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Nox Collection [2013 - 2014] Empty Nox Collection [2013 - 2014]

Post by levy120 on Wed Apr 23, 2014 3:26 am

Eeeeeeeh... yeah I don't know

tumblr wrote:I am scared folks
Not only because it took me so long to actually accept I like Nox related stuff
Or because I've been producing some of it...

But the fact that Nox related AMVs on my new YT channel seem to be getting the most attention of ALL. The Nox related Videos have about DOUBLE the amount of views EACH than any other video on that channel, and one that is marked as 'Not Listed' has about 100 views.

I really wonder where those are being shared... xD"

Anyway, seeing how they seem to be so well accepted, here's a little set ~

Teeth * Brainwash * Sugar * Wicked

I'm so sorry fandom. No wait I'm not... yes I am.


there will be more  silent 

March 15:

Nox Collection [2013 - 2014] Xr-42_zpse4301886
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