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BLoSC in "Disney/Pixar Learning: 2nd & 3rd Grade"

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BLoSC in "Disney/Pixar Learning: 2nd & 3rd Grade" Empty BLoSC in "Disney/Pixar Learning: 2nd & 3rd Grade"

Post by Olivus Prime Sat Nov 24, 2012 11:44 am

Okay, so I've just found something reaaaally interesting just by looking for a 3D Mira model... apparently this education game was released in 2004 (three years after the series ended!) that features Mira and (apparently) Commander Nebula... but in 3D! Since Buzz is pretty much how he is in the Toy Story movies, presumably the rendering of Mira is how she would appear as a toy... though there's something about her face that isn't quite right... Judging by the videos of the game, it seems that Patrick Warburton and Nicole Sullivan both reprised their roles, which is nice.

Anyway, Markus Tessman of Rock Farm Studios rendered the characters in the game, and the only images/videos of it on the internet are available on their site. Three of the videos are linked to on the main page for the game, the fourth can be accessed here. As I said, it's very interesting just to glimpse the BLoSC universe in 3D.
Olivus Prime
Olivus Prime



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BLoSC in "Disney/Pixar Learning: 2nd & 3rd Grade" Empty Re: BLoSC in "Disney/Pixar Learning: 2nd & 3rd Grade"

Post by Alexa Sat Nov 24, 2012 12:55 pm

Good find, Olivus! Also, the game is still available to buy on Amazon for those who are interested:

If anyone does purchase the game, I hope that you take screen shots of other scenes in it so we know what it's like! Maybe even take videos if you have one of those programs to record your computer screen.

EDIT: Looking at the amazon page, there is only 1 left in stock! Other people are selling copies (click new or open box), but if you want to get the game from a "fulfilled by amazon" store, you'll want to buy fast! It says that the game has been discontinued (which makes sense since it's been 8 years), so they might not get more in stock after this!



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