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[Animal OC] Max the Terulian Battle Cat

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[Animal OC] Max the Terulian Battle Cat Empty [Animal OC] Max the Terulian Battle Cat

Post by TessaLovesOzzy Sun Apr 28, 2013 3:31 pm

[Animal OC] Max the Terulian Battle Cat Blosc_animal_oc___max_by_tessalovesozzy-d5ugv0c

The picture above is Max when he was still a kitten.

Name: Max

Age: Unknown

Species/Race: Terulian Battle Cat

Affiliation: Good

Evil level (0-15): 2

Good Level (0-15): 13

Additional Info./Backstory - Max was a victim of an animal smuggling ring with rare or hard to obtain animals as kitten. He ended up being a stowaway on the smuggler's ship and was treated cruelly. Buzz and his team ended up busting up part of the operation but could not trace who smuggled the animals. Though the smuggler got away with most of the animals, there was one animal left behind: Max. Tessa took him in and they became friends at once. Buzz, his team, and Warp traced Max back to Warp's home planet, Terulia, an official breeder of Terulian Battle Cats where Warp grew up with his grandmother and two elder twin brothers. *see notes on Terulian Battle Cats before continuing* Max accidently got into a pack of cat food and ended up going to full maturity. Max's protective instincts kicked in and he thought Buzz, his team, and Warp were enemies so he kidnapped Tessa and took her into the jungle. In doing so, Max and Tessa were captured by the animal smuggler and taken to his headquarters into the dangerous place that is a Terulian jungle. Team Lightyear and Warp followed their trail and fought off the smuggler. Max and Tessa were freed and Max realized that Team Lightyear and Warp were friends. All the animals were either taken to zoo's to rehabilitate or brought back to their natural habitats. Max is very sweet, loveable, and is quite friendly compared to other Battle Cats. Max also has a tendency to pounce on and lick anyone he deems as a friend, especially Tessa and Warp. But when danger appears he will guard Tessa and her friends with his life.

*Terulian Battle Cats Notes
- as kittens, they are small enough to fit into your hand and as adults they are big enough for a person to ride.
- TBC's don't have genitalia so they more they eat the more they mature. When they reach a certain point in their maturity they begin reproducing.
-Males have a cresent moon shape on their forehead while females have a five-point star
- TBC's are known for their ferocity and loyalty to their masters. They are also known for their multiple tails that average from as 2 to 6 tails. The most tails on a Terulian Battle Cat ever recorded was 12 tails.
-TBC's are very protective of their masters and will be prone to attack others if not handled properly
-TBC's are quite abundent on Terulia and are the equivalent to the Earth House cat
-TBC's are also known for for their intelligence. They can comprehend simple english commands such as down, attack, retreat, and many others. They are also quite playful in their more domestic manner and once they get to know a person, they will be quite friendly although many Terulian owners often mistreat them and use them as protection more than a companion.



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