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Macrurus Empty Macrurus

Post by Feral Dog Sat Nov 22, 2014 3:18 am

Age (from point of leaving the nest): somewhere between 40 and 50.
Gender: Female

Appearance: Macrurus looks like a typical Apocritan Soldier, if a bit more densely-built than most in her region. She has bright orange-and-yellow markings across her exoskeleton, with black wings and stinger. Her eyes and antennae are a darker orange than the rest of her exoskeleton. She keeps herself meticulously clean, and has a very glassy look to her shell as a result. There is a large dent in her thorax where she was shot by a Lahilan- it is best not to touch the area, because nerve damage has made it hypersensitive. Aside from that she is unusually intact for someone her age.

Personality: Aggressive and controlling. She's a violent xenophobe even by Apocritan standards, and enforces laws, traditions, and her own will alike with unsettling glee. She demands instant obedience, and gets very uncomfortable if she doesn't know her social status in relation to someone else- in her mind, everyone and everything has a place and nothing can be done properly without absolutely clear boundaries. Overly friendly superiors worry her almost as much as inferiors she feels aren't acting submissive enough. She judges people according to their usefulness to the Hive, and this often makes the difference between her helping or abandoning a sibling. Macrurus can play nice if she must, though the higher she climbs socially the less often this happens. When hunting, she is often cruel to her prey regardless of its species.

Bio: She emerged from the nest, and the very first thing she did on learning to fly was bully weaker fledglings. Things escalated from there. Her sadism went unnoticed, in part because many older sisters mistook it for 'just another fledgling trying to impress an elder with her toughness' and in part because there were other problems in the Hive at the time. Lahilan intrusions of Apocrita were still going on, the Mindless Climber plague was at an all-time high, and the grasslands were going to catch fire any time (despite the cold soggy weather, many of Apocrita's plants are dependent on wildfires to reproduce. That doesn't mean Apocritans won't try to keep them from getting too close to their nests). Macrurus was clever and eager to please, and soon found a caretaker. Her mentor did try to teach her better behavior, but only succeeded in (accidentally) showing her how to find and manipulate emotionally vulnerable people. This mentor later died hunting a giant centipede with her friends.
Eventually she became old enough to start finding and raising her own favorite fledglings- promptly going through about fifteen of them before she found Rhyssa. By this time, her speedy rise in the ranks and control of large parts of the Hive's educated and/or skilled labor was well underway, and she organized her followers and their projects so well that removing her would cause more problems than it would solve... So she is grudgingly tolerated by most of her rivals.
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