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David Voltage

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David Voltage Empty David Voltage

Post by Stomper1232 Fri Oct 19, 2012 6:23 pm

Name: David W. Voltage
Weight:About 170
Home Planet:Neptune
Friends: Miranda Onyx(The only person he can turst)
Enemies: About ever criminal in the galaxy
Occupation: Recovery Space Ranger for Star Command
Hair Color: Blonde
Custom Space ranger armor: Steel (To stand out from the other rangers because of his rank)
Personalty: Serious, somewhat cold-hearted,

Back Story: Back when he was a kid he had a rough life and was left for dead when he was 27. When he joined Star Command he had a feeling he couldn't trust anyone and didn't join a team, but he was recruited into the recovery branch of Star Command to search for rangers that are MIA (missing in action) and did solo jobs that normal rangers cant do (with the exception of fighting Zurg).



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