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Jarred Jagger

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Jarred Jagger     Empty Jarred Jagger

Post by Stomper1232 Fri Oct 19, 2012 5:59 pm

Name: Jarred K. Jagger
Home Planet: Mercury
Personalty: Aggressive, Mysterious
Occupation: Space ranger for Star Command and Weapon Specialist for Brady Strormkeeper's team
Friends: Brady Stormkeeper (Secretly dislikes him though) ,Taylor Starsprinter, Chelsea Speedchaser
Enemies: Torque and a bunch of other random villains (Mainly Torque though)

Back story: WAY back before Warp betrayed Star Command he started out as a unsuccessful racer, Later on sometime before Torque got his cloning powers he had a race with him, but Torque cheated and wanted to KILL Torque since. Some time later he joined Star Command to get rid of criminals like him.



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