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BLoSC Characters Ask You [FOUND ON TUMBLR]

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BLoSC Characters Ask You [FOUND ON TUMBLR] Empty BLoSC Characters Ask You [FOUND ON TUMBLR]

Post by TessaLovesOzzy Sat May 18, 2013 6:21 pm

From riseofthefirebird on tumblr
Here are my answers to these questions

BLoSC Character Asks

Buzz Lightyear: What is your ideal career?
To be a teacher

Mira Nova: Are you usually stubborn or complacent?

Booster Munchapper: Who is your idol?
Kiara Phoenix on DeviantArt

XR: Has anyone ever hit on you, or vice versa?
Not to my knowledge, I have hit a guy before...

Commander Nebula: Do you consider yourself a leader or a follower?
Follower not really the leader type

Rocket Crockett: Are you competitive?

Ty Parsec: Are you optimistic or cynical?
Optimistic to a fault

42: Do you jump right into things or do you take the time to think before you act?
A bit of both

Evil Emperor Zurg: If you were ruler of the world, what would you decree?
That you have the right to post any amv or fanstuff without getting deleted as long as they credit the creators

Warp Darkmatter: Have you ever stolen anything?

NOS-4-A2: Nature or technology?
Both. Can't we all just get along? Very Happy

Torque: Are you an introvert or extrovert?
What-overt? Question

XL: Do you have any siblings? If so, how many?
Tessa (Me): None.

Wirewolf: Morning or night?

Gravitina: Do you have any unique talents?
Does Drawing and Singing count?

Evil Buzz Lightyear: How would you use power?
To help all in need to those who want help

Ozma Furbanna: Do you love or hate animals?
Love them! Except for spiders. *shudders*

Cosmo: What are your favorite foods to eat?
Let's see... Pizza, Pocky, Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, Chocalate in general, Steak with loaded baked potatoe, Fries, a bunch on stuff.

Sally: Are you currently employed?

LGMs: Do you consider yourself an independent thinker?

Grubs: What is your greatest fear?
Spiders and losing someone I love

Hornets: Fight or flight?

King Nova: Do you like to follow the rules or break them?
I'm a goodie-goodie so yeah, I follow rules.

Romac: What do you look for in a significant other?
Someone who is kind and has a sense of humor

Plasma Boy: Do you use certain words in your vernacular/vocabulary?

Petra Hammerhold: Do you dress a certain way?
Like a frilly girl, a tomboy, a punk/emo/goth, a lolita

Fop Doppler: In desperate situations, do you lose your head or keep your cool?
Depends on the situation



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