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My BLoSC sketches

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My BLoSC sketches Empty My BLoSC sketches

Post by thetalkingtrampoline Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:10 am

I was drawing some random Nida expressions, (my OC) when I had a nice idea. So I started drawing...
And this is what it became...

My BLoSC sketches Not_so_different_at_all____by_thetalkingtrampoline-d5bwvii

I removed Nida's nose, and I like her better this way. I also gave her just two toes, like Booster has. ( I found out he only has two toes after watching large target.)
Oh, the expressions are under here!

My BLoSC sketches Some_better_nida_expressions__by_thetalkingtrampoline-d5bwxcm

I hope you like my sketches. Very Happy I had a lot of fun making them.



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