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Forum Rules (updated 22/03/2012)

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Forum Rules (updated 22/03/2012) Empty Forum Rules (updated 22/03/2012)

Post by Steel Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:36 am

To Infinity and Fandom is a Buzz Lightyear of Star Command-centric forum. We hope to make this a place where fans of all ages can have fun and enjoy talking about one of our favourite series! But, like every forum, there are a few ground rules that need to be established from the start. They aren't many, but they're integral for a healthy, productive environment and all members are requested to follow the rules and guidelines at all times.
    1. The forum's cardinal rule is tolerance. Not everyone will have the same likes or dislikes as you, and therefore we do not condone deliberate rudeness or bigotry towards other members. You're free to have your own opinion on someone, but you're not free to express it on the board. You're also free to have your own likes and dislikes on BLoSC itself, but needlessly bashing pairings, characters, or other members because they don't support the same views you do is not condoned. Remember to use mature and respectful arguments for all your discussions.
    2. No flaming, no bashing, and no trolling. This forum does not promote cyber bullying or harassment, and any members found guilty of the above will be subjected to the standard three strikes. The first offence is a warning, the second is a loss of posting privileges for a week (sometimes lasting up to a month depending on the severity of the offence), and the third is a permanent ban.
    3. Fans are allowed to express any views they wish as long as they pertain to the series. Alhough there are some touchy subjects, as long as they are handled maturely we will bring no opposition to them being discussed. Religion and politics, the latter being a major theme in the series itself, as well as discussing same-sex relationships are all acceptable.
    4. Although the forum is open to members of all ages, I would like to ask for the older members to mind the younglings. The occasional curse might slip out every now and again (I know I myself am notorious for my swears) but keeping things relatively clean won't kill anybody.
    1. The word limit for posts is a minimum of 30 words. This is to prevent unnecessary spamming which is counter-productive to the development of threads and proper discussion.
    2. No double posting. The edit button is your friend. The only exception to this rule is when your message is too big for one post and when you post in the Fanworks section. (Read the Guidelines in each section to find out more.) (updated 22/03/2012)
    3. When posting fanfiction or roleplaying, make sure to always label your work with the proper ratings in the title. Read more about how to properly label your fanfiction here. Like we stated previously, there's always the possibility of a younger member inadvertently stumbling upon something.
    4. No thread-bumping. If your thread hasn't been replied to in a while, posting in it to keep it on the main page could get your thread locked. The only exception to this is when you post in the Fanworks section. There, it is actually encouraged that you keep your fanworks in single threads to avoid clutter, as long as it doesn't consist of one person posting in a single thread repeatedly. (updated 22/03/2012)
    1. Only one account per member is allowed. You are responsible for the security of your account and making multiple accounts will not make you look good. You are also not allowed to post on behalf of any banned member on the forum or in any other public manner such as private messages, signatures, etc. Once someone is banned, they're banned for good.
    2. Under no circumstances are you to publicly post on the forum that you have uploaded episodes to share with other members. Although the series itself has not been released on DVD, it is still copyrighted and therefore you cannot post download links to them. YouTube links, however, are acceptable, due to them simply being streamed videos available to all. Fanvids are are also allowed and happily encouraged. (updated 22/03/2012)
I think that covers it so far. We also have a few guidelines on how to post in other areas of the forum which you can read in their allocated locations. Regardless of the above rules, we hope you enjoy your stay and have a great time on To Infinity and Fandom!



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