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Velette Sheheimnis

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Velette Sheheimnis Empty Velette Sheheimnis

Post by Asenath Fri Jun 22, 2012 12:48 pm

Name: Velette Sheheimnis (ve-let' shee-hime'-nis)
Gender: Female
Home planet: Tangea
Hair color: Light-ish brown with a reddish tint
Eye color: Gray-green
Skin color: Blue
Job: Agent for Zurg; replaced Warp after his imprisonment

Velette was born to a well-to do Tangean Royal family. She had a pretty-much perfect life until her family went on a vacation and had to cross over Zurgspace. Her family's ship malfunctioned and they crash-landed on Planet Z, destroying the ship and killing both her parents. Only she and her brother survived. They hid among the buildings of Planet Z for a few days, then they were discovered and chased by some hornets, who eventually forced her brother, already pretty much exhausted, to ghost into Planet Z. Panicked, he ghosted too far and ran out of energy before he could get to the surface. Velette has been unable to rescue him because Zurg has placed a ghost-proof force field around the place where her brother is stuck. The only reason Velette stays on Planet Z is because her brother is trapped inside it. Zurg has promised that he'll get him out if Velette becomes his agent for her whole life. Velette has been waiting for her training to be finished; that was why Zurg was so quiet for a year, and also why her brother isn't yet free. What Velette doesn't know is that her brother will never be gotten out. Zurg plans to keep her as his agent without risking her brother aiding her in escape.

Appearances: In my fic Decision
Pairings: Read it to find out. Smile

I also have a piece of music that I think is perfect for this character; though I don't sing along with it, here are some *tentative* lyrics:

I'm not afraid of the deep, deep darkness
I'm not afraid of losing the light

I'm swimming in the dark of the moon
Standing in the shadow of impending doom

I do want to use those last lyrics for something, but they don't really fit with the song. Oh well.

Here's the link:

It's the second down. My camcorder ran out of batteries, so it's cut short a couple seconds.



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