Under His Control (Sequel to Vampire of the Opera)

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Under His Control (Sequel to Vampire of the Opera) Empty Under His Control (Sequel to Vampire of the Opera)

Post by Pythonmelon on Sat Dec 31, 2011 5:10 pm

Alright, not sure if anyone read Vampire of the Opera, but CyborgWitch gave me the idea to do a sequel and I'm pretty happy with it.

Title: Under His Control
Author: Pythonmelon
Fandom: Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
Character(s) / Pairing(s): no real pairings, but team ligthyear, commander nebula, nos-4-a2, Ty Parsec, Zurg, his minions, and XL
Rating: PG-13. less on gore but still got some cursing
Word Count: 25,571
Warning(s): some cursing, it gets pretty intense, a little gore but a lot less than VotO
Disclaimer: same as before
Summary: Renee was on Star Command but they found out she was under Nos-4-a2's mind control, read on study

Under His Control

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