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Post by Saron Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:37 am

Space cadets front and center! And when I say center, you look to my peg leg, then back to me, then to the peg leg - I can shoot with this thing you know - then up, you see a canopy lined with terylium tiles in all their shining glory, then out the porthole where you see Charlie Chapman isn't he a great new recruit? while beside him an LGM is doing the shuffle. Affirmative, I command a great deal of respect.

Spicy introduction aside, I am a lover of the older days and shows. While Blosc is at least in color, I hold to a doctrine that as time passes, most of the bad, horrible, or lukewarm entertainment is weeded out leaving behind a kernal of gold sifted from the river of media. California Gold Rush. I also make historical and political references with a dabbing of humor. "Innocent politicians? Don't be oxymoronic." I'm an old ranger, and I've loved Blosc since I was a grub myself, and I honestly can't pick a favorite character. They all bring something to the crystallic fusion engine.

Rather than explain, I showed you that I'm zany, daft, but my heart and feet are in the right places. Also, I think Buzz Lightyear is adorable and beyond except to his cat Fluffy. He was a right old terror to her.



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