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Fire and Ice Empty Fire and Ice

Post by Kat Eclipse on Fri Jun 22, 2012 1:51 pm

Lots and lots o' one shots! XD I figured I'd put it up here for kicks and giggles! ^^ Let me know whatcha think! study

Title: Fire and Ice
Author: Darkmatterfangirl
Fandom: BLoSC of course! ^^
Character(s) / Pairing(s): Buzz/Mira (Beer! <3)
Rating: PG/PG-13
Word Count: Varying, I'll work on getting a work count for each chapter Smile (Chapter 3 is 521, Chapter 4: 1,789)
Warning(s): Chapter 2 is a bit more PG-13ish thanks to some angst and galactic war. Sooo if ya see a laser flying your Chapters 3 and 4 focuses on Mira's near death experiance in "Good Ole Buzz".
Disclaimer: I own nothing, it all goes to Disney/Pixar. :p
Summary: A string of Beer one-shots that have been floating around in my head! ^^

Chapter 01: Rhythm
Chapter 02: Family
Chapter 03: Helpless Love
Chapter 04: Helpless Love Part 2

Chapter five is Christmas time in BLoSC! Smile Comming soon!

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