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Pterence Nova

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Pterence Nova Empty Pterence Nova

Post by TessaLovesOzzy Tue Jan 21, 2014 7:03 am

Pterence Nova Blosc_oc_bio___pterence_nova_by_tessalovesozzy-d5ugvjp

Name: Pterence Nova

Age: 18

Species/Race: Tangean

Affiliation: Good (?)

Family: King Nova - uncle, Mira Nova - cousin

Evil level (0-15): 7.5

Good Level (0-15): 7.5

Talents: Ghosting and Mind Control

Additional Info./Backstory

Pterence lost his parents at an early age and never really knew them. King Nova however took him in and raised Pterence as his own. Though Pterence has number of health problems that hinder him, he is known as one of the greatest ghosters in Tangean history. Pterence is a prodigy and is always coming up with new ghosting techniques. It is rumored that he can ghost into thin air and can teleport himself from place to place. Pterence always denys this claim. But having a big brain also causes him to have a swelled head. He is extremly snooty and arrogant and thinks he is superior to everyone, even Mira and her father. Pterence is a part of Tangean society that hates all races who are not Tangean and is now the current leader of this society *the braid with multi-colored beads signifies his high status in the group*. He hates Mira for that fact that she joined Star Command and likes to annoy her by calling her "Mi-Mi", a nickname that Mira absolutely hates. Pterence is also next in line to the Tangean throne after Mira.

-Pterence has a fear/fascination with snakes.

-He can't resist a good game and he loves to win.



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Pterence Nova Empty Re: Pterence Nova

Post by Feral Dog Sat Jan 25, 2014 8:51 pm

Sounds like a good villain!
Feral Dog
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