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Space Ranger Ty Parsec

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Space Ranger Ty Parsec Empty Space Ranger Ty Parsec

Post by Mod Sun Mar 25, 2012 2:39 am


Name: Ty Parsec

Age: 39

Species: Human

Appearance: Tanned skinned, a bit shorter than Buzz (Ty's approx. 5'8 ), brown-reddish pompadour, hook nose, large eyes, a bit skinnier than Buzz

Personality: He is a deadpan snarker, quick to fire out remarks when the situation calls out for them, thus making him somewhat bitter and cynical about many things. This is sometimes a cover up to hide his emotions, as he is sometimes prone to keeping his emotions in before they can explode at a VERY bad time.

Although he doesn't possess the same sunny disposition as Buzz, he does possess selflessness, often willing to put others before himself, and tries his best to take care of others around them when their needs are greater than his. Even if he's at the wrong place at the wrong time, he never gives up on his job and will always try to accomplish whatever the task may be.

Background: He became a Space Ranger out of the pure reason that he wanted to help other people. He attended the Space Ranger Academy with Buzz Lightyear and presumably Warp Darkmatter and Rocket Crockett. Buzz and Ty had been on fifty missions together, but due to Buzz saving him fifty times, Ty has grown tired and irritated with all the past times, thus transferring to Canis Lunis. He had some trouble with NOS-4-A2, the energy vampire, and Star Command sent him the one person he was least wanting to have as his backup; Buzz.

But a dark twist of fate in his path occurred, one that was far worse than Buzz's appearance; he was bitten by NOS-4-A2 and thanks to the bite and Canis Lunis' green moon, he became the Wirewolf. The Wirewolf would have destroyed Buzz had it not been for Buzz's plea for Ty to save him, and this reached out to Ty's heart, thus presumably giving Ty the initiative to take control of the Wirewolf, while Buzz's team destroyed the green moon for good....or so it was thought.

NOS-4-A2 teamed up with XL to capture a temporarily discharged Ty and turn him into the Wirewolf once more, taking control of him and using him to turn everyone in the galaxy into wirewolves. Luckily, Buzz, XR, and a newly reformed XL to free Ty, who took control once more and destroyed NOS-4-A2 once and for all. He reverted back to human form and was reinstated back into Star Command.

Skills and Abilities: Besides turning into the Wirewolf (which he'd NOT want to do), he's got quite powerful legs, able to do a good amount of damage to his opponent, run for a good extended period of time, and leap a good feet over objects and people.

He's also pretty good with machinery here and there, and he's also quite a powerful swimmer, able to swim out for miles, as long as he doesn't tire out.

And thanks to his large eyes, he can see well in the dark.

Due to his wirewolf ordeals, Ty occasionally suffers from flashbacks and nightmares, sometimes leaving him shaken. He also sometimes doesn't always think before he acts, thus getting himself get into trouble more times than he can count.

Worlds: Capital Planet, Star Command

Other: He loves the water. Sometimes he goes surfing or parasailing on vacation or whenever he wants to be in the water.

Group: Star Command


As the Mahambas VI sun slowly set into the west, Space Ranger Ty Parsec paddled on his surfboard to the water's edge, his relaxing day of surfing coming to an end. He soon reached the wet shoreline, and picked up the wet surfboard, the water dripping onto his legs. But he didn't really care; he enjoyed it. In fact, it made him feel better than he had all day. He had a rough day at Star Command; not so much with boring traffic duties or guarding research facilities, but rather something worse.

It was the one year anniversary of the day he first turned into the Wirewolf.

Earlier this morning, the space ranger woke up, recovering from a horrible nightmare he had about the mechanical The beast had chased down after him for a long time, finally getting the upper hand when it decided to take a chance and LEAP towards him. Ty did his best to get away, but...

Ty shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. He wanted NO part in remembering THAT creature.

Wanting to forget this day entirely, he sighed as he picked up a dry tank top from his backpack he brought with him, and put it on to warm him up a little as the warm air slowly grew cold. He packed up his things and proceeded to walk to the hotel he was staying at, carrying his trusty surfboard with him. He made his way past leftover stragglers, who started to pack up and leave as well. The space ranger let them pass by him, not in any real rush to return back to his hotel. Besides, he didn't mind waiting for them to go first; he wanted to let them pass since a lot of these people had kids with them, so it was only fair that he let all of them pass.


Well...almost all of them. He was bumped on the side by a rather red and irritated bluish male humanoid creature.

"Hey, watch where you're goin', mister! Can't ya see I've been sunburned?!" Ty resisted the urge to turn around and throw a sarcastic remark; he had a soothing day on the water. He didn't want to let his sunset be ruined by somebody's rudeness. He just let the baked beachgoer pass and didn't say anything....out loud.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I COULDN'T see you were sunburned because you were taking GREAT care of yourself, bumping into people."

He took a deep breath to calm his inner sarcasm, and small bout of annoyance, down, and resumed walking to his destination. As much as he liked the beach, he couldn't wait to get out of his clothes and put on something else; he didn't want to be cold when he went out tonight after all.


According to the forecast, tonight was going to be very cold indeed, but what else was new when you were vacationing near the beach? Ty, who wore a bluish gray jacket, jeans and brown boots, was quite used to this fact, having lived by beaches for most of his life, as evidenced by his place of refuge under a palm tree.
As he leaned against the tree, he closed his eyes, taking in all the sounds and smells of the Mahamabs VI night.

The night wind was chilly, yes, but to him, it was just perfect. It was calming to his nerves, as was the
smell of the ocean. It was almost enough to make him forget his...ordeal.

He sighed again. That just HAD to come up, didn't it? He came so close to completely forgetting about today's anniversary. Without even thinking about it, he opened his eyes and turned his gaze to the white moon that hung in the starlit sky, seeming as innocent as a newborn baby. He stared at it, as he couldn't help but think back to that day when he became the Wirewolf. Craters, the pain...

Ty, without any conscious thought, gingerly placed a hand over the place he was bitten by NOS-4-A2, the monster responsible for changing his life forever. Sadness flooded through his spirit, dampening his idea for a relaxing evening.

WHOOSH! Something brushed against him.

"...Eh?" Taking his hand off his long healed bite wound, he looked around...he was SURE he felt something brush against his face.

WHOOSH! He felt something brush again, and this time, he found out what it was. It was a giant green luna moth, flying quietly past him, fluttering for a few minutes before settling on some nearby flowers, resting its wings. It was then that he noticed that one of the moth's wings seemed a bit damaged, like something had torn off part of the wing. Ty watched the luna moth just resting there, wondering what it was going to do.

The little moth seemed to understand his question, as it leapt into the air and took to soaring past the flowers and past him again, before making a complete arc towards where the silver moon hung. Ty watched the moth as it gracefully flew by him and into the moon, seeming like it was ready to take on the moon.

He couldn't help but give a small smile; the moth was sure strong...even if it was a small creature.

As he watched it seemingly disappear, he thought about how in a way, he came out stronger after everything he had been through, even IF a part of him was torn apart. His friendship with Buzz was mended, his fellow Rangers had grown to respect him, and he started getting more action in his assignments. Even if it was going to haunt him for the rest of his life, that didn't mean he couldn't try to live. He would keep on going, just as he always did. It wouldn't be easy, but he was going to try...just like the luna moth did.


Nickname: Fox Storm, Fox
Age Range: 18-24 (in human form)
Contact Information: PMs will do
Roleplay Experience: I've been RPing Ty, starting from last November.
Other RP characters: Yet to decide
How Did You Find Us: Came across this site over the summer when I started getting into BLoSC

RP Notes: I do RP Ty, but please bear with me if you want me to RP in your RPs. Real life is starting to weigh down on me, thus I've not been able to RP a whole lot as much as I would like to, so if you want to have Ty in your RP, you'll have to be patient with me.



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