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Cerbera Empty Cerbera

Post by Asenath Wed Jul 18, 2012 10:23 pm

Name: Cerbera
Age: about Warp Darkmatter's age
Height: varies
Gender: female
Hair and skin color: brown and peach, in her natural form
Home planet: unknown
Species: Unnamed species of shapeshifters. She's the only one that survived extinction from a plague on her home planet. She can shapeshift into anything she's seen, whether it's real or not, and can also shapeshift individual limbs of her body to fit her needs *as is obvious from the picture*
Alignment: Evil, because she feels she has no other way to go
Background: Cerbera's parents died when she was very young in the plague that swept her planet. She grew up without them, scavenging on the streets until a mysterious woman took her in as her own child. Under the mysterious woman's careful watch, she traveled the galaxy, imprinting so many pictures of other beings on her mind that she is able to shapeshift into almost anything. Her conscience has 'died' so to speak, but there's still hope that it's still salvageable. She currently works for Styx, the woman who became her foster mother after her parents died, as an agent or assassin.

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