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Digger, by Ursula Vernon

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Digger, by Ursula Vernon Empty Digger, by Ursula Vernon

Post by Feral Dog Sun Jun 16, 2013 10:48 pm

Seriously, go read it if you have nothing else to do. The art style can be funky at times but the whole comic is a work of art (done entirely by one person, has won a Hugo Award). I'm horrible at describing things I enjoy without spoilers, so I'll just link you to the first page:

I will tell you, however, that only four works of fiction have ever made me cry when tragedy struck- this is one of them! I've also laughed, facepalmed, etc. while reading it. 

So, the creator of Digger has previously gotten the series published in a set of 6 paperbacks, but due to fandom demand has gotten a kickstarter (with her publisher's support!) to make the whole thing into a giant, 900+ page book. In addition to the actual original comic, they've raised enough to do some color pages, add an epilogue, emboss the cover, add creator notes/comments, and almost have enough to make a dust jacket for the hard cover edition. And they are going to use nice paper, which is always a concern with gigantic books.

And the kickstarter is here:
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