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The Technomancer (Fusion)

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The Technomancer (Fusion) Empty The Technomancer (Fusion)

Post by Rook Fri Jun 22, 2012 7:21 pm

Title: The Technomancers
Author: Rook/Eldritch Humanoid
Fandom: BLoSC with concepts from Shadowrun
Character(s) / Pairing(s): Multiple characters with 4 OCs/Possible Savy/OC pairing
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ??? (it's probably a lot)
Warning(s): Violence, mild swearing,
Disclaimer: Buzz Lightyear of Star Command belongs to Disney/Pixar. Technomancer concepts from Shadowrun 4th ed. belong to Catalyst Game Labs. Story written for fun, not profit.
Summary: NOS-4-A2's return to the living world after nearly 2 years will signal the beginning of a new era for the galaxy when he stumbles upon a human boy who lives in harmony with technology. That's the short version of it.

This whole thing started when I started pondering the role of robots and AI in the BLoSC universe. Then I started getting into 4th edition Shadowrun and the stuff on the technomancers and AIs got me thinking. Not to mention bad side of town in the Seattle Metroplex made me think of Tradeworld. I started blending the ideas, created a character and an origin story for the technomancer abilities and got a fan fic out of it.

Just a few setting notes I should throw in. It's the 31st century and humanity has long left Earth to colonize new worlds and make contact with new alien races. Earth-that-was, the cradle of humanity, is now the stuff of legends and textbook history. This plays a small role later on. The story itself is set about 18 months after the events of Revenge of the Monsters, and maybe about a two years after The Slayer, leaving about six months between those events. I imagine that during the events of The Slayer Savy was about 12-13 years old, so she's gotten older, and likely taller, since then and would be in high school.

bold text - talking on the network
italic text - thoughts
plain text - everything else

That's about all the important stuff, so let's begin. It's all posted on my eldritch humanoid blog, and here are the links. Please read, review, flame, whatever.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight (forthcoming)

EDIT: Okay, it's been a little over four months since I posted this, my first fan fic, and I've come to the decision that I want to give it a serious overhaul. I feel that I've diverted from the source material, my original plan, and it was all getting out of hand in my projected drafts. If my first draft story managed to entertain anyone, I'll leave it here. If it offended anyone, I apologize. If it was meh, then life goes on. Also expect some edits to Kite's profile in the characters section. I created him over nine months ago and he's still a work in progress. The new fic will be up when I get my act together.

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