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Old Buzz's Confusing Plan

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Old Buzz's Confusing Plan Empty Old Buzz's Confusing Plan

Post by Olivus Prime Mon Dec 31, 2012 2:58 am

I really enjoy this episode, having watched it many times before, but one thing that always bugs me is Old Buzz's plan to get Mira to safety.

It's established earlier in the episode that the Time Watch can teleport its user through both time and space, what with Old Buzz appearing in several positions when demonstrating the watch, so the mystery of how Mira gets aboard 42 is a solved one. However, 42 was never stationary above the planetoid, and even if it was offscreen, it's doubtful that Buzz, Old Buzz, Booster and XR would have all left it to patrol the planetoid themselves. In addition, how would Mira be able to use her communicator to communicate through time?

Am I missing a point, or is this a big plot hole?
Olivus Prime
Olivus Prime



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Old Buzz's Confusing Plan Empty Re: Old Buzz's Confusing Plan

Post by Senior Doctor Thalassi Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:32 am

The only way for Old Buzz's plan to save the rest of the team from those mini-Maws to have actually worked would have been to send Mira forward in time to the point where she could release that gamma wave, so they're not necessarily communicating through time; he just opened up communications at the exact time that he had sent Mira to.

Or at least, that's what I had gathered when I watched it; I can see where your confusion is coming from, though, when they have her appear on 42 despite the fact that it had been destroyed by the original Maw earlier. That would most likely be a plot hole. XD
Senior Doctor Thalassi
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