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Fox Overanalyzes a Scene from "Wirewolf"

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Fox Overanalyzes a Scene from "Wirewolf" Empty Fox Overanalyzes a Scene from "Wirewolf"

Post by Mod Thu May 02, 2013 12:19 pm

(Btw, if this is in the wrong place to post this, feel free to post it someplace else.)

I felt like posting something I wrote about awhile ago. Because I can and because I will. *clears throat*

So…this is an observation I’ve made from “Wirewolf”, near the ending.

Fox Overanalyzes a Scene from "Wirewolf" Tumblr12

Here we have Team Lightyear and Ty back inside the research facility, just hanging out. But Ty doesn’t seem all that happy.

In fact, if one were to look closely, one can say that he was feeling very guilty about something, which, for those who’ve seen the episode and know what I’m talking about, is a little unsettling to say the least.

But I’m not here to point out the obvious, I’m just here to make a point. So what we see here, is Ty away from the rest of the Rangers and in the shadows. He feels like he has no right to be forgiven for attacking Buzz when he was the Wirewolf, and he feels tremendously guilty about it.

Meanwhile, while Mira is tending to Buzz’s arm, which has SOMEHOW gotten attacked even though there was no proof that the Wirewolf attacked him there, Buzz looks at Ty with worry. He’s concerned about Ty, and with good reason. He’s not concerned Ty’s going to hurt him, he’s concerned ABOUT Ty. His friend. He’s worried about his friend feeling guilty for something he, TY, didn’t do.

While this is happening, Booster mentions about how Buzz saved Ty. This prompts Ty to apologize and thank Buzz in his own way. He doesn’t directly say, “I’m sorry”, and all that jazz. He states, and I quote, “And y’know, maybe I never said this before, but….

Fox Overanalyzes a Scene from "Wirewolf" Tumblr13

And in the next scene, he turns around to look at Buzz over his shoulder to say, “Well, thanks, Buzz.” He says it so softly, you can tell he feels genuine remorse about his earlier actions towards Buzz. Once he’s done apologizing and thanking his friend, he slightly tenses up, like Ty doesn’t exactly expect him to forgive him, and he’s somewhat a little scared about what Buzz will say in response to that.

Fox Overanalyzes a Scene from "Wirewolf" Tumblr14

But Buzz only smiles and corrects Booster in saying that, “You got that wrong, Booster, this time, Ty saved me.” He smiles and even looks at Ty with an assuring yet Buzz-esque look.

This in turn, causes Ty to be absolutely shocked and amazed that Buzz can forgive him so easily, AND that it was the first time, at least as far as we know, that Buzz has ever thanked or acknowledged a courageous act that Ty had done.

“I did?” is Ty’s response, and a great one at that.

Fox Overanalyzes a Scene from "Wirewolf" Tumblr15

Fox Overanalyzes a Scene from "Wirewolf" Tumblr16

Buzz explains with a smile about how Ty stopped the Wirewolf from draining the power from Buzz’s suit and thanks Ty. While he thanks him, he places his hand on Ty’s shoulder, as he’s done in other moments of the episode. But this gesture is greatly significant than others. Why?

Because this is when Ty is acknowledged by Buzz to be an equal.

What do I mean by this? Well, personally, I always felt that Buzz did indeed look at Ty as a friend, yes, but I also feel that Buzz looked at Ty as a littler brother-looking out for him and saving him when Ty was in danger. Naturally, Ty felt annoyed by this, and wanted to prove himself.

When Ty saved Buzz from the Wirewolf, this made Buzz realize the mistakes he made and wanted to apologize to Ty for that. And he did that by thanking him.

Thus, Buzz doesn’t see Ty SOLELY as a little brother, but as an equal partner, and friend.

We don’t see Ty automatically smile or anything like that, but I can imagine that he was truly touched by what Buzz said. And if you also notice, Ty has the lighting on him also, like the weight of everything that’s happened has lifted.

If you look in the clips that featured Ty in “Revenge of the Monsters”, you can see that Ty has more or less mellowed out, and in once instance, HE was the one assuring Buzz, not the other way around. In the sequel episode, Ty is much more friendlier to Buzz and even goes as far to touch his shoulder.

Fox Overanalyzes a Scene from "Wirewolf" Tumblr17

This, my friends, is something I like about their friendship. They might be as different as night and day, but when it comes down to it, they’ve got each other’s backs. Because if you think about it, Buzz and Warp’s relationship is something that has yet to be solved. Granted, Buzz still thinks there’s a little bit of good in Warp, but we know that Warp will not return to Star Command any time soon. Buzz’s relationship with Rocket is more of a rivalry than an actual friendship, so that only leaves Buzz and Ty’s relationship.

Their friendship may have had some obstacles to overcome, but in the end, the fact that they were still there for each other when it counted, is enough to say that their friendship is strong enough to withstand anything that comes their way.

Fox Overanalyzes a Scene from "Wirewolf" Tumblr18

Disclaimer: I don’t own these pictures or the characters, and am not using them for profit. I’m only using them for analysis purposes and for fun.



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