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The Vampire Bite

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The Vampire Bite Empty The Vampire Bite

Post by levy120 Sat Apr 20, 2013 10:47 pm

Yes, because… I’ve been reading faaaanfics again (there aren’t nearly enough of this kind *shot*), and while comparing it to the show it’s certainly interesting to see different versions and interpretations to the Vampire Bite based on the PoV of the character (XR or Nos?) and author. Some of these – in their essence – are actually rather similar, and lately… I’ve been pondering how accurate those interpretations actually are.

Let's see what the show itself gives us to work with maybe.
With all of this in mind, I suppose that most of the decisions they took were taken because the show is G or at the very least PG rated, so they couldn’t show too much violence, but what does that mean, technically?



Aftereffects, aka “FAAAANGS?”

Aaaand I think we’re slowly getting to an end here. I feel like I forgot something, but honestly – I think that for a start this has been enough. Maybe I’ll remember what else I wanted to say if you throw in your points.

TLDR; Brainstorming

Argument: Physically probably no
Reasoning: No screams from ON-SCREEN bites in Slayer
- Hypnotization to avoid noise of struggle in contrast with the common fandom belief of Nos-4-A2 relishing screaming victims.
- A sort of… ‘relaxed’ sleepiness from other victims like in Wirewolf or the Vending Machine.

Mind Control:
Question: In how far is XR aware of that and in how far is it actually XR?
Possibilities: Being corrupted or “pushed out of his body” for the sake of the foreign programming
- “Nos-4-A2” (episode) in a whole
- Trance sequence in “Dirty Work”
- Mira stating that he had been controlled for a WEEK in “Wirewolf”

After Effects:
- Biting Process?
- Changes in Physique (Fangs; Sturdiness…)
- Allusions?
- Fridge Horror VS PG RATING?
- Wirewolf?



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The Vampire Bite Empty Re: The Vampire Bite

Post by Feral Dog Sun Apr 21, 2013 11:58 pm

Throwing in my points:

The show, for obvious reasons, decided to treat NOS's energy draining as similar to blood loss, which is pretty horrible if you're prone to Fridge Logic. A person bleeding out can be conscious and aware of what's happening to them for quite a while before they faint, especially if it's a slow, continuous bleed like from a vein. Arterial bleeding is pretty speedy by comparison. And if the queasiness blood donors report is any indication as to the bleeder's experience... Sentry 1 and the vending machine could have been in the robot equivalent of hypovolemic shock (lethargy being a symptom of later stages) instead of or alongside hypnosis. Eeeek.

NOS-4-A2 can apparently control how fast he drains another robot, and whether or not they can feel it happening to them (or so I'm guessing, based on his threat to XR in the Slayer), but he doesn't usually have that luxury. In RotM he takes his sweet time feeding on that Hornet, even letting energy go flying in all directions while he gushed over how delicious it was, compared with the Sentry and the vending machine, who were drained pretty quickly before some human interrupted him. He seems like he'd like quiet, helpless prey most (struggling prey would probably be more like a power trip rather than a simple food run).

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