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Ambassador Talnak

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Ambassador Talnak Empty Ambassador Talnak

Post by Feral Dog Sat Mar 30, 2013 2:57 pm

Age: 48
Gender: Male
Appearance: A tall, muscular humanoid grey sandpaper-like skin, with flat bioluminescent patches. Dark blue eyes, with darker grey hair grown in the traditional way- long, thin quills, pulled back into a loose ponytail. His beard is short and quilled, which is considered something of an accomplishment on Lahila. He has a very manly-man face shape, with a square jaw and a Roman nose. He's got some laugh lines on his face, and always looks like he's just told a joke that might be considered offensive, but is still pretty funny. Always well dressed.

Personality: Every bit as abrasive as his looks, but is charming enough that others may feel embarrassed pointing it out. Loves a good prank or joke, even if it's on him (the observant guest may note that his humor has a bit of mean-spiritedness in it). Most people wouldn't notice the first few times they meet him, but he likes to be in charge and have things go his way. Talnak is so "nice" about it complainers look like the unreasonable ones, at least to those who haven't seen that side of him before. He's also an excellent businessman, but anyone making a deal with him had better be ready to imagine worst-case scenarios for every line of print on every page. He values intelligence, especially where economics and technology are concerned. It's very hard to get closer to him than a 'friendly' professional relationship, so his circle of trust is tiny. He doesn't lie, but his ability to rephrase things is his best communicative skill. He sees little difference between running a business and running a government. Both only work when run competently and with the love of the people they serve. Talnak has a love of luxury, trade, and entertainment surpassed only by his love for Lahila. Want to end up on his bad side forever? Accuse him of being unpatriotic.

Bio: Talnak was born to a middle class family, and as an adult quickly rose to prominence, eventually landing his current job as Ambassador to the Alliance. He has a cybernetic leg, and if anyone asks he'll say the original was torn off by a wild animal. He's divorced, but is on friendly terms with his ex wife and her new husband. He was only married to her in the first place for political reasons, and respected her enough to step aside when she found love. He has a son and daughter, both of whom are up-and-coming stock market professionals.
Feral Dog
Feral Dog



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Ambassador Talnak Empty Re: Ambassador Talnak

Post by Rook Sun Aug 24, 2014 6:15 pm

I love this character and I love your fic. Talnak is such a slimy magnificent bastard and I can't wait to see more of him. Hope to see more of him and the story in the future.



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