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Torque's cloning device

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Torque's cloning device Empty Torque's cloning device

Post by Ranger-Nova Fri Jul 13, 2012 5:05 am

How exactly does Torque's cloning device work? Zurg says it's "the latest in cell separation technology", but that doesn't really tell us much.

The device can clone Torque's clothing and his bike, which are inorganic (meaning they wouldn't have cells), so how does that mean it's capable of "replicating" objects as well as cloning them?

Also, the clones it creates look and act just like Torque, but are they actually alive? If they're blasted by a laser, they appear to pop. So what are they?

And finally, how come in most episodes the clones split off from Torque's body, but in Good Ol' Buzz he was able to make them appear out of thin air several feet away?

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Torque's cloning device Empty Re: Torque's cloning device

Post by Olivus Prime Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:55 am

The device varies in function throughout the episodes, as you've mentioned.

  • In The Torque Armada, the device causes him pain the first time he uses it, and I don't recall his clones being disintegrated/killed in the episode. They instead get beaten up and captured at the end.
  • In The Main Event, they disintegrate when hit by lasers.
  • In The Taking of PC-7, the clones have separate personalities - when the true Torque is given Buzz's personality, the others retain Torque's. However, when "Buzz" clones himself, the clones he creates have his personality too.
  • In Bunzel Fever, all of the clones feature Torque's unique cloning pad.
  • In Good Ol' Buzz, Torque is able to replace himself with a clone.

So yeah, the cloning device is a strange one, clearly! Perhaps over the course of the series Torque has modified it to become more adaptable? He managed to get hold of a power battery for XL in Bunzel Fever, so I don't know if that could, in any way, link to knowledge in D.I.Y...
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