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Ranger Booster Munchapper

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Ranger Booster Munchapper Empty Ranger Booster Munchapper

Post by Ranger-Nova Fri Mar 30, 2012 4:27 am

I hope I won't hold anyone up, but I'd really like to do Booster. So, here's my application:


Name: Ranger Booster Sinclair Munchapper
Age: No idea - but probably early twenties.
Species: Jo-Adian
Appearance: Large, round, red alien with black blotches going down his back.
Personality: Friendly and trusting, Booster could easily be described as naive. However, he's not stupid, and you should never under estimate him. He's a loyal, dedicated Ranger who's quite capable of holding his own in a fight. Although he can become overly emotional (like when Mira was going to leave the team to get married), he doesn't let it get in the way of his job.

He's filled with youthful optimism, and easily gets excited. He's very caring and compassionate, if slightly foolish at times (often due to being manipulated by XR). All in all, he has the necessary qualities to become a great Ranger once he has more experience.
Background: A native of Jo-Ad, Booster spent his youth helping out on his parents' farm and playing Space Ranger with his best friend Buster. He decided to join Star Command after helping Buzz stop a Zurg attack. The only job he seemed able to get was as a janitor, but after a long day of cleaning he would spend the night memorising the Space Ranger Mission Manual. By now, he seems to have memorised the whole thing and probably knows it just as well as Buzz.

After a series of events led Booster to being one of four people uneffected by Zurg's mind control, he helped stop the Evil Emperor and restore the galaxy to normal. Buzz then chose him to be a member of his team, and Booster now serves aboard 42.
Strengths: Loyalty, great physical strength, a knowledge of all things Buzz-related.
Weaknesses: Food, gullibilty, naivety.
World: Jo-Ad, a farming planet that supplies food for much of the Galactic Alliance.


He looked at the space suit in front of him, hardly daring to believe it was really his. Of course, the it was too large to possibly be anyone else's, but it seemed impossible that his dream had finally come true.

Ma and Pa will be so proud when I tell them.

He ran his hand over the suit in awe. Today he would officially become a Space Ranger. His long-held dream was about to be realized.

With his heart beating wildly in his chest, the Jo-Adian discarded his janitorial outfit and put on the Ranger suit. It was a perfect fit. Booster gazed at his reflection in the mirror.

I look just like a real Ranger! Wait, I am a real Ranger!

After years of hoping and pretending, it was finally true.

There was a knock on the door. "Come in." answered Booster.

Buzz entered. "Booster, are you almost ready?"

"Yes, Sir!" Booster saluted.

"Good. The ship's leaving for Capitol Planet in half an hour." Buzz was about to walk out, but paused in the doorway. "Welcome to the Space Rangers." He stretched out his hand.

"Thank you, Sir." said Booster, shaking Buzz's hand.

"At ease, Ranger. Just call me Buzz. No need for formalities if we're going to be on the same team."

Did he just say what I think he said?! "You mean... I'm going to be your new partner?"

"One of them. What would you say to having XR and Princess Nova as teammates?"

"Really? That would be great, Sir - Buzz!"

Buzz smiled. "I'm glad you approve. Alright Ranger, let's get going."

As they walked out, Booster couldn't keep from grinning. He was a Space Ranger, on a team with his hero Buzz Lightyear, joined by his two friends. Some dreams really do come true.


Nickname: Ranger-Nova
Age Range: Older than 15, but younger than 50.
Contact Information Just send me a PM.
Roleplay Experience: Almost none.
Other Characters: XR, very briefly, and Ozma Furbanna.
How Did You Find Us: I saw a link on the XR boards.
RP Notes: I'm only online Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Also, I live in South Africa, so my timezone's going to be different.



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