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Captain Buzz Lightyear

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Captain Buzz Lightyear Empty Captain Buzz Lightyear

Post by Strictly Sherlock Thu Mar 29, 2012 1:02 pm


Name: Captain Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger.
Age: 40.
Species: human.
Appearance: Caucasian, 5’10”, powerful build, blue eyes, birth mark on prominent chin, unruly navy-blue hair always hidden under space hood.
Personality: Captain Lightyear could easily be classified as a workaholic – the man scarcely knows what to do with himself when he’s not in his uniform. But he’s Star Command’s most dedicated Ranger. He has a driving, obsessive need to help people, to protect them, to see justice done… at any cost. He’s brave, bold, daring… well, almost to the point of stupidity, sometimes. But the man knows how to get results.
Buzz is not a sensitive man, but he does try to be a good friend. He has no problems mentoring his rookies, and he’s always there for them if they need him. In fact, Buzz is probably the most loyal friend a person could have. After learning of his former partner’s true colors, being betrayed by him during an escape, and having to fight him several times, Buzz still holds to the belief that Warp Darkmatter will give up his life of crime and return to Star Command.
Buzz can be, perhaps, a bit eccentric—for example, never taking off his space hood, even if in civvies—but he’s also very grounded, very down-to-earth. (In those times, anyway, when he’s not off on some crazy gambit to beat his opponent, in which case he can be very reckless and quite the opposite of sensible.) He has something of a difficult time grasping metaphysical concepts—he much prefers things kept simple.
At the same time, despite a maturity born of long years of experience in law enforcement, Buzz is young at heart. He’s good with kids, understands them, is able to meet them at their own level. All the things he’s witnessed and experienced have not jaded him. He possesses a certain youthful innocence that keeps him sane and idealistic.

Background: Buzz Lightyear was born in Capital City and has lived there all his life. He didn’t know his father, and he barely remembers his mother, who died in a cruiser explosion when he was a toddler. But he remembers his Nana Lightyear very well. Nana raised him, Nana taught him right from wrong, Nana helped him with his homework… Nana chased him around the block with water guns in the summer.
And when he decided to be a Space Ranger like his mom, Nana encouraged him down that path. Natalie Lightyear gave her grandson the strength of will, of ideals, of character, to take on the universe, and he has never forgotten that.
Buzz entered Star Command Academy at eighteen and roomed with humanoid Warp Darkmatter. Despite large differences in personality and ethics, the two hit it off well, to the point where one was rarely seen without the other. Buzz was fanatically devoted to his studies with the goal of becoming the best Space Ranger ever. He barely gave himself a chance at a private life until the second year of Academy, during which he finally allowed himself to unwind enough to go on casual dates.
He graduated at the top of his class with several honors, already well on his way to becoming Star Command’s poster boy. His rookie years were bumpy ones, mostly because Buzz’s sense of justice came at odds with the Galactic Alliance’s legal system. He actually quit but soon returned, thanks to the influence of a little boy and his mother.
Buzz was still a young Ranger when Nana’s heart started to give out. The doctors discovered that, though they could replace her heart, they couldn’t replace or heal her entire circulatory system, and therein lay the problem. Nana had had poor circulation all her life, and the stress it put on her heart was at last taking a heavy toll. The end was peaceful.
But Buzz was not. Having no family and really only Warp now, Buzz threw himself more forcefully than ever into his work. It was in this time that Commander Nebula befriended his star Ranger, coming to be a mentor to the grieving young man. They were much alike, and it helped the Commander connect with the boy and form a lasting friendship.
Buzz truly began to come into his own with the rising hostile activity of the Evil Emperor Zurg. The two began to develop the obsessive, expert, archenemy chemistry they’d be known for by the time Team Lightyear was formed. Buzz came to know Zurg and Zurg came to know Buzz—so closely, in fact, that, had situations been very different, they might actually have been friends. The relationship remains an interesting one.
Buzz was eventually promoted up to Captain, and he and Warp became a famous duo in their ship 42. Buzz never once suspected that Warp was anything less than genuine, setting himself up for a devastating blow when Warp eventually revealed that he had been working for Zurg all along. Buzz did become Star Command’s poster boy, the man to send to a critical ambassadorial event, to transport a VIP, to defeat a certain Evil Emperor. But then things came to a head with Zurg’s campaign for galactic conquest—Warp revealed his true colors, and Buzz took on a team of talented rookies.
Captain Lightyear still stands for justice, still fights Zurg, still puts criminals behind bars… But now, rather than a treacherous partner, he has three teammates of whom he thinks the galaxy, who think the galaxy of him. With Mira Nova, Booster Munchapper, and XR by his side, Buzz Lightyear is stronger than ever.

Strengths: Best pilot in the galaxy. Wide range of hand-to-hand combat skills. One of the galaxy’s best shots. Authoritative and motivational speaker.
Weaknesses: Tendency towards recklessness. Insensitivity. Tendency to jump to conclusions—i.e. shoot first, and ask questions later. Arrogance.
World: Capital Planet ((Earth in my stories)). Human homeworld, home to Capital City, the seat of the Galactic Alliance and one of the galaxy’s largest cities. Capital Planet relies on Jo-Ad for its food supply, and mining colonies for natural resources. The planet’s greatest natural resource is its own people, who, lacking any special powers or abilities, have explored the galaxy and spread out to live side by side with other peoples.


Okay, so coming out to a remote world in the Zeta Quadrant with just his team and no backup had been a mistake. Buzz Lightyear could admit that to himself, if not to his team. The sheer swarms of hornets coming at them from all sides were dizzying, in all honesty.

But Buzz wasn’t beaten yet, nope, and neither were his teammates. XR was punching enormous holes in the enemy lines with his array of blasters, and Booster was actually among the hornets, using his strength and bulk to level any of the robots stupid enough to come close. Mira, on the other hand…

Buzz was standing back to back with Mira, and, if there was one person in the entire universe that he’d rather have at his back, it would be a redeemed Warp. Two years of training and eighteen years of partnership don’t go away just like that, either in your dynamics with a person or in your heart.

But it was Mira covering Buzz’s back right now, and it was exhilarating. It was exhilarating, because he knew each move she’d make before she made it, and vice versa. It was exhilarating, because they were less two separate Rangers and more one solid, fluid, fighting entity. They moved with each other, and never for one moment was either Ranger’s back left uncovered. The thin atmosphere was alive with crimson and emerald light and the thunder of explosions, and Buzz was alive with the thrill of the battle.

In this instinctive, combative dance, his mind flew back to why they were out here in the first place. Zurg, of course—wasn’t it always Zurg?—but it wasn’t one of those run-of-the-mill take-over-a-random-planet situation. Not even a run-of-the-mill destroy-the-Galactic-Alliance-situation, although, if Zurg got what he was looking for, it’d definitely turn into that, sans the run-of-the-mill part.

Even for Buzz Lightyear & Co., there was nothing run-of-the-mill about the discovery of the general whereabouts of a powerful artifact that dated back to the time of Natron the First.

Nobody, not even Zurg, even knew what it was—just that it was something the mysterious, myth-shrouded Protector had used to defeat Natron. It all started when one of Zurg’s exploratory teams reported the discovery of an ancient city similar to the one on Planet X… along with hieroglyphics that revealed the existence of an ancient, supposed superweapon. The city was being scoured for this artifact—anything powerful enough to overthrow a being like Natron was bound to be powerful enough to overthrow the Galactic Alliance.

Star Command had been tipped off to this turn of events. Buzz was now wondering if the tip had simply been a trap for his team and any other Rangers that might come here. The tip had been anonymous and untraceable. On the other hand, if it was a trap, surely Zurg would have showed up by now as per usual?

Argh, Buzz just hated dealing with the unknown, and this was about as unknown as it got.

In mulling the situation over, he unconsciously slowed down in both firing shots and dodging shots. A warning cry came from Mira, too late: “Buzz, down!” He felt himself being blown backwards with what felt like a powerful stun shot, collided into Mira, slammed them both to the ground. His name being called out was the last thing of which he was aware as his world quickly faded to black.


Nickname: Sky.
Age Range: 18-24.
Contact Information Would prefer not to post on a forum. Both admins have my email, and I can privately give them my Skype if they want it, as well.
Roleplay Experience: Have been RPing on and off for three years. Rped Buzz for well over a year.
Other Characters: Possibly Erin Frame… Will have conspire—I mean, collaborate—with Kat. Wink
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