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Space Ranger Teams/Partnerships

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Space Ranger Teams/Partnerships Empty Space Ranger Teams/Partnerships

Post by Steel Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:07 am

I don't recall there being any actual teams shown in "The Adventure Begins" like they were shown in the series. Sure, it had tons of background Rangers and the like, but I don't recall seeing any actual "teams". All they mostly spoke of or referred to were "partners" which probably hints at the system focusing mostly on teams of two rather than teams of four back then.

In regards to Buzz's relationship with some Space Rangers, my personal theory is that Buzz knew Warp, Ty and Rocket Crockett back in their Academy days. Buzz may or may not have been Ty's partner for a brief period of time, and perhaps even Rocket's, but he finally wound up with Warp in the end. It didn't seem like Buzz and Warp were that close given the flashbacks in "Tag Team". And Rocket and Buzz spoke like they had some nasty history back in "The Torque Armada".

Also, it seems like a lot of people went solo twenty years back, before partnerships were even established. For example, in Buzz's flashback in "Lone Wolf", there's no mention of partners or Warp at all. No mention of Ty or Rocket, either. In fact, Ty's association with Buzz and knowing him since the Academy is only mentioned in "Wirewolf" by Booster calling them "legends back at the Academy".

The above points hence lead me to believe that twenty years ago, Rangers went solo. Then, that evolved into parties of two going on chases and/or missions. And with Buzz choosing Mira, XR and Booster in "The Adventure Begins" to make his "team", for that to develop into a norm with Captains leading their own "teams"--hence there being a Team Rocket for Rocket Crockett, and teams of four in most spaceships since then.

All changes were possibly made due to the stakes rising and their adversaries becoming more dangerous. Zurg managed to "kill" Warp back then. Having teams of four instead of two might have been an additional security measure because it's easy for two Rangers to become separated on missions, whereas if there are four, you can at least have some sort of backup in case anything goes wrong.

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Space Ranger Teams/Partnerships Empty Space Ranger Teams

Post by Pythonmelon Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:32 am

true. I can see why they moved to teams of two because of the dangers of going alone, then teams of four because of further safety precautuions. I thinkk buzz and Ty may have been together for an extensive amount of time but because of all the trouble he got into Ty was downranked or put on simple solo assignments whil buzz moved up to work with warp



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