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Camelia and Ephemeris Starthrust [Villian OC's]

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Camelia and Ephemeris Starthrust [Villian OC's] Empty Camelia and Ephemeris Starthrust [Villian OC's]

Post by TessaLovesOzzy Wed Apr 03, 2013 2:20 pm

A couple of OC's for my fanfic series

Camelia and Ephemeris Starthrust [Villian OC's] Camelia__blosc_villain_oc_by_tessalovesozzy-d5ofozb

Name: Camelia Starthrust

Age: 31

Species/Race: Nijian

Affiliation: Evil

Evil level (0-15): 14

Good Level (0-15): 0

Mental state: Nuttier than a fruitcake...

Additional Info./Backstory

Camilia is a Nijian from the planet Niji, which race is most popular for their hair color to change with their moods.

**CREATORS NOTES: The white part of her is the part that changes color. All Nijians have streaks of the colors of the rainbow with their hair that remains permanent**

Camilia was hired as serving girl at Warp's mansion. As time went on, she grew to have an unhealthy obsession with Darkmatter. Camelia had confessed her love to Warp, but Warp had turned her down flat and fired her. Camelia then continued to stalk Warp, determined to make him hers. Warp had multiple restraining orders put on her but to no avail. One night, Camelia had snuck into Warp's house,...AND GOTTEN INTO THE SHOWER WITH HIM!

**CREATORS NOTES: Camelia held Warp against his will.**

Warp threw her out and told Camelia that he hated her with all his soul. This caused Camelia's mental status and her heart to break and the fact that Warp put her into an insane asylum didn't help her sanity levels. On that day, she vowed to have her revenge on Warp Darkmatter for breaking her heart, no matter what the cost, and to get rid of anyone that stood in her way.

This character was was fun to design but difficult to create a backstory for. It was especially hard to come up with a species/race for her. So I started to look up "rainbow" in different languages. "Niji" is japanese for "rainbow" and I thought it was catchy so...
I wanted somebody that held a grudge against Warp (besides Zurg **BLoSC: Evil Never Wins SPOILERS!!!***) and so, Camelia was born. Camelia will make her apperance in the third or fourth episode of BLoSC:Evil Never Wins (no, she will not appear in this first episode that I'm in the process of writing).

Camelia and Ephemeris Starthrust [Villian OC's] Request__ephemeris_starthrust__blosc_oc__by_tessalovesozzy-d5so33w

Name: Ephemeris Starthrust

Age: 23

Species/Race: Nijian

Affiliation: Evil

Family: Camelia Starthrust-sister

Evil level (0-15): 12

Good Level (0-15): 0

Talents: Fashion Design, Architecture, Weaponry

Mental state: As nutty as her sister....

Additional Info./Backstory
Like Camelia, Ephemeris is a Nijian from the planet Niji, which race is most popular for their hair color to change with their moods.

Ephemeris is like her sister but her hate for Warp is bit milder than Camelia's. Camelia and Ephemeris are quite close but are still like any other pair of siblings. As a child, Ephemeris was teased because of her eccentric ways of fashion and often got into trouble. The one that teased her the most was the boy see had a crush on from Elementary school onwards, which was, you guessed it, Warp Darkmatter. She loved Warp even though he was the one teasing her and always had. Ephemeris and Camelia are actually quite rich, but they were disowned by their parents because of their rebellious ways.

Camelia became a servant for Warp, while Ephemeris became a small-time fashion designer. People tell Ephemeris that she has no talent, but she never listens to the critics and haters and aspires to be greatest fashion designer the galaxy has ever known. Camelia is Ephemeris' biggest supporter and best friend. When Warp put Camelia into the insane asylum, Ephemeris' heart was broken and her love for Warp was shattered. Shortly after her sister's arrest, Ephemeris went to Warp's mansion and threatened him that if he hurt another woman under his care ever again, he would pay dearly for his all his wrongs among women. Ephemeris visited Camelia everyday when she was in the asylum. Together, they plotted Camelia's escape and Ephemeris became her partner in crime.


An ephemeris is a table of data arranged by date. Ephemeris tables are typically to list the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets and other solar system objects. I thought it sounded cool. The Planets Niji and Terulia (Warp's home planet) are very close to each other and there are 3 magnet schools that are between them: Elementary, Middle, and High school all with the kind of uniforms you see an anime...only more warrior-ish. ^^" Nijians and Terulians are both warrior races and so both races go to the same schools with an emphesis on battle strategies. So with that, it's kind of understandable that Ephemeris would get teased.

The Starthrust Sisters belong to me. BLoSC belongs to Disney / Pixar.

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