzz: There’s your (jumps in front of boxes) monster!(straightens up) You make the caller, Ty!

Cut to a shot of Buzz. It moves on close as he looks around, seeing one other Ranger is missing.

Buzz: Ty?

Cut to a shot of the Wirewolf and XR’s shadows on the wall, as the Wirewolf drags away a screaming XR off-screen. This goes on for a minute or two.

Cut to a glaring Buzz, who quickly orders,

Buzz: Mira, Booster, (he closes in on the camera) help XR!

Cut quickly to Booster, who runs over boxes.
Cut quickly to Mira, who has her jet pack open as she flies down from the platform to the floor, the camera panning onto her movement.

We see her land next to Booster and Buzz. Mira and Booster pull out guns, while Mira walks closer to the camera.

Mira: Where is he? As the camera follows her, she turns, giving a gaping side view, as she hears the mechanical growling, pointing her gun in that direction.

Cut to a pile of boxes, slightly shaking. Suddenly, XR’s body parts coming flying towards the camera. There is a torn out arm, XR’s glass helmet, and his chest, in which the wires in his arms are showing. They bounce onto the floor and then fly right up into the air. There is a lack of green moonlight.

Booster: (off-screen) Here he comes!

XR’s chest is tossed right into the camera.

Cut to a worried Booster, bathed in green light, as pieces of XR fly over him. An arm flies first. He ducks as smaller pieces fly over him.

Booster: Here he comes again! His hand goes to his chin, as if in shock.

Booster stands in one spot, and then dodges to his right, avoiding XR’s chest, as more of XR’s pieces fly at him. He then literally ducks for cover and covers his eyes as gears and screws go over him. One more piece of XR bounces and lands in front of him.

It’s XR’s head, eyes wide open and mouth ajar with fear. Booster uncovers his hands from his eyes as he sees XR’s head.

Booster: XR-

Next shot is Booster picking up XR’s head.

Booster:-talk to us. (gently shakes XR’s head) Who did this? He stops shaking XR’s motionless head, biting his lip, as Mira walks on-screen. He turns to her and says,

Booster: (concerned, his ears drop down) All his power is drained.

Cut to a closeup of Mira.
Mira: (groans) He’s gonna be in the shop-

Cut to a glaring Buzz.

Mira: (off-screen)-for a week.

Buzz: (looking to his left) Anybody seen (eyes roll to his right) Ty?
Cut to Buzz, Mira, and a glaring Booster and XR’s head in Booster’s gripped hand.
Mira: (worried) You don’t suppose the (Booster looks at her, worried as well) intruder got him too?

(A normal wolf howl is heard. All three Rangers turn their attention to the source of the howling, which is behind Buzz. He turns around.)

Buzz: This way! (Buzz and Mira run offscreen, stage left, leaving Booster alone. He looks briefly at XR’s head.)

The camera pans back to reveal Booster holding a bag in his other hand, putting XR’s head into it. Other pieces of XR are around him.

Booster: (picks up an arm and tosses it into the bag) Pinky, pinky! Who’s got the pinky? (picks up a black tube)

Cut to the camera panning down a hallway, the Wirewolf coming onscreen on all fours. He is carrying something in his mouth. He runs for a few minutes, the camera following him, before he turns to his left down another hallway into a room, the camera coming to a stop before he goes in.

Cut to a quick closeup of the green moon, clouds slowly covering it. The mechanical growling is heard offscreen.

Cut to a falling and groaning Ty through an open door. He falls onto his stomach on the floor, electricity dancing around him. Electricity stops sparking, and he tries to get up, only to fall down again in pain, his eyes closed and his teeth grinded. He looks like he’s passed out. The door closes behind him.

Pan to Buzz and Mira running, with Buzz in the lead. The camera follows them briefly before a groaning sound is heard. Mira slows down and stop, turning around and her attention to the source of the sound.

Cut to Ty in the room, still passed out, and sprawled all over the floor. Suddenly we see a white glow. Mira ‘ghosts’ into the room for a quick peek to see Ty before ‘ghosting’ back out.

Cut to Mira. Buzz and Booster are coming up behind her. She looks over her shoulder and hooks a thumb to the room where Ty is in.

Mira: He’s in here!

The door opens to let in Buzz and Mira as they run to help Ty to his feet.
They kneel to Ty’s side.

Buzz: Are you alright, Ty?

As they help him up, he gives a soft groan before speaking. His eyes are closed.
Ty: (groans) What happened?
He is on his feet, eyes now open, full of confusion.

Cut to Booster.

Booster: The intruder attacked XR, (pulls up bag onscreen) but it got (bag is now offscreen) away. He glares and grits his teeth.

Cut to Mira standing behind a tired-looking Ty. She looks down at his right shoulder, peering over it.
Mira: What’s that in your (Ty blinks and turns to face her) hand?
Ty: (he pulls his hand onscreen, holding a strange small gizmo. He arches his eyebrows. He slightly gasps) You tell me.

Suddenly, XR’s voice is heard.

XR’s voice: Step back from the robot! (Mira gapes and Ty does a take) You are too close (Mira looks up at Ty and blinks) to the robot! (Ty raises an eyebrow back at her. They both share a confused glance) And I-

Cut to a group shot of Team Lightyear and Ty, minus XR. Mira, Ty and Buzz are slightly in the background, while Booster takes up most of the foreground. Ty holds the device closer to him, as if to get a better look)
XR’s voice:-am the robot! (XR’s voice is no longer heard)

Booster: (gasps. He raises a hand to his mouth in shock, and points to the device, or Ty) XR’s voice box! (Ty turns to Booster, his eyebrows creased downwards, as if worried. He places his left hand on his right arm, as if self-conscious. He blinks) How did you-? (Ty’s eyebrows further crease downwards and his mouth is slightly agape)

Cut to Mira, Ty and Buzz. Ty straightens up, uncrossing his arms and has an epiphany.
Ty: (gasps and drops XR’s voice box) You have to leave (steps back behind Mira and Buzz) the planet! You’re in danger! (he glares as he grips his fists and pulls his arms up, as if ready to pounce)

Cut to Buzz, as he moves in on the camera.
Buzz: Oh, oh, no, no, no (Buzz walks off-camera)
Cut to Buzz coming over to a glaring Ty, as he places an hand on Ty’s right arm)

Buzz:…We have to (places hand on Ty’s arm, and closes his eyes and smiles. Ty blinks twice and looks up at Buzz, with a raised eyebrow. He slightly relaxes) catch that thing.

Cut to a close up of Ty and a side view of Buzz.
Ty: Don’t you see?! (His eyebrows are creased, as if in worry. Then he closes his eyes, as if in pain. He raises his hands up to emphasize his point) I AM that THING! (he places his hands down and grits his teeth.)

Cut to a close up of Buzz, and a side view of Ty. Buzz grits his teeth and slightly cringes, as if refusing to believe what Ty just said.

Cut to a full shot of Buzz, Ty, Booster and Mira. Booster is behind Buzz, and Mira is in the foreground.

Buzz: (watches Ty turn away from him, Ty facing us. Buzz gently pats Ty’s back and gently speaks to him) Oh, come on, buddy….
Ty is slightly slouching over.
Ty: (He closes his eyes and clenches his fists, lifting his arms) Listen, listen, ever since (Ty walks away from Buzz, the camera following him. Booster’s usual happy expression becomes one of shock.) that energy vampire bit me, I’ve been (comes to stop at a table cluttered with scientific equipment, placing a hand on the table, and another on his face) having blackouts, (Buzz and Booster do takes) and when I come to, (Booster blinks twice. Ty takes hand off face) another robot (Ty slightly turns to face Buzz and Booster, worried and tense. Booster glares confusedly as he and Buzz blink) has been attacked. It’s got (turns to face Mira, raising his arms to get his point across) to be me!

Cut to behind Ty, his arms still up in the air.
Ty: You’re ALL (turns his head around to look behind him, at the camera. His eyebrows are creased downwards. He looks genuinely concerned and scared, his tone showing his fear.) in danger, (glares as his tone becomes darker) especially (closes his eyes and raises a pointed finger. The background quickly changes to show a blur of earth-colored patterns before stopping and changing back to normal to see a shocked Team Lightyear. Buzz is taken aback at Ty’s pointed hand, which is onscreen.) YOU.

Buzz: (Ty takes his hand away from Buzz. Buzz places his fists on his hips. Mira blinks and then her eyes dilate.) Why would I be in (one eyebrow is half-lidded) danger? I came here to help (Mira blinks) ya, and if you ever needed my help (reaches a hand out to Ty)
Cut to Ty, who is leaning over on the table, his back to us.)
Buzz: (offscreen)-you need it now.
Ty: (rapidly turns around and yells out with a mechanical overtone and anger) STOP saying that! (He tenses slightly back aways)

Cut to Booster.
Booster: (cringes back and bracing himself for protection, closing his eyes) Look out! He’s turning into the monster!

Cut to Mira and Buzz.
Mira: (places hands on hips and points to Ty )And he’s turning on YOU. I think you and Ty (folds her arms, glaring. Buzz looks at her out of the corners of his eyes) have some HEAVY issues.

Cut to Ty in the green moonlight, tensing up and screaming very mechanically as electricity appears once more, around his chest. He lashes out towards the camera and, as quick as lightning, becomes the Wirewolf, jaws open and claws out.

Cut to a back shot of the Wirewolf in the foreground, a stunned pair of Buzz and Mira in front of him. The Wirewolf leaps out at them, but Mira pulls Buzz off to the side just in time. The Wirewolf lands where they were, and while kneeling, and claws the air.

Cut to Mira and Buzz in front of Booster. Buzz turns to Mira.

Buzz: How so?
We then go to a shot of the green moon in the sky, when the Wirewolf comes onscreen with open claws, menacingly.
Wirewolf: You’rrrrrre (moves in onto the camera) done!
Cut to Team Lightyear. Mira points at the moon.
Mira: The green moon! It’s (Buzz is taken aback with this news) mutating him! (She no longer points at the moon)
Buzz: (quietly to her) You may be right about those issues.
Cut to a shot of the Wirewolf’s widening red eyes as he growls.

Fade to black. End of Act .


We return to the energy facility on Canis Lunis. We see the green moon in the sky, glowing into a window of the ceiling. The camera pans downwards to see the Wirewolf in the foreground and near the camera, with Team Lightyear, minus XR who is in a bag and out of commission, arming themselves with their lasers.

Buzz, who is in the middle of the three active Rangers, shouts at the Wirewolf.

Buzz: Stand your ground!

Cut to a shot of the Wirewolf, who pulls an arm towards him and then outwards, with his tail in the background. Out from his claws are wires, speeding offscreen.

We see the wires wrapping around the Ranger’s wrists, electricity fizzling. After a minute, the fizzling stops, and the wires unwrap themselves from their wrists, going back to their owner offscreen. Booster pats his wrist twice, trying to get a laser out.

Booster: Oh, my laser’s dead. (He lowers his arm down)

Cut to Buzz in the foreground, Mira in the background. Buzz looks down at his laser while Mira still resumes a fighting stance.
Buzz: Uh….. (He shifts his eyes behind him) Rangers, retreat! (He and Mira run towards the camera, off to the right.)

We then cut to the main control room where the workers are. A howling is heard, and all the workers, with one Caucasian elder man with glasses in frontal view looks up from his clipboard to the source of that sound. A young woman with reddish hair also looks up.

They look to see Booster, Mira, and Buzz running out of a large metal door. The Wirewolf appears right be the door, but Buzz slams the door on his claws. The creature’s claws are still out, trying to get Buzz. Buzz pushes against the door with his back, trying to prevent the growling Wirewolf from breaking in.

Cut to a closeup of Buzz, struggling and groaning to keep the door closed from the Wirewolf. The camera slightly shakes as the creature bangs on the door three times. The banging stops, and this allows Buzz to relax and catch a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, three claws punch through the door, catching Buzz’s wide-eyed attention. The claws go back and Buzz turns to the handle, the next camera shot shifting to a full view of Buzz turning the handle to lock the door. Once it’s locked, he straightens up and pushes back against it, as if trying to suggest nothing happened.

Buzz: No panic-

Cut to the employee, the Caucasian elder man and reddish-haired woman looking concerned. The African American looks bored.

Buzz: (off-screen)-everything is under control-
Cut to a backshot of the employees, facing Team Lightyear. Buzz and Mira have hands on hips.
Buzz:-move in an in orderly manner to the (Buzz points to his left.) landing field.
Cut back to the employees, who all scream. The woman slams her hands into her face, screaming, while the man with the glasses runs off-screen. The woman throws her arms into the air, screaming and running after the first co-worker. The African-American starts to run off.
We cut back to Team Lightyear as they watch the employees run by them. The team watches the employees run off, a trail of papers left behind in their wake.

Mira: (slighty sarcastic) Ha, well done, (Mira turns to Buzz with a sarcastic smirk) Buzz.
Buzz: (shoots her a grin) Thank you.

We are now outside of the energy facility. The employees, with masks on, are getting onto a ship. Camera pans to the left of the energy facility to an entrance. The camera shifts closer to the entrance to see Team Lightyear running out, with Booster carrying XR in the bag. As they run onto the landing field, the camera shifts to follow them to see the employees’ ship take off. The camera pans upwards slightly to see the ship all the way through until it’s off-screen.

Cut back to the entrance to the energy facility. The Wirewolf runs out on all fours, and takes a giant leap. We see, in the next shot, the snarling Wirewolf leaping over Mira and Booster.

Booster: Uh-oh. (Mira and Booster slow down and stop. Booster is apprehensive)
Cut to the Wirewolf finishing his leap and landing between Team Lightyear and their cruiser. He gets on his two feet and takes up a fighting stance, claws out. As the camera shifts from the Wirewolf’s side view to see Team Lightyear, they tense up.

The camera focuses on closer to them. Mira blinks, worried.
Mira: (turns to Buzz, a small hint of fear evident in her voice) How do we get to the Cruiser? And if he (turns back to look at the Wirewolf, motioning a hand) gets to it first, (cut to a brief bird’s eye view of Team Lightyear and the Wirewolf) we’ll be stuck! (Cut back to normal view to Team Lightyear) Our jet packs (Buzz turns to her) can’t get us back to Star Command. (Camera shifts onto Booster)
Booster: Especially mine. (Mira glares up at him) I don’t get as many parsecs per take as you guys. (points to Mira and Buzz. He turns off to the side, as if pondering.) You know how they always say your mileage may vary? (turns back around and places hand on chest, indicating himself. He grins apologetically) I think they mean me.
Mira: Y-yeah, and (camera shifts to be behind Buzz, the Wirewolf and Mira from a worm’s eye view) we’ve hours before the sun comes up!

Cut to Buzz, who places a finger to his chin in thought.
Buzz: Well if the sun’s not comin’ up, (hand at chin is lowered and clenched into a fist) then that moon’s goin’ down.
Cut to Mira and Booster, who share a confused glance. They turn back to Buzz.
Mira: Huh? What are you thinking?
Cut to a shot of a determined Buzz in the foreground and Mira and a apprehensive Booster in the background.
Buzz: The Nuzonian Maneuver.
Cut to Booster with a smile.
Booster: (tone full of awe) The Nuzonian Maneuver! Whoa! Only YOU can think of that, Buzz! (grins)
Cut to a shot of Team Lightyear and part of the Wirewolf’s claw and foot.

Mira: Wait-wait-I’ve heard of that, I know this one, (Cut to a closer view of Mira, who waves off any help in trying to remember this move) ah, d-d-don’t tell me, shh, shh, I can get this-
Buzz: (off-screen) Booster-
Cut to a worm’s eye view of Team Lightyear, near Buzz’s side.
Buzz:-will fill you in. (Buzz turns to his team) Get going! (Booster salutes, Mira looking up at him. Buzz salutes back.)
Cut to a side view of the Wirewolf in the foreground facing off with Buzz, who is in the background. Mira and Booster run off-screen, the camera panning across the Wirewolf.
Cut to Buzz, ready to fight.

Buzz: (in a tense pose and tone)Let’s you and me (blinks) work out those issues, buddy.
The Wirewolf growls and prowls off-screen.

Cut to Mira and Booster running towards their cruiser, with the next shot of Mira starting to climb up the ladder. She climbs up a few steps before she turns around, facing Booster downwards, with one hand on the ladder steps, and the other on her hip.

Mira: What IS the Nuzonian Manuever?
Cut to Booster from Mira’s perspective. He’s carrying the bag containing XR on his right shoulder.
Booster: No time to explain! (He glares)
Cut to Mira and Booster on ladder. Mira lifts an arm up.
M: Oh yes, there is! (She thrusts her arm into Booster’s head, reading his mind. We can see parts of her fingers)
B: Hey, watch it!
Cut to a close up of Mira. She narrows her eyes and tilts her head, as if trying to ponder. She suddenly gasps, her eyes widening and her mouth gaping. She glares down at Booster.
Mira: Is he kidding? (Loses her glare and closes her eyes) That’s craz-(eyes open, half-lidded) Oh, oh, (turns head away from Booster) and about that incident on the playground (blinks) in third grade? (closes eyes and hisses for a minute before opening her eyes) Yeah, gotta let it go. (takes hand out of Booster’s brain)
Booster: Y’know, reading (he glares) peoples’ minds is SO rude. (climbs further up the ladder, now off-screen)

Cut to the inside of Star Cruiser 42. The door opens to reveal Mira and Booster heading to their seats. Booster takes his usual Navigator’s chair while Mira goes to Buzz’s seat to pilot the ship. Next shot shows her piloting the ship, pulling the lever downwards to start the ship. The camera slightly shakes.

Cut to next scene. 42 takes off into the sky, smoke shooting out of the engine. The camera pulls back to a shot of Buzz and the Wirewolf in combat. Once the camera rests in a stationary mode, the Wirewolf gets down on all fours and leaps towards Buzz, trying to tackle him. Buzz leaps over him and lands off-screen. The Wirewolf looks at the camera and then to the side to where Buzz landed.

Cut to Buzz, who has his knees bent and hand on the ground. Suddenly, his jetpack sprout wings. The camera pans to the left as he flies on-screen, past a clawing Wirewolf, who is standing on two legs. Next shot shows the Wirewolf trying to claw him again, as Buzz flies over him and then exists off-screen on the right. The next scene shows Buzz flying high into the sky, the camera panning his head as he flies upwards.

Buzz: (turns his head down to yell at the Wirewolf) Don't be afraid to tell me how you really feel.

The Wirewolf then reaches his left arm out, claws shooting out of his paw. The next shot shows them wrapping around Buzz, ceasing his flying. He groans loudly as the wires reel him off-screen.

Next time we see 42 is in the next shot, above the clouds and heading towards the green moon. We then see in the next scene, Mira and Booster. XR is in the bag by Mira’s side.

Mira: (turns to face Booster) You sure this is how Buzz caught the Nuzonians by surprise?
Cut to Booster.
Booster: (slightly sarcastic) You question MY (eyebrows furrow downwards and places hands on chest, as if insulted) knowledge of Buzz lore? (turns away, crossing arms) You disappoint me, Mira. (gives her a smile)
Mira: (smiles back. She turns around and her face is neutral, as she pulls down on the lever, which causes a red light to flash on and off above it. She then pulls on a stick.)

Next shot shows 42 from behind speeding towards the green moon at breaking speed.
We then see a front shot of 42 as it continues to speed.

Cut to Mira on the inside.

Mira: (alert) Power core set to go to critical. (turns to face Booster, and unbuckles herself. She grabs XR’s bag) Abandon ship! She then runs off-screen.
Next shot shows the door opening with Mira and Booster running through the door. Booster stops. We see him from behind.
Booster: Ooh, (turns around) almost forgot. The distress beacon! (runs off-screen as he says this. We then see him head back to his station, and leaning over his chair, pushes a big red button. This causes the button to make a beeping noise. Once Booster has pushed it, he then runs off-screen.)

Cut to 42 still speeding. A small hold on the side of the ship opens up to reveal the distress beacon soaring outwards out of the ship and off-screen. Mira and Booster fly out of the ship, the camera panning upwards to show them flying close to the camera. They fly off-screen.

Cut back to a wrapped up Buzz from a bird’s eye view, who is struggling and groaning to escape the clutches of the Wirewolf’s wires.
Next shot shows the Wirewolf from slightly behind as he reels in Buzz like a fish. Buzz is slightly arching back.

Buzz: (in a strained voice) You know, we don't talk enough-(the Wirewolf then shows his face to us, and he places his other arm on Buzz’s chest, electricity fizzling out. This causes Buzz to gasp loudly and flinches in pain..) Losing power…can’t breathe…. Ty, I know you're in there somewhere-

Cut to a closeup of Buzz, opening his eyes and gasping out,
Buzz: I need you to save me.
Cut down to the Wirewolf from Buzz’s perspective, who glowers menacingly. We see his arm, electricity dancing around it.
Wirewolf: Buuuuzzzz…the Wirewolf stops glowering and looks on in shock, raising his eyebrows and closing his jaws. He blinks and looks up, concerned.

Next shot, we see 42 continue to fly towards the green moon. It flies towards it and the moon eventually comes into view. This causes the ship to shrink in size, in comparison to the large green moon. It flies right into it before…


The green moon is blasted into a million pieces! Smoke, fire and green moon rocks fly everywhere. Next shot shows the green moon becoming a ball of light, with rings flying outwards. It then collapses onto itself and next we see larger chunks of the green moon fly everywhere. The ball vanishes. The moon is no more.

The camera pans downwards to see the Wirewolf looking up at where the moon used to be, with an unconscious Buzz, with his arms out, in his gripped wires. The Wirewolf then looks at Buzz with concern and gently starts to lower him down.

He suddenly drops Buzz, with the wires and all, and suddenly screams in pain. He arches upwards, still screaming. He then grips his head and thrashes around for a minute before the camera takes up the next shot from a worm’s eye view, showing Buzz on the ground, on his hands and knees, and with closed eyes, trying to recover. The Wirewolf kneels downwards, and as he does, we hear his screaming becoming more human and less mechanical. He finally lands on his paws, no longer gripping his head and looks at the camera.

Next shot we see the Wirewolf’s eyes widen, before fading to reveal Ty’s human face. He still groans, but it is human now. We cut to a mechanical paw, which also fades back. It fades into a shaking human band. A piece of ripped clothing is shown on his wrist.
Cut back to a full view of Ty, on his hands and knees, and who has a helmet on, helping him to breathe. His sleeves and gloves are missing. He lifts up his shaking hand, blinking for a minute before his eyes widen more as he brings his hand closer to his face, as if realizing what had just happened. He places his hand on the ground and closes his eyes.
We cut to an overhead shot of Ty, bowing his head down, and a still kneeling Buzz, a few feet away from each other, each recovering from their ordeals. We see the Canis Lunis symbol on the platform.

Fade out to the next scene. Team Lightyear and Ty are in the main control room. Mira is bandaging up Buzz’s left arm, while Buzz is seated on a machine. From the side, we see Booster and a fully repaired XR are standing a few feet away from them, watching Mira helping Buzz. Ty is leaning against a pipe that runs out from the machine, with crossed arms…and a guilty conscience. He leans further back into the pipe, his expression downcast. He blinks.

Cut to XR, stretching.

XR: Whoa, that was a beautiful nap. Man, (places hands on hips) I was out like a light. A lot like a light, actually. (He briefly turns away and chuckles. He turns back to the team) Did I miss anything big?

Cut to a worm’s eye view of XR and Booster. Booster leans over to tell XR, who looks up.
Booster: We blew up a moon! (grins and the straightens up) Oh, and Buzz saved Ty (points to Ty) again.

Cut to Ty, Buzz and Mira. Ty is in the foreground, still crossing his arms and looking downcast. Buzz is looking at Ty with a rather concerned expression. Mira is tying on the bandages, being very careful.

Ty: And you know, maybe I never said (blinks) this before, but…
Cut to Buzz’s perspective as he watches Ty look over his shoulder.
Ty: . .well. . .thanks Buzz. (blinks again, looking remorseful and sorrowful)
Cut to Buzz, who smiles and lifts his bandaged arm out of Mira’s grasp, much to her annoyance. He lifts it up and turns to Booster.
Buzz: (a tearing sound is heard) You got that wrong, Booster. (Mira takes ahold of his arm and continues to bandage it up) This time Ty saved (he looks at Ty) me.
Cut to a closeup of Ty, who blinks with surprise, his expression evident.
Ty: I did?
Cut to a side view of Ty as he looks at Buzz and Mira.
Buzz: (smiles) You stopped that thing from drainin’ the power from my suit. (places hand on Ty’s shoulder, Ty slightly tipping his head back) Thanks, now we're even. (takes hand off shoulder)
Ty: (looks down at the floor for a minute) Well, (looks upwards) with this facility shut down (closes his eyes and looks upwards at the sky) at least we won’t have anymore problems with that energy (blinks twice) vampire.

Cut to a view of XR from Ty’s point of view.
XR: Oh, that reminds me, one quick question.(He points, as if to make a point. He then lunges backwards, before leaning forwards into the camera, his eyes wide as dinner plates and green, his teeth grinded)... WHAT?!
Cut to Team Lightyear looking at XR, stoically. Ty is standing up from his position by the pipe and is gaping a bit before he closes his mouth, looking a bit concerned. He has got one hand fisted, and the other open.

XR: (panicking) You didn't finish him off while I was offline?! (Ty blinks) Aw man! (grips his helmet. He then takes off treading off-screen to the left, Ty and the others watching) Which way to air duct 4? (XR wheels back on-screen, heading off to the right, this time, flailing his arms)

Cut to an overview shot of the Rangers watching XR treading around in circles. Ty has his hands on his hips, Buzz is leaning back against the machine, Mira has her hands on her hips, and Booster is standing there, smiling. They watch XR going in circles before the camera pulls back and fades out to see the energy facility, amidst the background of the stars. It fades again, this time producing an overhead shot of the whole facility, with the clouds floating above it. The camera continues to pan backwards, past some clouds that appear on-screen. The clouds fade out to reveal….a small green moon rock against the backdrop of a larger pink planet. It seems the green rock hasn’t been destroyed at all….not all at once.

It floats idly by, before a familiar voice is heard.

????: Hmm…a radioactive moon rock…(It is then picked up in the claws of a familiar blue hand. The camera pans as the rock is lifted upwards and is held in front of the owner of the hand, NOS-4-A2. He is smiling deviously.

NOS-4-A2: (sticks tongue out) Lovely….(He briefly lets go of it before gripping it entirely in his grasp. He flies off-screen, towards the bottom.) Wirewolf shall (pulls back up and leans back, opening his wings and taking off into space) live again! He flaps his wings and flies off into the deep darkness of space, an organ seeming to play in the background.

Fade to black….this isn’t the end.

The credits roll.

End episode.


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Episode Transcripts - Page 4 Empty Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Ranger-Nova on Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:39 am

Brilliant job, Fox! You really outdid yourself there! I look forward to reading it.

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Episode Transcripts - Page 4 Empty Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Ranger-Nova on Sun Jul 01, 2012 1:06 pm

I finally did another transcript! Here is Good Ol' Buzz:


Smoke is rising, and the camera pans down to reveal the smoke is pouring from a hole in a red freighter.

Freighter interior

Several frightened passengers are holding their hands in the air with looks of fear on their faces, while Torque is pointing four blasters (one in each hand) at them.

TORQUE: Okay people, you know the drill: you don't move, I don't shoot. Nice and simple, baby.

TORQUE CLONE #1: Yo, Torque, how about a little self-help over here.

Two clones are trying to carry a box (presumably containing some valuable cargo), but are struggling under its weight.

TORQUE: You got it, sweetheart!

He holsters one of the guns and uses his free hand to press the cloning device on his chest. In a flash of light, three more clones appear beside the two lifting the crate. [At this point, Ranger is trying to resist the urge to comment on the fact that these clones don't separate from the original Torque, but seem to "beam in" out of thin air. That's not how his cloning device works! Oh well.] The new clones join the other two in lifting the box, making it easy to move the cargo.

TORQUE CLONE #1: Dynamite, Torqy!

TORQUE: Looks like we're going to make our early tee off time at the club! (Suddenly, the sound of metal been torn apart gets his attention) Ahh!

Part of the ceiling is torn open by Booster, who jumps through the hole and is followed by his team.

BUZZ (jumping into the ship): The only thing you're going to make, Torque, is a court date.

He slides down a stack of boxes and leaps forward, pushing away the box the clones were carrying. As Mira falls through the air, she ghosts through another stack of boxes and does a somersault, knocking one of the clones' guns away and landing on the ground

MIRA: Hiyah!

She kicks the clone, sending him reeling backwards past Booster, who is using a blaster to pin another clone against his chest.

BOOSTER: You really should have a permit for this weapon.

He then releases him, causing him to fly forward and hit the ground.

Another clone charges at XR with his arms outstretched, but the robot simply activates an airbag, and the clone is deflected backwards into a pile of cargo.

XR: You know, ironically, I've lobbied against airbags.

Torque (the original) looks around in terror, seeing all his clones have been taken out, and tries to run away. Unfortunately for him, Buzz grabs his arms and slams him into the wall.

BUZZ: What's your hurry, Torque?

Shaking his head as he recovers from the impact, Torque smiles deviously.

TORQUE: Love to stay, Buzzinsky, but (activates his cloning device, causing a clone to split off and take his place while he runs away) I see you got your hands full! Ha ha ha ha!

Buzz struggles with the clone, while Torque runs away in glee. Suddenly, a circle of light appears, and an old man in a Ranger suit wearing a strange watch emerges from it, flying with his arm outstretched in what would be a heroic pose if it didn't look so ridiculous.

OLD MAN: To infinity and beyond!

He crashes into Torque, and the pair go tumbling across the floor, eventually ending up at Buzz's feet.

Torque (raising his head): Ouch, baby.

He drops his face to the floor again.

Buzz carefully picks up the old man, who is a bit dazed, and salutes.

BUZZ: Good work, Ranger. You've just captured the Torque armada, the multiplyingest scum in the quadrant.

OLD MAN (rubbing his chin): Just captured Torque... Oh, yeah, I remember that. (Suddenly, he rushes offscreen) Mira!

He reaches Mira and wraps his arms around her waist.

OLD MAN: I'm not too late!

Mira appears a bit disturbed, but remains polite.

MIRA: Oh, yes... (She pushes him away) W-well, you seem very n-nice, Sir, but - but I-I'm... uh... real quick, who are you?

Buzz approaches them and studies the old man curiously.

BUZZ: I don't believe we've met, Ranger. What outfit are you with?

OLD MAN (putting his hands on his hips): Can't you even recognize your own face? (He straightens his back and stands before them proudly) Why, I'm Buzz Lightyear!

Science Bay

Commander Nebula, Buzz, and some LGMs are gathered in the Science Bay where the old man is being carried through the air by the bay's giant claw. It moves to the center of the room and drops him on the floor. One of the LGMs, who has been reading a screen, turns to the group.

LGM #1: No ifs, ands, or buts.

Another LGM holds up a folder.

LGM #2: That is Buzz Lightyear.

Nebula takes the folder and studies the report it contains. His face grows shocked.

NEBULA: And he's a hundred and fifty years old?!

The old Buzz waves his arms indignantly.

OLD BUZZ: Excuse me, a hundred and forty! (He folds his arms) I'm a hundred and forty years old. (Suddenly, he grows thoughtful) Nope, wait a minute... Oh, you're right, I'm a hundred and fifty.

BUZZ: How can he possibly be me?

OLD BUZZ: Simple. I travelled to this era with my time watch. (He holds up his right arm, which has the strange watch on it with a clock and various other gizmos). I laboured for decades to create it.

BUZZ (rolling his eyes and folding his arms): Time watch. Tell me another one, gramps.

OLD BUZZ: I can't believe how stubborn I used to be. Okay, here's your demonstration, smart guy. (He presses a button on the watch)

A hand suddenly taps Buzz on the shoulder, and he looks around to find there is another old Buzz standing behind him.

OLD BUZZ (entering something into his watch): See! I'll send myself back in time a couple of seconds.

He disappears. Meanwhile, young Buzz is looking pretty befuddled by everything. The remaining old Buzz marches across the room and looks at him smugly.

BUZZ (recovering and going into questioning mode): Hmm... So, if you are me, then, uh, why have I... (shakes head) I mean you, come back?

OLD BUZZ (hanging his head and shaking it gravely): Boys, there's a terrible disaster on your horizon.

Buzz and Nebula look at him curiously.

Recreation room

XR is shaking, kicking, and punching a candy vending machine.

XR: I. Gave. You. The. Money! Now give me my creamy nougat, you huckster! (He attacks it wildly) Argh!

Meanwhile, Mira and Booster are sitting at a table. Mira is looking bored and Booster is trying to figure out a maze in an activity book. He pauses in deep thought for a moment, then brings the pencil down on the paper again. Suddenly, they are all interrupted by the sound of Buzz's voice coming over the intercom.

BUZZ: Rangers Booster and XR report to the briefing room. (Mira begins to rise from her seat) Ranger Mira Nova, no need to report. You just keep doing what you're doing.

MIRA (annoyed): Hey, what gives? Why am I being left out?

XR: Oh, Mira, Mira, Mira. Life is not a conspiracy against you, you know. You can't get so worked up over every little thing. Hold on one second. (He starts attacking the vending machine again, then turns back to Mira) Get my point?

Booster puts his hands on Mira's chair.

BOOSTER: I'm sure there's nothing to fret about.

He and XR walk out, leaving Mira alone in the rec room.

Briefing Room

Old Buzz looks at everyone gravely.

OLD BUZZ: Today, Princess Mira Nova will die.

BOOSTER (gasping in horror): Oh gosh, not Mira! (He puts his face in his hands)

XR (shaking his head): Oh, Mira! This is tragic, this is terrible. (He leans across the table) How do I do?

BUZZ (putting his hand on old Buzz's back): Not to worry, Rangers. My elder self has come back from the future to give us step-by-step, detailed information as to how we can avoid this tragedy.

Old Buzz's eyes are wide and he looks less confident than his younger self.

OLD BUZZ: Yeah, about that... Uh, well, see, uh... (He rubs his chin) Some of the details are a little... sketchy.

NEBULA: Well, just tell us what you do remember, grampa.

OLD BUZZ: Well, there was this, uh... uh... I was, uh... See, uh... See uh... (He brings his fist down on the table) Aw, craters! I can't remember.

BUZZ: You can't remember?!

OLD BUZZ: Well, it happened a long time ago, and this blasted time travel makes Swiss cheese of my brain. [Subtle Quantum Leap reference - Ranger likes.]

BOOSTER: Can't you remember anything?

OLD BUZZ: Well, we were on patrol, and... uh...

XR: And?

OLD BUZZ: And nothing! That's it. That's all I remember.

Nebula walks up to the two Buzzes.

NEBULA: Alright, Buzz...

Both Buzzes spring to their feet and salute.

BUZZES: Yes, Sir?

NEBULA: Young Buzz - the one with the gleam of hope in his eye. (Old Buzz reluctantly drops back into his seat) It seems like if Mira stays on Star Command she'll be safe, right?

BUZZ: Right - as long as someone is remembering that correctly.

NEBULA: So you take this geyser on patrol, find this danger, AND KICK IT TO KINGDOM COME!

The Buzzes stand and salute again.

BUZZES: Yes, Sir!

OLD BUZZ: Uh... what was that about taking a freezer on patrol?

Launch Bay

42 is preparing to launch, and Booster is talking to Mira on the platform leading to the landing pad.

BOOSTER (with tears in his eyes): Mira, don't you worry about a thing. You just take extra special care of you (he puts his hands on her shoulders), okay?

He then hugs her while crying and walks away morosely. Mira puts her hands on her hips and turns to face XR.

MIRA: XR, what is going on?

XR: Absolutely nothing! He's crazy! Oh, one last thing... (A hole opens in his chest and he shoots a pen out of it and into his hand, then pulls out some paper as well) I took the liberty of purchasing a life insurance policy on your behalf. (He extends the file to Mira, who takes it and begins reading) You can't be too careful these days, especially in our business. (He holds out the pen) Anyhoo, if you can just initial the box that makes me your sole beneficiary...

He is suddenly interrupted by old Buzz, who rushes past and grabs XR's arm, dragging him along.

OLD BUZZ: Role call, robot!

While Mira stands in surprise, still holding the life insurance policy and looking bewildered, Nebula and Buzz stride up to her.

MIRA: Buzz, why can't I go on this assignment?

Buzz and Nebula exchange a glance, not knowing how to respond. Nebula suddenly comes up with something, and Buzz tries to smile convincingly.

NEBULA: Um, special mission parameters. (He puts his hand on her shoulder) Guys only.

MIRA (removing his hand in annoyance): Okay, guys, bad news - this isn't a tree house. (She puts her hands on her hips and shakes her head) You can't keep me out. It is unlawful to base a mission qualification on gender.

BUZZ (realising he needs to come up with something else): Well... we, uh... have to fly... naked.

NEBULA (a little surprised at Buzz's choice of excuse but going with it): Ayup. Naked as jaybirds. But good news, Mira - you're immediately assigned to Mission Control.

MIRA: Sir?

NEBULA: We're a little short-handed over there.

Mission Control

LGMs are hard at work at their stations, directing star cruisers and monitoring communications.

LGM (announcing over the comm): Star Cruiser 42, you are clear to launch.

Mira and Nebula survey the scene, and Mira looks annoyed.

MIRA: I thought you were short-handed.

Nebula winces and tries to look sincere.

NEBULA: We are! (He glances over his shoulder at an LGM manning a station) Beat it! (He grabs the LGM and tosses it away, then gestures to the empty chair) See, have a seat.

Mira tentatively sits down. The LGM in the seat beside her turns to greet her.

LGM: Nice to have you with us, Booster.

MIRA: Um... I'm Mira.

LGM: Really?

The LGM on the other side of her looks over.

LGM #2: All you Rangers look alike.


42 is on patrol.

42's Bridge

Buzz, Booster, and XR are all at their usual stations, and old Buzz is occupying Mira's seat.

OLD BUZZ: Well, it's been a long time since I was one of these. (Glances at young Buzz) 'course I used to... sit where... you're, uh...

BUZZ (firmly): You can't sit in my chair.

OLD BUZZ: Craters.

BUZZ (sighing): So, this danger that we're looking for, do you remember anything about it?

OLD BUZZ (tapping his chin): Well, as I recall, it was kinda... (stretches out his hands in a circular shape) round.

BUZZ (raising an eyebrow): Round?

OLD BUZZ: Well, not so much round, really, as a oblong. (He compresses his fingers to make the circular shape resemble an oblong) Oblongish, uh, anyway.

BUZZ: Oookay. So beside the general shape of the danger, do you remember anything else, like... where it was?

Suddenly, the ship begins shaking violently.

OLD BUZZ: Hmm, could be right here.


A strange ship has come up behind 42 and is firing on them. It then extends two cables with claws on the end which attach themselves to 42, bringing it to a stop.

42's Bridge

Buzz leaps from his chair and points to Booster.

BUZZ: Booster, fire full thrusters! There's no way they're boarding this ship!

He barely finishes this sentence before three armed Tangean guards ghost through, scaring Booster and XR away from their stations.

ALL THREE GUARDS: Nobody move!

Lord Angstrom ghosts through, waving his arms in the air as he makes his entrance.

ANGSTROM: Hello, everyone! (He takes out two guns and points them at Team Lightyear) I think you know how this is done. Hands up in the air.

Team Lightyear promptly complies.

BUZZ: Lord Angstrom, of course! The sworn enemy of the Tangean royal family. He's the one that attacks Mira! (Looking down at his older counterpart) Oblongish? In what way is this oblongish?

OLD BUZZ (thoughtful): Hmm, I know what you mean. This doesn't seem right. (He shakes his head) I don't think this is the big danger.

BUZZ (leaning over): OF COURSE IT'S THE BIG DANGER! Lord Angstrom boarded us, executed Mira, and that's how she died!

OLD BUZZ: Nope, that's not it.

Angstrom and the guards stare at them in confusion.

OLD BUZZ: I kind of remember this business with Lord Angstrom, but we defeated him rather handily. (Holding out his hands in a placatory manner) No offense, Lord Angstrom.

ANGSTROM (still baffled): None taken. (Leaning forward and whispering to Buzz) Who's the duffer?

BUZZ: Never mind him, he's out of his mind. He thinks he's me.

OLD BUZZ: I am him!

BUZZ: Are not.

They begin arguing in the background while XR conspires with Booster.

XR (whispering): What do you say we take out some terrorists?

BOOSTER (smiling and nodding): Yeah, okay.

He grabs the leg of one of the guards and tosses him at Angstrom and the other two guards. They all collapse into a heap. XR and Booster rush over, and XR seems to have grabbed one of Angstrom's guns, which he dropped when the guard hit him. [Which makes the following statement by XR rather amusing.]

XR (pointing gun at them): Okay, drop it!


A fleet of star cruisers has arrived to pick up the Tangean terrorists.

Star cruiser hallway

Corporal stands by a door, keeping watch as Angstrom and the guards are led away in handcuffs by Flarn and another Ranger. [Sprooooocket! 8D]

42's Bridge

BUZZ: Well, I guess that wraps up this mission. Let's go get Mira.

OLD BUZZ (waving his finger at him): You are as thick as a moon, you know that? I told you this wasn't the danger - it's still out there somewhere!

BUZZ (folding his arms sceptically): But you still can't remember what the danger is, right?

OLD BUZZ: Now you're catching on!


Some time later, 42 is continuing on its patrol. They approach a dark, swirling vortex.

42's Bridge

BOOSTER (reading his screen): Black hole ahead!

OLD BUZZ (leaning forward excitedly): That's it! That's the danger, I'm sure of it!

BUZZ: Okay... Uh, going code red.

He presses a button, and the ship goes to red alert. A red light flashes on the bridge.


42 flies towards the black hole.

42's Bridge

Dramatic music plays as the view shifts from one character to another as each one stares intently at the black hole in front of them. As they fly deeper into the vortex, Buzz and XR exchange a glance, both wondering why nothing dangerous has happened.

OLD BUZZ: Well, okay, uh, maybe it wasn't here. Let's go on.

Buzz puts his hand over his face in exasperation.


Later, 42 flies through an asteroid field.

42's Bridge

Old Buzz waves his arms excitedly as he stares at the rocks floating around outside the ship.

OLD BUZZ: It's all coming back to me now! This is the danger place, alright!

XR and Booster exchange a nervous glance. Buzz merely sits in his chair with his head propped up on his hand, looking sceptical.


42 approaches a nebula.

42's Bridge

Old Buzz points excitedly.

OLD BUZZ: It's there! It's there, or my name isn't Buzz Lightyear!

Buzz lowers the newspaper he's been reading and glances at his older self.

BUZZ: It's just a big ball of hot gas. (He raise the paper to his face again) Not unlike someone around here.

Mission Control

Mira is sitting at her station, looking utterly bored.

VOICE OVER THE COMM: Star Cruiser 16, citation given for improper registration, continuing on to Bathyos.

MIRA (sighing and pressing a button on her screen): Acknowledged, 16. (Mutters to herself) "You're just a girl." I'm surprised I don't have to do their laundry and bake cookies for them.


42 is still on patrol.

42's Bridge

Old Buzz is talking to Booster.

OLD BUZZ: Oh, Booster, I was very proud of how you turned out. You'll have a fine, distinguished career.

BOOSTER (doing a thumbs up): Cool!

XR scoots over to old Buzz.

XR: So, Buzzer, let's talk finances. For instance, how do Rhizomian tech stocks do in the future? Just to pick a topic.

OLD BUZZ: Hmm, pretty good as I recall.

XR pulls a phone out of his chest and makes a call.

XR: Hello, Marty, XR. Look, buy a thousand shares in Rhizome tech, ASAP.

OLD BUZZ (thoughtful): Or did those go straight into the zero-grav toilet. (Shakes his head) Can't quite remember.

XR (into the phone): No, don't buy! Sell! Sell them all!

BUZZ (grabbing XR's phone): Oh, forget about it, XR. This old blowhard hasn't remembered anything right.

OLD BUZZ (to XR and Booster): Ignore him, boys. I used to get cranky when I wasn't the center of attention.

BUZZ (folding his arms in indignation): Oh! That is so not true.

OLD BUZZ: It is, and you do.

BUZZ: Well, as soon as we clear this dead planetoid, (the ship is heading towards a barren planet/asteroid) our patrol will be finished, and everyone - including Mira - is just fine.

OLD BUZZ (thoughtful): Really? Hmm, I wonder if I got the right day.

BUZZ (leaning over): And I wonder if you're just a pathetic old man who desperately wants to revisit his golden years!

OLD BUZZ: Oh, don't be a wormhole.


42 descends through the planetoid's atmosphere and flies across the surface. The landscape is barren and rocky, filled with steep brown cliffs and stacks of rocks. While they are cruising along, the rocks on the ground beneath them become cracked and are pushed up, indicating something is tunnelling just below the ground. Suddenly, a giant eel-like creature burst through the rocks and grabs the star cruiser in its mouth. It begins shaking 42, flinging everyone in the cockpit from side to side. The hull is broken open, and old Buzz points through the gaping hole at the creature.

OLD BUZZ: There! There! That's it! The maw! That's the danger!

BOOSTER: The maw is going to destroy the ship!

As the ship shakes and become increasingly broken up, Buzz rises from his chair and helps his elder self to his feet.

OLD BUZZ: No danger, huh, smart guy?

BUZZ: XR, send a priority one distress call! Everyone, get to the launch tubes!

Mission Control

Mira's screen begins to flash red, but she's become so bored and lethargic that she doesn't notice at first.

COMPUTER VOICE: This is an automated priority one distress call.

BUZZ'S VOICE: Uh, Star Cruiser 42, Star Cruiser 42...

COMPUTER VOICE: ...needs immediate assistance. Thank you.

MIRA (noticing the message and leaping to her feet): 42's in danger!

One of the LGMs waves to her as she leaves.

LGM: Later, Booster!


The maw is still crushing the ship in its mouth, but fortunately the launch tubes are still intact, and the team manages to eject and fly away. Once they are at a safe distance, they stop and turn around.

BUZZ: Get that thing away from the ship!

They begin firing on the maw with their lasers, and it drops 42 but goes after them instead. The team quickly flies away, closely followed by the maw.

BUZZ (pointing downwards): Down! We'll lose it in the canyons!

They jet down into a canyon, taking twists and turns in an attempt to shake off the maw, but it continues to pursue them.

OLD BUZZ (pointing): Break left, into that crack.

They fly into a small crack in the side of the canyon, and the maw goes past without noticing them.

BOOSTER: What do we do now?

BUZZ: We wait for Star Command to respond to our distress call.

OLD BUZZ: Don't worry, team. Mira was the only Ranger we lost on this mission, and she's nowhere near here.


A shuttle is approaching the planetoid, piloted by Mira.

MIRA: Mira Nova to Buzz Lightyear, I am here to assist you.


Old Buzz is horrified.

OLD BUZZ: Oh no!

Mira's shuttle comes down through the sky, but like the star cruiser, it is instantly attacked by the maw, which grabs the vessel in its jaws and begins crushing it.

OLD BUZZ (activating his jetpack): Come on!

He and Buzz fly to Mira, who has ejected from the ship and is hovering in the air.

MIRA: Hey, you're not naked!

BUZZ: Let's get you out of here.

Suddenly, a shadow passes over them, and they gape in horror as the maw rushes forward and swallows them.

BOOSTER (gasping): Oh no! It got Buzz and Mira... and Buzz!

Inside the maw

The three Rangers and the remains of the shuttle fall down the maw's throat, eventually ending up in its stomach. After recovering from the fall, Buzz turns to his older self.

BUZZ: Well, surprise, surprise. Mira's not dead.

OLD BUZZ (snapping his fingers): Oh, yeah, I remember this now! Maybe this isn't how Mira checked out after all.

BUZZ: Here's a new theory - perhaps Mira DIED OF OLD AGE!

OLD BUZZ: Hmm... Possible.

MIRA (looking concerned): Oh, pardon me, guys! Did you guys say died? Is that - is that why he came back in time? (She grows tearful) Am I supposed to die?!

OLD BUZZ: Not anymore! You should ghost right out of here and get to safety.

MIRA (putting her hands on her hips): Are you kidding?

Buzz wades over to her.

BUZZ (putting his hands on her arms): Mira, listen to him. You may or may not be in grave danger.

MIRA: Forget it! I'm not leaving my team behind!

BUZZ (folding his arms): Argh, so stubborn!

OLD BUZZ (also folding his arms): She always was.

MIRA: Aw, isn't that sweet. Look - look how you too get along. Now how are we going to get out of here?!

BUZZ (sarcastically): Maybe the expert has some advice.

OLD BUZZ: Well... This looks sort of familiar, but, uh, (chuckles) I can't remember how we got out.

BUZZ: Why did you travel back in time? Was it just to annoy me, or do you have any useful information?!

OLD BUZZ: Well, I was going to tell you about the salt rats on Balsat IV, but now you can forget it!

BUZZ (concerned): Salt rats? On Balsat IV? I just bought a condo there!

OLD BUZZ (who has his arms folded and his back turned): Oh, no. You know everything. You don't need me.

BUZZ (throwing up his hands): Ugh, it's like talking to a brick wall!

MIRA: Yeah, now you know how we all feel.

BUZZ (indignant): Well, I...! (Sighs) Never mind. We've got to find a way out of here. (He suddenly notices one of the ship's engines, which is still intact) Here, we'll rig this engine for a fusion overload!

OLD BUZZ: Sure! We'll blow the maw to a bajillion pieces! That worked last time! I mean, uh, this time.

MIRA: Oh, yeah, yeah, no, great idea. But, uh, slight wrinkle here, guys - what about us?

BUZZ: Oh, right. Um... well... (seeing something) we'll use this! (He gestures to the remains of one of the star cruiser's atmosphere wings) It'll make a fine shield.

OLD BUZZ: Good call!

MIRA: Uh, are you guys sure about this?

BUZZ: Mira, I've been in situations like this dozens of times.

OLD BUZZ: Hundreds.

BOTH BUZZES TOGETHER: We speak from experience.

Mira raises an eyebrow but says nothing. Meanwhile, Buzz sets to work on the engine.

OLD BUZZ: By the by, those salt rats on Balsat IV - well, they hide in the trees and they bite hard.

BUZZ (wincing): Oh! Thanks for the heads up.


The maw is still slithering through the canyon, searching for more victims. Booster, hidden in the crack, watches it go past and opens his communicator.

BOOSTER: XR, come in. Where are you?

Meanwhile, as the maw moves through the canyon, it nears a stack of rocks XR is hiding behind.

XR (watching the maw go past): Where am I, you ask? I think I'm in the one place in the universe I DON'T WANT TO BE!

His eyes suddenly widen as he realises he was shouting, which could attract the attention of the maw. To his horror, it does, and the creature sniffs at the rocks he's hiding behind. It then opens its mouth a lets to loose a loud, terrifying roar, the force of which blasts small chunks off the rocks XR's behind. Fortunately, it doesn't notice XR, and eventually moves away.

Booster then comes out of the crack and flies to XR.

BOOSTER (sighing in relief): That was a close one.

XR (finally coming out of hiding): You're telling me! I gotta change my oil pan.

Suddenly, the ground beneath them begins to crack, and a moment later the maw bursts through. The two Rangers quickly launch into the air and flee while the maw chases after them.

Inside the maw

The camera moves down the maw's throat, eventually reach its stomach, where Mira and the two Buzzes are located. Because of the maw's movement, the fluids in its stomach begin to slosh about.

OLD BUZZ (as a wave comes crashing over them): Look out!

MIRA: The maw's on the move again!

BUZZ: Then it's time for a...

BOTH BUZZES TOGETHER (holding up their fists heroically): ...little indigestion!

Realising they were both saying the same thing, they look at each other sheepishly.

OLD BUZZ (chuckling): Well, it's all coming back to me now.


The maw is still chasing Booster and XR. They fly through a stone formation shaped like an arch, and the maw crashes through it as it follows.

Inside the maw

Buzz presses something on a control panel on the engine, causing the controls to light up and the engine to emit a high-pitched whine. Buzz then runs for cover behind the wing, where Mira and old Buzz are waiting.

BUZZ: Magnetize now!

They magnetize their suits, causing them to become bound to the wing.


Booster and XR are still being chased.

Inside the maw

The whine from the engine increases as it begins to overload. Buzz and Mira brace themselves for the explosion while old Buzz merely dozes against the wing.


The maw is gaining on Booster and XR and almost has them within its jaws.

Inside the maw

The engine explodes, sending the wing (which has the three Rangers attached to it) flying outwards.


Just as the maw is about to swallow Booster and XR, an explosion erupts from within it, flinging out the wing which crashes into the side of the canyon.

BUZZ (sounding pained): Demagnetize now.

They do so and the wing falls away, revealing three squashed Rangers jammed against the cracked cliff face.

BOOSTER: Buzz! Mira! You're alive!

XR: Forget them! I'm alive!

The team lands on the ground and they look up at the pieces of blown-up maw that are falling slowly through the sky.

BUZZ: And the maw is gone.

OLD BUZZ (with satisfaction): So my work here is finished.

His younger self approaches him.

BUZZ: I'll admit when I met you, I feared for my future. (Holding out his hand) But I see now I have nothing to worry about.

OLD BUZZ (taking his hand and shaking it): Oh, don't sweat it, youngster. I knew you'd change in time.

Meanwhile, unknown to them, the pieces of maw start growing into miniature maws.

OLD BUZZ (getting ready to leave): And so, my friends, I'll see you in the future.

Suddenly, however, Booster notices the swarm of tiny maws heading for them.

BOOSTER: Uh, Buzz... I don't think this is a good thing!

XR: Oh, really? Is that your professional opinion?

OLD BUZZ (realising): Oh, now I remember! Blowing up the maw - bad idea.

BUZZ (horrified): Oh, tell me you're kidding!

OLD BUZZ: I just remembered. (Chuckles) The mind is a funny thing.

BUZZ: Especially yours. (To his team) Defensive perimeter!

They form a semi-circle and back up against the cliff while the maws advance towards them. The team begins firing, hitting some of the maws but unable to stop them all.

BOOSTER (as one hits his helmet): They're coming too fast!

One suddenly lunges at Mira and bites down on her shoulder, knocking her to the ground.

BUZZ: Mira!

MIRA (struggling with the creature): Argh! Get off of me! Get off! Argh! Ugh! Get off!

She finally manages to get it off, and Buzz shoots it. Unfortunately, the maw tore Mira's suit as she pulled it off, and now air is rapidly escaping.

MIRA (clutching at her neck and at the hole in her suit): Can't... breathe!

She falls over, and Buzz lifts her into his arms.

OLD BUZZ: Forget what I said earlier! This is how Mira dies!

Booster and XR continue to shoot down the maws, and Buzz (still holding Mira) kicks one away as it tries to attack him.

BUZZ: She's venting oxygen fast! We've got to get her back to 42!

OLD BUZZ: No time! (He suddenly gets an idea) Wait, that's it - time!

He takes off his watch and puts it on Mira, then presses one of the buttons and she disappears in a flash of light.

BUZZ (looking at the empty space in his arms where she used to be): What the - ?

OLD BUZZ: XR, fire extinguisher now!

XR retracts his gun back into his chest and pulls out a fire extinguisher, which old Buzz uses to create a smoke screen. When the smoke clears, Team Lightyear is gone. The maws look around in surprise.


The team is hiding in a cave, and old Buzz stands by the entrance watching as the maws leave. He then goes further into the cavern and meets up with the others.

OLD BUZZ (all business): It won't take long for them to find us, so let's work quick, people.

BUZZ: Wait a minute. First things first, where's Mira?

OLD BUZZ (practically ignoring his younger self): Some time when she'll be safe. Now, Booster, I need your communicator, left thruster, and laser.

BOOSTER: Um... uh... Yes, Sir.

BUZZ (to old Buzz): Hold on! You are way out of line, mister! This is my team, and I (folds his arms) will command them.

OLD BUZZ (pointing his finger authoritatively): Number one, don't sass your elders! Number two, I got seniority on you. So step in line, Ranger!

BUZZ: Uh... Yes, Sir.

OLD BUZZ: Now, XR, I need your left arm, flux grid, right foot, [something I couldn't make out] diode...

A montage begins, showing old Buzz as he opens a laptop, positions a small satellite dish, walks away with XR's right foot (to which the confused robot simply shrugs), plugs a cable into the foot (Buzz and Booster also shrug when they see this, unable to discern what he is doing), inflates an inflatable raft he's set up on the cave ceiling, and welds XR's severed arm.

XR (who is missing an arm, a leg, and his eyes): What's going on? What's he doing?

BOOSTER: I have no idea.

BUZZ: Ditto that.

Finally, old Buzz completes whatever it is he's working on, revealing a complex arrangement of computers and cables, all rigged together to form... something.

OLD BUZZ (chuckling): There! Beauty, ain't she?

BUZZ (still totally confused): Um... If you say so.

Old Buzz walks to the entrance of the cave, while Buzz leans forward questioningly.

BUZZ: Look, I still don't follow this plan.

OLD BUZZ: Well, you don't have to. Just follow me.

Wings pop out of his jetpack and he flies away.

BUZZ (turning to his team mates): Am I that abrupt with people?

Booster looks away and XR whistles innocently.


The maws have given up searching for the team and are simply floating around, some attacking each other. Their attention is suddenly attracted by old Buzz.

OLD BUZZ: Hey, you! Hungry? Well, come and get it! (He gestures to Booster, who is holding XR and hovering next to Buzz just above the cave) And get a load of the big guy! Yum, yum!

The maws gather together and charge towards them.

OLD BUZZ (to the team): Alright, back to the cave!

XR: This is a plan?!

BUZZ: Uh, it does seem... misguided.

BOOSTER (patting his wide stomach): And a little insensitive.


They fly into the cave and begin running through the cavern while the maws follow.

XR (being carried by Booster): Is this plan working? 'cause it doesn't sound like it's working!

They reach the cavern with old Buzz's strange contraption.

BUZZ (suddenly realising): Wait a minute, this is a gamma wave forcefield, isn't it?

OLD BUZZ (proudly): That's right.

BOOSTER: We'll capture all the maws in a forcefield! Great plan!

OLD BUZZ: Thank you, Booster.

XR: But you forgot one thing - you need a gamma wave to activate a gamma wave forcefield!

BUZZ: And the only gamma wave activator we have is back on 42! Thanks to your lame memory, we're all going to die!

The maws are getting nearer and nearer.

OLD BUZZ: Relax, kiddos. Time is on our side.

He opens his communicator.

42's Bridge

A flash of light appears, and Mira materializes on 42's damaged bridge, gasping for air.

OLD BUZZ (over the comm): Mira, send out a gamma wave!

MIRA (still groggy and gasping): What? A... a gamma wave?


The maws have almost reached them.

OLD BUZZ: Yes, a gamma wave! There's no time to explain - just do it!

Team Lightyear gets into a defensive position, ready to shoot down the maws if need be.

OLD BUZZ: Send. A gamma wave. Now!

42's Bridge

MIRA: Okay, okay! Gosh, you don't have to shout. I almost died, you know.

She presses a button on the console in front of her, and green waves ripple outwards from the ship.


The maws are almost upon the team when the gamma wave arrives. It activates the device old Buzz built, causing it to shoot out a beam which creates a forcefield around the maws. They try to push through, but to no avail.

BOOSTER: It worked!

BUZZ (to old Buzz): I'm sorry. How could I have ever doubted you - myself... Whatever.

OLD BUZZ (shaking his hand): No problem. I remember how little I knew at your age.

BOOSTER (to XR): Now there's something I thought I'd never see!

XR: Same here. Um, they are shaking hands, right?

Science Bay

The team is now gathered in the Science Bay.

BUZZ: Well, it was an honour serving with me, Sir.

Mira comes over and hugs old Buzz, kissing him on the cheek,

MIRA: Hey, Buzz, thanks for saving my life.

OLD BUZZ: I'd do it all again for you, Princess. (He prepares to leave) So long, everyone!

Booster wipes his eyes and smothers a sob.

OLD BUZZ: I can't wait to see how the future has changed!

He presses a button on his watch and disappears in a flash of light.

MIRA: Mmm, Buzz, you are going to be quite a man.

BUZZ: Going to be?

MIRA (stuttering): I mean - I mean, no, you are now, b-but you will be, you know, only more so - more of a man. I mean - well, I mean... Not that - not that that's possible.

Fortunately, her embarrassment is cut short by the reappearance of old Buzz, who emerges in front of them from a flash of light.

OLD BUZZ: I made it! Boy, I - (He suddenly notices where he is) Uh... aren't you all supposed to be a lot older?

BOOSTER: Uh, you've only been gone five seconds, Sir.

OLD BUZZ: Oh. (He laughs) Minor miscalculation. Easily remedied.

He presses a button on his watch and disappears again.

XR: I'm going to miss that old -

OLD BUZZ (reappearing): I did it! Oh, sorry. I'm going!

He disappears again.

BUZZ (sighing): I'm going to consider an early retirement.

OLD BUZZ (reappearing): Aw, craters.


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My apologies guys - not working on my transcript has kind of held you up. Sorry! Now that I've got buckets of spare time, I'll go ahead and complete The Lightyear Factor.

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Well, after thinking it over and everything I might as well and get in on this too. First one will be Holiday Time, then see see which ones to go with after it. Thank goodness that I work nights and have the days to myself!



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Oooooh my gosh so sorry for forgetting to do 'RotM'! (if i remember correctly) I've been so busy! I'll get to work as soon as I can. and I lost all my work of 'Dirty work'! Aaaagh im gonna die D:

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Are you guys going to do more soon? I am really liking these!



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There will be more transcripts typed up and written soon, my friend! It just takes time, is all. XD But I'm glad you enjoy them! Smile Welcome to the forum, by the way! I hope you have loads of fun here. Smile

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Wow 3000 years later I'm done with RotY! XD Dim the lights and grab the popcorn, lol!


Buzz Lightyear of Star Command - Rookie of the Year

Opening scene: A close up shot of the Luma 9 space station, slowly panning outward as Brent Starkisser starts monologueing in a serious tone, off camera.

Brent Starkisser: Luma 9. More than just a space station, this glittering jewel hold a secret....

Brent pops up from the bottom of the screen.

Brent Starkisser: A top secret.... (peps up) Brent Starkisser here! Liiive! At the sight of the Galactic Alliance's latest top secret summit!

As Brent continues, the camera pans around the summit, showing the structure, and Rangers on space speeders zooming around, patrolling.

Brent Starkisser: Security is tight, and with good reason, one precisely timed strike could destroy the Galactic Alliance fooorever!

The camera pans out some more to reveal that we've been watching the broadcast from a vid-screen on planet Z along with two grubs.

Brent Starkisser: (laughs) But it'd take an evil genius to figure that out! Ok so....(fades out as Zurg starts talking)

Camera swings around to Zurg sitting on his throne.

Zurg: Attack the top-secret summit?? Ohhh. Yeees! (jumps up) What a perfectly evil thing to do with the rest of my day! (claps hand behind back like an excited little kid)

Camera cuts back to the grubs.

Grub #2: do you wish us to launch a Hornet attack my Evil Emperor? (bows)

Cuts back to Zurg.

Zurg: (irritated) Does a Scetillian have acid-based triangulating foot-pods???

Cuts to a shot of the Dreadnought flying through space, whilst the Hornets eject from launch tubes.


Cut to the Hornet's beginning their attack on Luma 9, and the Rangers retaliating. As per usual, the Rangers aim is spot on, and the Hornets aim is anything but.

As the fighting continues, we see Booster shooting in mid-flight along with a group of un-named Rangers, a Ranger fighting a Hornet in hand-to-hand combat is shown, two Hornets are blown to bits while head for a view port where some (foolish) Senators are watching the battle, three more Hornets close in on the same view-port but are once again blasted to atoms, this time by Buzz Lightyear.

Cuts to a close up of Buzz's face.

Cuts to a shot of Booster giggling as he swings Hornet's around, above his head like a lasso.

XR flies up next to him.

XR: Maha! (a dozen or so guns pop out of him)

Booster swings the Hornets faster, at his side this time.


Booster lets go of the Hornets, said Hornets go flying over a few feet, XR fires, destroying the mangled bots.

Cut to Buzz glancing over his shoulder.

Buzz: (into his wrist communicator) Mobilize! S' a plasma bomb!

Cuts to Buzz, Mira, Booster, and XR getting into a flying formation.

Booster: (gasps) Their gonna blow the space station sky high!!

Cuts to a close up on XR.

XR: That's a tad redundant isn't it?

Cut to shot of the Hornets setting up the plasma bomb. Hornets fire at team Lightyear with slightly better aim than usual, the Team dodges.

Cut to close up of Buzz.

Buzz: (ticked off) Team formation Zeta.

Cuts back to team shot, in said formation. The Team fires, and all of the Hornets not carrying the bomb
go down in one shot.
The Team zips out of frame from different directions.

Cuts to XR ramming the bomb out of the Hornets grasp from below.

XR: Commin' through! (zips back down by having his head, thrusters, and feet trade places)

Cuts to Mira, with the bomb floating up to her.

Mira: I got it. (catches bomb whilst flying upward)

Booster: (off Camera) I'm open! I'm open! (Mira tosses the bomb to Booster)

Cuts to Booster catching the bomb.

Booster laughs nervously, and starts to fly off but is cornered by two Hornets. Just as they fire the
Hornets suddenly turn and accidentally blast each other. The Hornets look around mildly confused as to what just happened, as they look down the camera follow their gaze to show Buzz and XR, looking quite smug, holding onto the Hornet's feet. When the Hornets realize they have Rangers touching their person (RANGER COOTIES!! Razz) they quickly start blasting, only to miss as Buzz and XR rocket away.

Buzz: (as he and XR are fleeing) Those are some angry Hornets.

Cuts to Booster.

Booster: (overly loud) What about the BOMB, Buzz?? (winks and holds out said bomb to reveal that the timer ticking away)

Cuts to a shot of the remaining Hornets fighting hand-to-hand with the Rangers.

Booster: (off camera, and overly loud once again) What should I do with THE BOMB!?

The Hornets, finally catching on, abandon their struggle with the Rangers and make a B-line for Booster and da Bomb!!

Cuts back to Booster. Booster clutches in to his chest as he becomes covered with Hornets. The Hornets quickly kick Booster away from the bomb.

Booster: (as he goes flying) Owww!

Cuts to a shot of Booster being caught (upside down) by XR and Buzz.

Buzz: Perfect!

Booster: (still upside down) I love the Zeta formation!

Buzz and XR flip Booster back over to his feet to reveal that one of the boosters (no pun intended) to his jetpack is gone.

Cuts back to the Hornets hovering around the bomb (which now has the missing booster attached to it),
the timer runs down to the last few seconds.

Cuts to Booster (with a, dare I say, downright evil grin) as he pushes the jet-pack activation button on his suit.

Cuts back to the Hornets as the booster takes flight, straight up at break-neck speed.

Cut to a shot of team.

XR: Wait for it....

Cuts to a close up of XR watching the bomb take flight.

XR: (The bomb, booster, and Hornets all explode in a blinding flash) It's good!! (raises hands)

Cut to a panning/retreating shot of Luma 9 as the explosion continues.

End first scene.
Scene 2: Scene opens with a panoramic shot of space, with Buzz talking somewhere off camera.

Buzz: To Team Lightyear!

Three hands pop up holding drinks, revealing that the Team is in a window booth at Cosmo's, celebrating.

Buzz: Congratulations on another job well done! (The team starts to tap their cups together in 'cheers')

XR: Hang on! Hang-on! (XR's hand around a can of oil appear) Cheers!! (The team taps their cups/cans together)

Camera pans out to a full shot of the team, then cuts to Ed the delivery guy walking over to Team Lightear's table.

Ed: Speeeecial delivery!

Buzz: Ed! How do you always know where to find me?

Cuts to close up of Ed.

Ed: It's all mental. (points to forehead) Buuut aaaa this delivery's not for you Mr. Lightyear. This here package is for eh, (holds up package to look at label) Miss Princess-Ranger Mira Nova! (hands package to

Cuts to Mira taking package.

Mira: (opens package, pulls out paper, gasps) Oh-my-gosh! I've been selected as finalist for the Star Commands 'Rookie of the Year' award!!

Shot pans over to Buzz.

Buzz: (wistfully, as he stirs his drink with his straw) Aaa, Rookie of the Year....I remember when I won that honor. (turns to Mira) Mira! I can't think of aaanyone more deserving than aaaahh....(turns to Booster and

Shot cuts across the booth, where Booster and XR are sitting, looking quite irritated.

Buzz: (off camera) Well, uh, I mean....

Cuts to a wide shot of the whole team, Ed has mysteriously disappeared.

Buzz: The three of you, all three of you are outstanding rookies! (holds hands up in defense)

Cuts to Booster.

Booster: Aw, it's ok Buzz, hey only one rookie can win! (turns to Mira) Mira we're proud of you!

Cuts to a close up of Mira smiling, then cuts to a wide shot of Booster, XR, and the back of Mira's head.

Booster: (turns to XR) Right XR?

XR: (slightly sarcastic) Oh yeah prouuud, proud and jealous. (stands up on booth seat) Mainly jealous.

Cuts to Mira.

Mira: (with fake sympathy) Aw, you two must feel after all this time as a team and now I'm singled out, as you know, being the best, but oohhh...

Ed: (magically reappearing off camera) Oh, beggin' to differ with you there, (camera pans up to Ed
Princess, I've got similar style official envelopes for the boys too! (hands said envelopes to said boys then
walks off camera, for good this time.)

Booster and XR rip open their envelopes and pull out the papers.

Booster: Look Mira! Me and XR (turns to XR) are finalists too!

Shot moves to XR.

XR: (XR wheels out of booth and over to Mira) Ohoho, guess your if for a little competition, Princess.

Mira: Well, (props chin up with palm) I can handle it, can you?

XR: I think I can handle it.

Booster: (stands up, confidently) I know I can handle it! (deflates slightly, turns to Buzz) Buzz, what exactly am I handling again?

Camera cuts to Buzz.

Buzz: Whoa there rookies, don't forget what got you nominated in the first place....

Camera cuts to XR.

XR: (innocently) anonymous bribes?

Camera cuts to an unamused looking Buzz as his communicator chirps.

Buzz: (opens and answers communicator) Lightyear here Commander Nebula.

Commander Nebula: I've got two missions (camera cuts to communicator screen) for you and your team Buzz. (Camera zooms in on Nebula) First, I need some reinforcements at the top secret summit encase
Zurg strikes again.

Mira, Booster, and XR: (off camera) Buzz!! Pick me!

Cuts to shot of Mira, Booster, and XR all grinning and talking at once.

Mira: If Zurg attacks....

Booster: Please, please, pleeeeease!

XR: I'm your man!


Buzz: (Off camera) Do you mind?! (Mira, Booster, and XR's faces fall) Can't you see I'm on the communicator?!

Cuts to shot of a grumpy looking Buzz.

Buzz: (turns back to communicator) I'm back sir, what the other mission?

Cuts back to close up of Nebula on communicator.

Nebula: Security detail with the LGM's, their er uh, their off on some moon, doin' some uh, experiment or somethin'. I dunno.

Cuts back to Buzz.

Buzz: Consider both missions in good hands Commander. Lightyear out. (Closes communicator)

Cuts to full shot of the booth with Booster and XR's backs to the camera and Buzz and Mira facing the camera.

Mira: M'kay Buzz, who's goin' where?

Buzz: (Slightly exasperated) Alright look, both missions are important in the battle of Good v.s. Evil (slams fist down on table, making all the cups bounce up in the air).

Mira: Oh, well, yeah, I mean, (Cuts to close up of Mira) of course, so you know (mumbles slightly) you might as well send me to the summit.

Cuts to shot of Booster and XR objecting strongly, across the table.

Booster: Nuh-uh, send me, (shoves XR back) send me!

XR: (unintelligible babbling along with Booster)

Cuts to an irritated looking Buzz.

End second scene
Scene 3: Scene opens with a semi- close up shot of Booster looking troubled.

Booster: Do ya think Buzz is mad at us?

Shot pans out to reveal a LGM in space suit gear waddling in front of Booster.

Cuts to a wide panoramic shot of the security detail moon.

XR: (off camera) Lets just hope that he doesn't get to vote for Rookie of the Year!

Cuts to a shot of XR, Mira, and Booster (facing away from camera).

Mira: Guys, Buzz was right, I mean this competition stuff is stupid! (Cuts to close up of Mira) You two are my best friends, if I have to loose the award to anyone, (Cuts to shot of Booster and XR) I want it to be one of you.

Cuts to head shot of Booster.

Booster: Mira's right! Lets forget the competition and be a team again.

Cuts to shot of Booster, Mira and XR (rolling forward).

XR: Weeell if you both feel that way.....(pumps fists in air) it looks like we have a winner!! Haha! (sets of small fire works from finger tip gadgets and pulls out an award medal from his storage compartment)

Cuts to an angry Booster and Mira, then pans back over to XR.

XR: But you said (paces, er, rolls around)......oh alright, team work, co-operation, blah-blah-blah. (LGM waddles over, nearly getting run over by XR.)

LGM: It is time to test the Matter Transport Device! (gestures to said device)

Pans over to the Matter Transport Device (which looks like a large laser/ray with a landing pad below the head of the device), where two other LGM's are prepping things.

LGM 1: Begin phase 1.

LGM's 2-4: Phase 1! (LGM 2 starts up MTD, swivels MTD head around)

Booster: (Off camera) Matter transport device?

Cuts to a shot of a constipated, er, worried looking Booster and curious looking Mira.

Mira: Let's see what they've got here. (crosses arms with a slightly mischievous look)

Cuts to a perky looking LGM putting a container (with a bio-hazard label on the side, yikes....) onto the landing pad of the MTD.

LGM: Ready!

Cuts to two other LGM's at the MTD controls.

LGM 2: Aim!

Cuts to the head of the MTD swiveling into position. Then cuts to a close up of LGM number 3 pressing buttons.

LGM 3: Fire!

Cuts to MTD firing what looks like lightning with a blue tint, then cuts to container being zapped by said lightning and vanishing.

Cuts to LGM at the controls punching in co-ordinances using CompuClerm's famous rotary dial.

Cuts to MTD swiveling over to a different landing pad and dispensing the container on it with the lightning once again.

Cuts to Booster, Mira, and XR.

Booster: Pretty, cooool.

XR: (scoffs) I could do that! (rolls over to landing pads, reveal that they are less than a foot apart) This is
not a break though people! (picks up the radio-active container and moves it back to it's original pad as he speaks)

LGM waddles over quickly.

LGM: Do not tamper with our data! (moves container back to second pad)

Cuts to shot of XR standing next to pad #1.

XR: See! He can move it too! (leans on pad) We're not talking cutting edge technology here! (The pad he was leaning on flips over and lands on him, making his helmet tear through the middle on the pad.)

Cuts to Booster and Mira.

Mira: But it could be, a matter transport ray could be revolutionary! (pumps fists in the air)

Cuts to wide shot of MTD, LGM's, and all three rookies with a space background.

Booster: You could aim that ray (points to ray) at something and send it across the galaxy!

Cuts to close up of Booster and an LGM.

LGM: In theory....

Cuts to shot from opposite angle of the same LGM and another waddling up behind him.

LGM 2: But we will not reach that phase of our research for months!

Cuts to Booster and Mira with the LGM's in front of them (facing away from the camera).

Booster: Heeeey, what if you used that ray on a person?! (Cuts to close up of Booster) Oh man! It would be awesome! You could beam somebody from a ship to a planet!

Cuts back to LGM 1 and 2.

LGM 2: Hahaha! That's just plain crazy.

LGM 1: (As they waddle off) Our device is untested on organic lifeforms. (XR rolls into the frame, and watches the LGM's waddle away.)

Cuts to Mira patting Booster on the shoulder in a consoling fashion.

Cuts a wide shot of everything, pans out to reveal a Hornet has been watching and recording the entire demonstration from afar.

Cuts to Zurg Tower, where Zurg is watching the footage.

Zurg: A matter transport ray. (Cuts to close up of Zurg) Such a device could prove useful to me (rubs hands together menacingly)

Grub 1: (off camera) Yes!

Pans over to the two Grubs standing next to Zurg.

Grub 1: We can instantly zap dirty clothes down to the laundry room!

Grub 2: (shakes head) No more shlepping those laundry baskets around! (Zurg picks up the Grubs by their heads)

Pans back over to Zurg as he picks up the grubs.

Zurg: I was thinking of something a, tad, more, EVIL! (knocks the offending Grubs together with a Clonk! Then throws them to either side of him.) Get me Warp Darkmatter!! (swings around, cape billowing)

Cuts to shot of Warp's ship zipping across space at hyper-speed.

Grub over vid-phone: Mr. Darkmatter, I have the Evil Emperor for you.

Cuts to close up of Warp.

Warp: (sighs) Put 'im on.

Cuts to shot of vid-phone with Warp in the foreground.

Zurg: Greeting Darkmatter, I need you to do something for me.

Cuts to close up of Warp.

Warp: (scowls) Look, if this is about shlepping those laundry baskets....(Zurg cuts him off)

Zurg: No, no, no! The one time I don't do my laundry - I never hear the end of it. (Zooms in slowly) I need you to steal a matter transport device from a Star Command research team.

Cuts to Warp.

Warp:(now interested) Ohhh, sounds like a party, I'm on it! (throws throttle forward)

Cuts to outside of the ship as it speeds out of view.

Cuts back to LGM research moon where the LGM's are buzzing around the MTD.

Booster: (off camera) Man, (Cuts to a deflated looking and sounding Booster, Mira, and XR.) I wish we were at that top-secret summit....

Mira: Prolly' crawling with Hornets.

XR: How are we suppose to win the Rookie of the Year award when there's absolutely, (Cuts to close up of XR) positively, NOTHING going on out here!! (Creepy shadow swallows XR and surrounding ground) Other
than that giant ominous shadow.... (turns head in direction that the shadow is going, then looks up)
Shot pans out a bit.

XR: AAAAHH!!!!! (Jumps up while arms and legs comically fold out like an accordion.)

Cuts to Booster and Mira, with a very obvious ship looming overhead.

Mira: (in that 'it's already painfully obvious but we have to state it anyway' tone) It's Warp Darkmatter! (Pans up a bit to show all of the ship)

Cuts to a devious look Warp.

Cuts to outside of ship as three single barrel and two double barrel laser cannons pop out of the front of
the ship and start firing at the LGM's around the MTD.

Cuts to the ground where the shots land and the LGM's waddle for their lives.

Cuts to close up of an LGM hiding behind an MTD leg.

LGM: Serpentine!!

Cuts to all the LGM's waddling away quickly in a serpent-like formation.

Cuts to Warp looking at his targeting screen and firing at what now looks like a video game sequence.

Cuts to outside of ship and the firing cannons.

Cuts to Mira, XR, and Booster as the shots land around them, both Booster and XR panic and run out
of the frame while Mira stands her ground.

Cuts to close up of Mira.

Mira: Well this oughta be worth some points with the awards committee. (returns fire)

Cuts to Booster and XR hiding behind a nearby rock.

Booster: What's Mira doing?!

XR: Grand theft limelight! That's what! And that's MY job!! (rolls toward Mira)

Cuts back to Mira firing at Warp's ship.

XR: (rolls into frame with laser canon out and firing) Take that Darkmatter!! Mhaha!

Cuts to Warp sneering at the Rangers.

Cuts back to Mira and XR.

Mira: (pushes XR's canon to aim toward the ground.) Go back XR, I'VE got this one! (Mira steps forward and camera pan with her.)

Cuts to XR, camera pan forward as he rolls toward Mira.

XR: (laughs) In you dreams princess! (pulls out a dozen or so laser pistols and fires them all simultaneously.)

Cuts to close up of Mira.

Mira: (disgruntled) XR!

Cuts to Booster still hiding behind the rock.

Booster: (battle cries, as he leaps out from behind the rock) I've got 'em! (starts shooting)

Cuts to Booster running over to Mira and XR whilst shooting at Darkmatter's ship.

Booster trips and falls on Mira and XR, they all cry out in pain, falling in a cloud of space dust.

Cuts to Warp moving the ship forward.

Cuts to the MTD with the ship's shadow overtaking it.

Cuts to the belly of the ship, where a hatch opens and releases a metal claw that drops down toward the MTD.

Cuts to LGM's hiding behind various rocks, all popping up.

LGM's: The claaaaw.

Cuts to the claw dropping down on the MTD and hoisting it up by the canon.

LGM's: (off camera) The claaaaw!!

Cuts to Warp's ship pulling the MTD into into cargo bay and blasting away at top speed.

Cuts to Booster, Mira, and XR in what resembles an unwanted puppy-pile.

Booster: Oh no! (points to retreating ship)

Cuts to deep space where we see Warp's ship zipping away with Booster, Mira, and XR in hot pursuit.

Booster: If you guys had just stayed outa' my way.... (scowls)

Mira: What!? I had 'em!

Cuts to a screen (presumably a souped up radar) in Warp's cockpit.

Warp: Stupid rookies....(Camera pans out to show Warp) all they've got are jet-packs (Cuts to close up of Warp) as if I can't outrun them in a nano-second. Of course, it would be more fun to blast 'em....why not? (Camera pans over to the laser canon trigger with Warp's robotic hand on it, he pushes the release button)

Cuts to the belly of the ship where a laser canon drops out of a hatch, extends, and fires what looks like a plasma ball.

Cuts to Booster, Mira, and XR in flight.

Booster: Uh, guys...

XR: Let me guess, you (points to Booster) think we should set aside our differences and be a team again.

Booster: No, (plasma glow starts to reflect off their helmets.) I think we should brace (Cuts to rear view of the rookies) for impaaaact! (Plasma blast envelopes them)

End third scene.
Scene 4: Scene begins with panoramic view of space, shot pans over to show an unconscious Mira and Booster floating in space and a dissembled (and slightly desperate) XR monologue off camera.

XR: (off camera) Alright, come on! (pans over to detached XR in helmet) Wake up you two slackers! There's a Ranger in need here!

Cuts to Mira being shaken awake by a detached XR arm.

Mira: (grumbles/groans) XR.... (shakes head) (pans out to show XR's head scowling at her) You look terrible....

XR: Tell me about it! (turns head to address detached torso and legs) Didja wake the big guy yet?

Cuts to Booster being kicked away by XR's torso and legs.

Booster: (yelps from kick to his face) Where's Warp??

Cuts to Mira and XR.

Mira: (as XR's head floats off screen to round up the rest of his body) Long gone by now....

Cuts to XR using his detached arms to reattach his head to his torso.

XR: (grunts) So that's it? We lost him?

Mira: (off camera) No....(floats onto screen and reattaches XR's arms) XR you can track Warp's ion trail! We may still have a chance!

Cuts to close up of XR pulling out an ion tracker.

XR: Gotcha! Heeeey, (retracts tracker) if it's your idea that leads us to Warp than you'll (points to Mira) get that Rookie of the Year award!

Cuts to Mira and Booster, with the back of XR's head in the foreground.

Mira: This is not about the award XR!

Cuts to XR, with the back of Mira's head in the foreground.

XR: Fine, but I'm keeping an eye on you sister. (Mira shrugs and the trio blasts off toward the ion trail.)

Cuts to a wide shot of the belly of Zurg's dreadnought as Mira, Booster, and XR zip into the frame.

XR: Warp's trail ends here, which shouldn't be a big surprise....

Cuts to Mira, Booster, and Mira.

Booster: It's the three of us against Zurg dreadnought! (takes heroic pose)

XR: (turns around toward Mira and Booster) Let's just stop and think here, (Cuts to close up of XR) so what if Zurg has the Matter Transport thing? What's he gonna do? Move some boxes?

Cuts to Booster and Mira.

Mira: Hornets! (XR jumps into her arms)

XR: Where!? Where?! I don't see any!!

Mira: (shoves XR away) Zurg could use the ray to move a Hornet army! To any target in the galaxy!

Cuts to a wide panning shot of the summit where some GA diplomats are having some kind of dinner party (complete with elegant music) with well over a dozen Ranger's hovering around. The end of the pan lands on Buzz and two other Rangers.

Buzz: (pushes a button on the wall that shuts and locks all the doors to the room) (cuts to a shot of just Buzz from a different angle) There, we're locked up tight as a drum! (Shot pans out as four other Rangers come up to Buzz.)

Ranger 1: So, what do we do now? (Shot pans around all the Rangers)

Buzz: We stay frosty....

Ranger 1: But Sir, nobody can break in here!

Cuts to Buzz.

Buzz: I've got a feeling Zurg's gonna try somethin'. Call it (points to forehead) Ranger intuition....(laser cuts through the air barely missing Buzz's still raised hand.) Hornets! (everyone turns toward where the
laser came from)

Cuts to Hornets priming their laser canon's while standing in front of a now-abandoned buffet table.

Shot pans over slightly as another group of Hornet's materialize and begin firing.

Cuts to GA diplomats and a few Rangers diving behind a food-filled table to avoid the shots.

Cuts to a close up of Buzz returning fire.

Cuts to a wide shot of the Hornets exploding from Buzz's shots.

Cuts to Buzz doing a mid-air somersault, landing on one knee and blasting a Hornet.

Cuts to a Hornet exploding, and two more materializing behind it.

Pans over the ballroom as three more groups of Hornet's appear.

Cuts to Buzz and four Ranger's re-grouping.

Buzz: What in the name of anti-gravity is goin' on!?

Cuts to Hornet priming weapons.

Cuts to the Ranger's firing.

Pans out to show that Zurg is watching his little debacle unfold via Hornet Cam.

Zurg: YES! We have Lightyear on the ropes!! (Cuts to a wide shot of the inside of the dreadnought with Zurg and a grub in the foreground and a batch of hornets standing in front of the MTD in the background.) Send more Hornets! More Hornets!! (a Grub activates the MTD as Zurg cackles.) (Cuts to a close up of Zurg, then a wide shot of Mira, Booster and XR as Zurg walks off camera.)

Mira: (whispering) Zurg's using the ray to invade the summit!

Booster: (whispering not so quietly) We got to stop him!

XR: (whispering semi-quietly) Right you two follow me... (starts to roll away)

Mira: Whoa-whoa-whoa wait! (pulls XR back) You two draw their fire while I go steal back the device!

Cuts to XR, with the back of Mira's head in the foreground.

XR: Why don't you two draw their fire while I steal the device!

Cuts to a Grub calibrating the MTD as Mira, Booster, and XR grapple (noisily) with each other, each trying to get to the MTD first, as they reach the MTD they trip over each other and land on the MTD platform, causing the canon of the MTD to swivel around to aim directly at them and fire.

Cuts to the on-going battle at the summit, the Ranger's shooting in every direction.

Cuts to the Hornets closing in, a few being vaporized by a Ranger's good aim.

Cuts several times to show the various Rangers in battle, last cut lands on Buzz as 'something' materializes behind him in a cloud of blue smoke.

Cuts to a close up of a gasping Buzz.

Cuts to the smoke clearing to reveal what
used to be Mira, Booster, and XR, and is now some scrambled combination of all of them giving them one body instead of three.

MiraBoosterXR: AAAH!!!

XR: What happened to us!?!

Mira: Zurg zapped us with the Matter Transport Device!

XR: I know that I was there! I mean...WHAT HAPPEND TO US!!

Cuts to Buzz with Ranger 1 in the background.

Ranger 1: What is that ugly beast??

Buzz: Watch it Ranger! (Cuts to wider shot of the fight) That ugly beast is my crew! (Cuts to close up of Buzz) Uhh....sorta....

Cuts to MiraBoosterXR hopping around panicked.

Cuts to the GA diplomats hiding behind the buffet table, then pans over to show a female Ranger blasting some Hornets.

Cuts back to MiraBoosterXR still hopping and panicking.

Booster: Guess the LGM's were right, the ray isn't ready to be used on people yet!

XR: Yes, well, I'm not people! Why did I get messed up!? Huh!?! (A laser barely misses them)

Mira: Guys move it! We're caught in the cross-fire! (MiraBoosterXR stumble away)

Cuts to a close up of MiraBoosterXR with XR's hand covering Booster's eyes.

Booster: Everything's gone dark! I can't see! I'm bliiiiind!!

Mira: XR move your hand.... (XR removes hand)

Booster: That's much better! (a laser nearly takes his nose off) Gah!! Wow!!

Cuts to a full length shot of MiraBoosterXR yelping and stumbling around.

Cuts to Buzz and the other Ranger's still battling Hornets.

Buzz: Cover me Rangers! I'm goin' after 'em!

Cuts to MiraBoosterXR being grabbed and dragged out of the line of fire by Buzz.

Cuts to Buzz dragging MiraBoosterXR behind the table with the GA diplomats.

Booster: Buzz, you saved us! (Cuts to close up of MiraBoosterXR)

Mira: Buzz, you are never gonna believe what happened.

Cuts to shot of Buzz with the back of MiraBoosterXR in the foreground.

Buzz: Does it involve a Matter Transport Device and three overly competitive rookies??

Cuts to a guilty looking MiraBoosterXR with the back of Buzz's head in the foreground.

XR: I tried to keep these two under control but....

Mira: WHAT!?! If it's anyone's fault it's yours XR! I mean, ask Booster!

Booster: Hey! Cookies! (pans down to show a drawer full of cookies at XR's torso.)

XR: (as Booster picks up a cookie) Excuse me! Do those belong to you??

Cuts to a close up of MiraBoosterXR's head.

Booster: Sorry XR, when I'm tense I eat (gobbles down cookie).

Cuts to wider shot with Buzz next to MiraBoosterXR and a few Senators in the background.

Buzz: Blast! My team bickers while the fate of the Galactic Alliance hangs in the balance!!

Mira: Sorry Buzz.

Booster: Awaiting orders Sir! (try's salutes with XR's hand, ends up smacking XR's head with it.)

XR: Doh-ho! (growls) Watch it big guy!

Cuts to close up of Buzz.

Buzz: All diplomats and VIP's please board the emergency shuttles!

Cuts to MiraBoosterXR leading the VIP's to the shuttles as Buzz and the rest of the Rangers cover them.

XR: Ok people, move along. There you go, no talking! Nothing to see here!

Cuts to close up.

Cuts to view of the fight from outside one of the large windows. Pans over to the emergency shuttles launching. Pans out to show it being watched on a screen on Zurg's dreadnought.

Cuts to Zurg and Warp watching the screens.

Warp: (Irritated) Lightyear got the diplomats to safety. Eh, (Turns to Zurg, mood picking up) you win some you lose some.

Cuts to close up of Zurg.

Zurg: Darkmatter!! (camera pans over to fit Warp into the shot) I don't like your attitude. (pokes Warp in the chest)

Warp: Hey! Just 'cause your evil scheme failed, don't take it out on me!

Pans back over to close up of Zurg

Zurg: (crosses arms and pouts) Nrh, stupid Matter Transport Ray!

Cuts to wide shot from behind Zurg and Warp with the MTD in the foreground.

Warp: (both he and Zurg turn around to face the camera) Why not use it to zap Lightyear to the other end of the galaxy?

Cuts to close up of Zurg.

Zurg: Or use it to bring him here!! To be my prisoner!! HUH!?!? HMM?!! HUH!!? (laughs evilly)

Cuts to the summit where Buzz and four other Rangers are looking over the smoking parts of what used to be Hornets.

Buzz: So much for the Hornets, now (MiraBoosterXR walks into the shot behind the other Rangers) all we need to do is get that Matter Transport Device away from Zurg!

Cuts to close up of MiraBoosterXR.

Mira: (as Booster rummages around in XR's storage drawer) And figure out how to separate us!

Booster: Oooh, what's this? (holds up what looks like a Star Command water bottle)

XR: (grabs item from Booster) MINE!! (tosses item back into drawer and slams it shut on Booster's hand)

Booster: Ow! (shakes hand in pain)

Mira: would you two hold still!

Booster: But XR won't share!! (Slaps XR's hand, starting a hand slapping fight between the two)

Cuts to wide shot of all the Rangers.

Buzz: THAT IS ENOUGH!! (jabs MiraBoosterXR in the chest) I EXPECT YOU THREE TO ACT LIKE SPACE RANGERS!! Or in your case like A SPACE RANGER, strangely attached together by science gone arye.... (jabs MiraBoosterXR again) You need to....(is cut off as he disappears in a familiar blue glow)

Cuts to close up of MiraBoosterXR.

MiraBoosterXR: BUZZ!!

Cuts to Zurg and Warp in the dreadnought, Zurg in his mobile throne, Warp standing next to it.

Cuts to Buzz materializing in a blue haze, across the room from Zurg and Warp.

Cuts to close up of Buzz.

Buzz: You need to remember that a Space Ranger is.... (looks around and realizes where he is) Zurg?!

Cuts to Zurg and Warp with Buzz facing them in the foreground.

Zurg: (menacingly) Welcome aboard Lightyear!

Cuts to close up of Buzz as he raises his laser to fire, before he can shoot through, his laser is blasted off its base by Warp.

Cuts to close up of Warp.

Warp: (with a casually tone) Hey Buzz, what's up? (his tone shifts to a diabolically level) How you doin'? (his prosthetic hand switches from a gun back to a claw)

Cuts to close up of Buzz with Hornets closing in on him in the background, and Zurg laughing evilly off camera.

Cuts to close up of Zurg.

Zurg: At last! This is the end of Buzz Lightyear!!

End Scene Four.
Scene 5: Scene opens with Buzz surrounded by Hornets (yet he has a grin on his face none the less).

Cuts to the same shot, but from below as Buzz ducks down to avoid the Hornets all rushing at him at once.

Cuts to a wide shot of Buzz beating up the Hornets one by one (kicking, punching, smashing them in the face etc.) and then flips out of the frame.

Cuts to Buzz landing the flip a few feet away with a smug look on his face.

Zurg: (As his mobile throne moves into the frame.) You fools!! Get him!!!

Camera pans slightly with Buzz as he turns and runs from the Hornets, the Hornets run across the screen.

Cuts to Buzz jumping up on a computer console and kicking the Hornets into a hole leading to a lower level of the dreadnought.

Cuts to the Hornets falling with Zurg on his mobile throne in the background.

Cuts to a close up of Zurg grumbling and grousing.

Cuts to Buzz trying to active his Jet Pack with no results.

Buzz: Blast! Must have been damaged during the transport process. (Looks over his shoulder)

Cuts to yet MORE Hornets going after Buzz.

Cuts to Buzz jumping off the console and using the Hornet's heads like stepping stones to get across the room. Stepping on the last Hornet he uses it as a spring board and flips off of it, landing right on another Hornet's power pack. More Hornet's across the room start firing at Buzz, Buzz uses the Hornet he landed on for cover and then uses its arms/guns to blast the Hornets.

Cuts to a close up of Buzz smirking, with more Hornets powering up in the background.

Cuts to the Hornets taking flight, leaving a trail of smoke in their wake.

Cuts to Buzz catapulting himself onto one of the Hornets, then swinging up onto a higher one, and them an even higher one, using it as a makeshift jetpack.

Camera follows a panicked looking Buzz around the room as he tries to control the Hornets flight path.

Cuts to Buzz as he rips the head off of the Hornet, then jumps off it and grabs an overhead beam.

Cuts to the beheaded Hornets smashing into other Hornets, effectively destroying the whole lot.

Cuts to Buzz still hanging from the beam, as Warp pops up in the background.

Cuts to close up of Warp.

Warp: Say bye-bye Buzz. (switches prosthetic hand from a claw to a plasma canon, aims at Buzz, and fires.)

Cuts to Buzz pulling himself up on the beam to avoid becoming a crispy critter, then wincing at the explosion of whatever the plasma hit.

Cuts to Warp flying after Buzz.

Cuts to Buzz using the beam like an uneven bar.

Warp: (as he zips into the frame via jetpack) Blast it, (Buzz swings all the way around the beam, his feet smashing into Warp's side, sending Warp flying across the room) Lightyeeeeear! (smashes into the wall across the room, then falls to the ground as Zurg on his mobile throne comes into view.)

Cuts to Zurg opening a compartment on his throne and pressing a big red button (uh-oh).

Cuts to a big gun dropping down from the ceiling and aiming at Buzz.

Cuts to Buzz with an 'oh Craters' look on his face.

Cuts to the gun firing a lightening like shot.

Cuts to Buzz reaching for a higher beam, but not quite reaching it in time as the shot connects with his body.

Buzz: Naaarg! (falls off the beam)

Cuts to a close up of Buzz as he connects with the ground.

Buzz: (strained) Nural.....disruptor....very devious.....Zurg.....(passes out)

Cuts to Buzz passes out in the foreground whilst Zurg leers down at him from the platform above.

Zurg: At long last!! (Cuts to close up of Zurg) Lightyear is mine! (shakes fist) GRUBS!

Cuts to three Grubs dragging Buzz away.

Zurg: (off camera) Toss him in the dungeon!

Cuts to a shot of Zurg, with Warp walking up to him in the background.

Warp: A dungeon, cool. Kinda retro.

Cuts to deep space, 42 and her crew zipping through the stars.

Booster: (off camera) Can we go any faster, Mira?!

Cuts to MiraBoosterXR in the captains seat of 42 (close up of Mira's head).

Booster: We've just got to save Buzz! (Mira strains and grumbles, having a hard time piloting)

Pans out so that both Mira and Booster's heads are in the shot.

Mira: I am doing the best (voice raises to a shout) THAT I CAN! (scowls)

Pans out and over to show that XR's head is squished up against the wall.

XR: I have lost all feeling....transistors...numb...(groans)

Cuts to a beeping button on the ship's dashboard, Mira presses said button.

Cuts back to Mira and Booster's heads.

Mira: We're approaching the dreadnought! (MiraBoosterXR leaps out of the seat)

Cuts to MiraBoosterXR running/hopping across the bridge floor.

Mira: Prepare for space flight!

Booster: Alright! (presses jetpack button on suit) engaging jetpack! (XR's tiny jetpack pops out)
Cuts to close up of the jetpack, pans up to a close up of MiraBoosterXR

Mira: Aw, Craters! We've only got XR's jetpack!

XR: What's that supposed to mean!?

Cuts to VERY close up of Booster's head.

Booster: No offense XR, but that puny little thing isn't gonna get us very far!

Pans over to XR's head.

XR: (disgruntled) Oh yeah? Well sometimes small things pack big wallops!!

Cuts to XR's torso as a switch console pops out of it.

XR: (off camera) Observe.... (XR's hand flips the switch, switch console zips back into the storage unit)

Cuts to MiraBoosterXR as XR's jetpack rockets them up into the ceiling then drop back down to the floor, making them all scream in surprise.

Pans with MiraBoosterXR as the jetpack takes them down the hallway leaving a trail of smoke in their wake.

Cuts to outer shot of the dreadnought as MiraBoosterXR approach it.

Cuts to close up of MiraBoosterXR flying toward the dreadnought, the jetpack being a bit unruly.

Cuts to a hallway in the dreadnought where a squadron of Hornets marches along.

Booster: (off camera) Hornets! (Camera pan up to reveal MiraBoosterXR hiding in the rafters) DAAAHHH! (MiraBoosterXR jump down and land on the Hornets, effectively disabling them.

Cuts to close up of MiraBoosterXR (looking a little dazed).

XR: So that's what it's like to be the big guy!

Mira: (laughs) Well, that's kinda fun!

Cuts to Zurg signing paperwork (blarg!) with a few Grubs at his feet and Warp in the background.

Zurg: (looks up from paperwork) What is that infernal racket!?

Grub 1: Intruders have boarded the ship!

Cuts to close up of Zurg with Warp in the background.

Zurg: Most likely a pathetic rescue attempt by Star Command. Neutralize them Darkmatter!

Cuts to a close up of Warp.

Warp: My pleasure. (snaps prosthetic claw, then stalks off)

Cuts to Zurg with a Grub in the foreground.

Zurg: In the meantime, lets have a little fun shall we? (Cuts to close up of Zurg) Aim the transporter ray at alliance plaza! Let's zap us up some innocent bystanders!! (evil laughter)

Cuts to Zurg's “dungeon” where two Hornets are guarding a giant room with triangle shaped cells in the walls and grates over the cell openings.

Cuts to MiraBoosterXR coming up behind the Hornets and kicking them to pieces.

Booster: Buzz! (uses XR's extendable leg to raise themselves up to Buzz's cell on the top row).

Cuts to Buzz in said cell with his head poking out, waving at his crew.

Buzz: Glad you could make it team.

Cuts to shot of Mira's head from inside the cell, and Buzz's head in the foreground.

Mira: (as XR's hand holds up a scanner) The bars are reenforced with Rueconium, we can't blast you out, Buzz.

Cuts to XR's head.

XR: Hm-hm! This'll do the trick!

Cuts to a lock pick-looking tool popping out of XR's storage compartment.

Cuts to Mira and Booster grinning at each other.

Mira: Huuuh, being part machine comes in handy! (Pick comes into view)

Cuts to lock pick picking the cell lock.

Booster: (off camera, as the lock pick vibrates) Hahaha, that tickles!

Cuts to the door unlocking and opening, Buzz steps out.

Buzz: Well done rookies! Now lets get Zurg!

Warp: (Off camera) (laughs) No chance.

Camera zips over to the dungeon door where Warp stands, then cuts to a close up.

Warp: You'll never get by me. (snaps prosthetic claw, walking forward)

Cuts to MiraBoosterXR and Buzz flying down from the cell with the back of Warps head in the foreground.

Buzz: I wouldn't be so cocky, Warp. (Cuts to close up of Buzz with MiraBoosterXR in the background.) After all it's four against one. (gestures at MiraBoosterXR over his shoulder)

Cuts to close up of Booster and XR's heads.

XR: YEAH! Well, kind of, I mean are we counting heads or what?

Cuts to close up of Warp.

Warp: Well, maybe I should even up the odds. (Camera pans out a bit as he quickly changes his prosthetic hand from a claw to a plasma canon and fires)

Cuts to MiraBoosterXR and Buzz yelping and ducking.

Buzz: Take cover Rangers! (runs for his life)

Cuts to the Rangers hiding in a dead-end hallway in between two cell blocks, plasma shots landing everywhere.

Cuts to a close up of Buzz and MiraBoosterXR.

Buzz: Head up to the bridge and stop Zurg, I'll take care of Warp.

Cuts to a close up of MiraBoosterXR.

MiraBoosterXR: (in unison) Got it Buzz!

Cuts to Buzz dashing out of the hall to draw Warp's fire while MiraBoosterXR fly toward the bridge using XR's jetpack.

Cuts to Warp ducking as MiraBoosterXR fly right over his head, he watches them fly down the hallway, Buzz takes advantage of his distraction and lands a flying kick to Warps back, sending Warp flying off screen.

Cuts to Warp's landing, the momentum sending his plasma canon into the wall, thoroughly smashing it.

Cuts to a close up of Warp picking himself up off the ground, scowling, as he switches his broken plasma canon out for his claw.

Cuts to Warp turning around to face Buzz and swing his claw at him, Buzz ducks, making Warp's claw connect with the wall; (again) the points of the claw imbed themselves in the wall leaving Warp effectively stuck.

Cuts to Warp trying to pull his claw free.

Warp: Aw, craters...(continues to struggle)...it's stuck....(Buzz taps him of the shoulder)

Buzz: Let me help you get that loose.

Cuts to Buzz socking Warp in the jaw with a punch that knocks Warp's claw out of the wall, and Warp himself across the room.

Cuts to Warp skidding across the floor on his back.

Cuts to the dreadnought bridge where a Grub is moving the MTD to the window, with Zurg following behind him with two Hornets.

Zurg: Quickly my Grubs! We have many lives yet to shatter!!

Camera pans over to an open storage compartment where MiraBoosterXR are hiding.

Cuts to a close up of MiraBoosterXR.

Booster: Are you sure we can do it Mira?

Mira: My Tangean powers are still intact, (Cuts to a close up of Mira) all you have to do is focus! Believe you can do it!

Pans over to Booster and XR's heads.

Booster and XR: I believe I can, I believe I can, I believe I can, I believe I can!

Cuts back to the Grub at the MTD controls with Zurg and a Hornet in the background.

Grub: Ready when you are, O evil one.

Zurg: (Raises fist in triumph) Excellent!! Fire at will!! (MiraBoosterXR ghost up through the console in front of the MTD and shove the MTD back off the platform where it falls to it's doom, smashing against the flooring below in an electric inferno.)

Cuts to Zurg looking down at his ruined toy.

Zurg: (to the Hornets) GET THAT MOSTROSITY!!! (Points in the directions of MiraBoosterXR)

Cuts to a very panicked looking MiraBoosterXR with Hornets closing in around them.

Cuts to Warp and Buzz struggling against each other in hand to hand combat.

Cuts to a close up of Buzz looking at Warp's claw snapping at him with an 'oh craters' look on his face which quickly morphs into a grin as he looks at something past the claw.

Cuts to show that Buzz was looking at the Hornets his team dismantled earlier.

Cuts back to Buzz and Warp as Buzz braces a foot against Warp's chest and flips him over his head and off camera. Buzz quickly somersaults off camera as Warp crawls back on screen, scowling.

Cuts to Buzz on his knees, leaning over a dissembled Hornet, as he wags his pointer finger at Warp.

Cuts to Warp trying to shake off the last throw.

Cuts to Buzz activating the jetpack on the Hornet, then running off screen as the Hornet blasts it's way toward Warp.

Cuts to a shocked looking Warp, in the process of pulling himself up off the ground, as the Hornet smashes into him, sending him flying all around the room.

Cuts to the Hornet flying Warp right into one of the cells.

Warp: Lightyee (hits the back of the cell) Ow.... (Hornet explodes in a big green ball of light)

Cuts to Buzz jogging up to the cell opening, shutting and locking the door.

Cuts to a side angle of Buzz.

Buzz: I'd prefer lockin' ya in a Star Command cell but, (Warp sticks his head in between the bars) this'll have to do for now.

Cuts to the bridge where MiraBoosterXR are still trapped by the Hornets.

XR: We could really use a plan here!!

Booster: Come on guys! Let's put our heads together!

Mira: Yeah, it was only a matter of time before someone said that.

Cuts to a side view of the Ranger(s) with Zurg and the Hornets in view.

Zurg: Obliterate them!! (shakes fists in the air)

Cuts to a close up of MiraBoosterXR.

XR: Getting obliterated in the line of duty, that's gotta be worth a TON of points for Rookie of the Year!

Cuts to the Hornets priming their lasers.....and then them blowing up as Buzz shoots them from behind with a detached Hornet arm.

Cuts to a close up of Buzz with the broken MTD in the background.

Buzz: Zurg I believe that Matter Transport Ray (Cuts to Zurg throwing a silent tantrum) is Star Command property.

Cuts to a panning shot of the dreadnought in space.

Zurg: (off camera) Stop them!! Get them!! Curse you Lightyear!!!! (MiraBoosterXR and Buzz fly across the screen with the MTD)

Cuts to a shot of the outside of Star Command.

Buzz: (off camera) You'll be back to your old selves (fades to a shot of Buzz and MiraBoosterXR in the science bay with five LGM's hovering around the MTD.) any microsecond now rookies.

Cuts to a close up of MiraBoosterXR with the back of Buzz's head in the foreground.

Mira: Oh, yeah, uh.....

Booster: Yeah...

XR: Great....

Cuts to a close up of Buzz.

Buzz: But, I thought you'd be happy....

Cuts to a close up of MiraBoosterXR.

Booster: We are! It's just, you know, for a while....

Mira: We really got to know each other! I mean we really worked...

XR: As a team! Although this finishing each others sentences thing is gettin' kinda scary!

Cuts to Buzz and the LGM's.

LGM 1: Commence reconfiguration! (switches MTD on)

Cuts to the MTD beam hitting MiraBoosterXR and rather than separating the three Ranger's, it just re-scrambled them. The beam hits them again and re-scrambles them again. One last blast leaves the trio resembling a round creature with one big head (Booster) and a pair of antenna that double as heads (XR and Mira).

Cuts back to Buzz and the LGM's.

LGM 1:Hmmmm, this could take some tiiiiime.

Cuts to a close up of Buzz.

Buzz: Well, maybe it's for the best (rubs chin thoughtfully), they've selected a winner for the Rookie of the Year award.

Cuts to a close up of XR's head.

XR: It was that kid down in traffic patrol right?! Hu-hu, what a suck up!

Cuts to Buzz walking over to MiraBoosterXR.

Buzz: Actually it was a three way tie! (Cuts to a close up of Buzz as he pulls the award medal out from behind his back and holds it up) Congratulations Rookies!!

Cuts to MiraBoosterXR jumping around and shouting in excitement.

Cuts to Buzz trying to figure out who's head to put the medal on.

Cuts to a close up of XR's head.

XR: Just hang it right here. (point to his head with Booster's hand)

Shot pans over to Mira's head.

Mira: Oh, ya know, this is a good spot Buzz. (points to her head with XR's hand)

Shot pans down to Booster's head.

Booster: Come on Buzz, down here!

Cuts to a close up of a deflated looking Buzz as he gives up and tosses the medal to the side. The rookies start arguing once again and Buzz lets out a puff of breath in defeat, shrugging at the camera.

End scene 5 – End Episode.

Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.
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Episode Transcripts - Page 4 Empty Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Fox Storm on Fri Jun 14, 2013 2:16 pm

Rookie of the Year? Awesome! This looks well done, Kat! You did a great job. I can't wait to read it! Smile

"Do you know the legend of the Phoenix?...The Phoenix was a mythical bird that was consumed by fire, but always rose again from the ashes. Perhaps that's what the Phoenix represents-hope, which never dies." -Professor Charles Xavier, X-Men: The Animated Series

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Glory Days...the Academy Days of four certain Rangers, a BLoSC fanfic. NOW on Fanfiction.net!

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Episode Transcripts - Page 4 Empty Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Kat Eclipse on Sat Jun 15, 2013 5:49 pm

Thankies Fox! :)If nobody else is working on it I'll pick up 'Dirty Work' now...'Oh I HATE veggies!!' lol, love it! XD

Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.
~Albert Einstein

"I'm getting to old for this!"
"You don't know the meaning of old!"
~ XR and Warp; Ancient Evil

Logan/Wolverine: We're moving too slow, (turns to Storm) spread a little more sunshine, would ya?
Ororo/Storm: I'm a weather witch not a snowplow! I'm doing the best I can!
~Logan and Ororo X-Men: Evolution, S1E7
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Episode Transcripts - Page 4 Empty Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Fox Storm on Sat Jun 15, 2013 5:59 pm

No worries, Kat. Smile Hmm....Well, I think Python said she was aiming to work on 'Dirty Work', but you can ask her if she's still up for 'Dirty Work' or take on another transcript if ye like. Smile 

"Do you know the legend of the Phoenix?...The Phoenix was a mythical bird that was consumed by fire, but always rose again from the ashes. Perhaps that's what the Phoenix represents-hope, which never dies." -Professor Charles Xavier, X-Men: The Animated Series

Storm Front....a BLoSC/X-Men crossover fanfic....NOW on Fanfiction.net!

Glory Days...the Academy Days of four certain Rangers, a BLoSC fanfic. NOW on Fanfiction.net!

*A Ty Parsec fan and proud of it!
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Episode Transcripts - Page 4 Empty Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Kat Eclipse on Sun Jun 16, 2013 6:37 am

*head-desk* Oh and she said something about it a couple posts up too! lol! This is what happens when you run on caffeine for a day *points to self* brain is swiss cheese...ugh! :PWell I skimmed over the thread (like I SHOULD HAVE in the first place XD) and noted what everyone's working on so I think I'll just be true to my Warp fangirlizm and do 'Tag Team'! :Dand I'll volunteer for 'Clone Rangers' and '42'.

Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.
~Albert Einstein

"I'm getting to old for this!"
"You don't know the meaning of old!"
~ XR and Warp; Ancient Evil

Logan/Wolverine: We're moving too slow, (turns to Storm) spread a little more sunshine, would ya?
Ororo/Storm: I'm a weather witch not a snowplow! I'm doing the best I can!
~Logan and Ororo X-Men: Evolution, S1E7
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Episode Transcripts - Page 4 Empty Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Fox Storm on Sun Jun 16, 2013 1:41 pm

Hey, don't worry about it, Kat; it happens. Smile Ooh, 'Tag Team', 'Clone Rangers' and '42', eh? Sounds like a plan! I'm sure they'll be awesome to read. : )

"Do you know the legend of the Phoenix?...The Phoenix was a mythical bird that was consumed by fire, but always rose again from the ashes. Perhaps that's what the Phoenix represents-hope, which never dies." -Professor Charles Xavier, X-Men: The Animated Series

Storm Front....a BLoSC/X-Men crossover fanfic....NOW on Fanfiction.net!

Glory Days...the Academy Days of four certain Rangers, a BLoSC fanfic. NOW on Fanfiction.net!

*A Ty Parsec fan and proud of it!
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Episode Transcripts - Page 4 Empty Re: Episode Transcripts

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