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BLoSC Action Game

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BLoSC Action Game Empty BLoSC Action Game

Post by DarklingDragon Wed Aug 24, 2011 5:13 pm

I'm not sure whether this belongs in the Merchandise or general discussion. If this is the wrong area, feel free to move it!

Out of curiosity, how many people remember the BLoSC Action Game made for the home computer?

I got my copy late in the show's life after they stopped airing reruns on broadcast. I came across the game by accident when passing by a discount bin for PC games. Even though I was a big Blosc fan (still am), I had no idea that there was a game.

Unfortunately the computer we had was too slow for the game (old Packered Bell). It wasn't until I bought my first laptop that I actually had the chance to play the game.

The game was really fun (could have some improvements, but good enough). It took almost forever to get past a certain level (can't remember which one). I'd love to go back and give the game another run, but I now have a laptop with Windows 7 64bit.

What did you guys think of the game? Any levels and features/improvements you wished they had on it?



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BLoSC Action Game Empty Re: BLoSC Action Game

Post by Mephew-J Tue May 14, 2013 9:27 am

IsnĀ“t this game also made for Dreamcast?



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