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Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Fan's Oath

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Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Fan's Oath Empty Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Fan's Oath

Post by Mod Tue Nov 22, 2011 2:48 pm

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Fan's Oath Space_10

This was inspired by a couple of people on Deviantart whose art I would browse through (before my computer acted wonky). This was around the time Danny Phantom was ending its run on the air, in 2008, I believe. One of these artists decided to form a pact, if you will, to carry on drawing and writing about DP despite that there will no longer be any new episodes on the air. Soon afterwards, more and more people decided to do the same thing; vowing to never stop loving the show, even if there are no more new episodes.

One of the reasons this was done was because a large majority of the fandom was upset about this and believed that DP was never coming back. But these group of artists, who had come to be known as DP soldiers, wanted to prove that just because the show is over on the air, doesn't mean DP is not gone for good.

I kind of wanted to do the same thing. I know it's been a LOOONNNNG time since BLoSC finished its run, but I figure that if we show others that the show will still be in our hearts and not always on the television, it could inspire more people to see the creative things many fans have done with this show, in terms of artwork and fanfiction. I mean, this forum has gained 42 members, and that's a pretty good number! I actually wanted to present this on the day we gained 42 members, but it took me longer than I thought to finish this thing, heh. I know that this fandom is not as large as other shows, but even something small can have a big impact on people.

So that's my vow; to keep the show close to my heart, no matter what! Wink



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