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Online Activision Game

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Online Activision Game Empty Online Activision Game

Post by Kat Eclipse Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:38 pm

Soooo, I was insufferably bored tonight (no not really, just avoiding English and Government homework here *sigh* Wink) and surfing the net for something BLoSC-y to do when I found this little gem, and I'm typing this with an incredibly stupid smile plastered on my face! Very Happy

Why the smile?

This game is ALL BloSC - no Toy Story 1-3, multi-level quest type of thing, set on multiple planets, with multiple villains.

But here the REAL reason for my grin Very Happy

The animation is grainy, the text (instructions) slow as molasses, and the music would probably make modern-day composers cry Wink

BUT I LOOOOOVE IT!!! XD My dad is a huge computer geek (ditto for me Wink)), has been since the Commodores came out when he was eight! So in turn this is some of the stuff I grew up on simply because I had access to it! Most of the stuff my dad has gotten rid of over the years (much to my dismay) but I have a small stash of grainy, slow, (and most kids today would also add boooooriiiiing Razz) Activision games for PlayStation2 that are JUST like this thing, buuut it's in storage cause of the move *yadayadayada all my stuff's in storage, get a grip Kat Razz*, so this find has made me all warm and fuzzy inside! XD

Hehe ok, short version: If any of y'all are into retro-type games (and it's actually quite a fun little game) here is the link:

Game Objective: Play as Buzz to beat the bad guy/gal to the finish line (a literal checkered flag, you can't miss it) and have a final showdown! Villains include: a nameless trade world thug (level one), Gravitina (level two), The Fixer (level 3) and that's as far as I've gotten. Smile You can also save XR several times along the way, so anytime you see a white XRish looking thing, grab it! Wink

Controls (If you've got a joystick hooked up to your computer I think you can use it, not for sure though):
Left, Right, Up or Down: Arrow keys.
Pause: Enter.
Fire (Including the Rocket/Bomb): D key.
Jump: S Key.

Prize Boxes (to get everything except health, you must have collected the coins from the level): Health. Invulnerability. Jet pack. Hover board (Like from 'War and Peace and War!!' Ooo I want one! Razz). Bomb (or rocket). (Again there's probably more, but that's all I've found so far.)

Other stuff:
There's a time limit, but no timer.
If you shoot the droids and cannons enough they atomize and you get coins! Woot!
When you win a level Buzz does a little dance! Lol! XD

Happy Gaming! Smile
Kat Eclipse
Kat Eclipse



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Online Activision Game Empty Re: Online Activision Game

Post by Olivus Prime Wed Jan 16, 2013 2:03 am

I think this is actually an online version of the Game Boy Color BLoSC video game. Though I'm into retro video games (including old Game Boy games) I think I prefer the console version, since it's faster and in rather lovely cartoony 3D for the time.

Nice find though!
Olivus Prime
Olivus Prime



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