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Pick a Card, Any Card Empty Pick a Card, Any Card

Post by Alexa Sun Jun 17, 2012 4:00 pm

So, I happen to be very fond of playing cards... You know, like the cards you use for poker or solitaire or such, or even magic tricks! Part of this fondness involves finding what card could fit what person. Now, the reasoning behind what card fits what person varies between a lot of different reasons, such as personal preference or more symbolic attributes...

Such resources to find these attributes can be found at the following to websites (the ones I use most often for card association):
Playing Card Meanings
List of Playing Card Nicknames

And, so, being the huge BLoSC fan I am, I've been thinking about what cards could fit what characters. There's 52 cards in the average deck (53 counting the Joker (or 54 if you count the one colored, one monochrome found in some decks)). So, that leaves plenty of cards to assign to plenty of characters.

These are the characters I currently have cards for:

Buzz - King of Diamonds
Businessman, authoritative type, good protector and provider. – As a King, it implies a mature male. We all know how Buzz is the Pride of Star Command, being the best at stopping evil and saving the day. He's very by the book and strives to uphold laws.

Mira - Queen of Diamonds
Organized, efficient woman, practical and ambitious. – Not to imply Beer what with Buzz as the King of this suit (unless you ship Beer, then, by all means), but mainly as a fitting way to keep (most of) Team Lightyear together in a suit. Mira is very good at what she does, and she certainly is ambitious in proving herself as a Ranger and going beyond what standards Tangea believes she should follow. Also, she IS royalty, after all, and so a Queen is a good card for her.

Booster - Jack of Diamonds
Ambition without focus, sporty, lively youth. – Once again, this card and suit helps to keep Team Lightyear together (for the most part). Booster may not be a child, but he is youthful and full of energy. He strives to be the best Ranger he can, though he sometimes loses focus on what his job is about (such as when he lets his jealousy get the best of him).

XR – Seven of Hearts
Daydreaming, unrealistic expectations. – Lucky number seven (in the US, anyway. Can't speak for the rest of you), and part of the Hearts suit. Perfect to fit XR's penchant for gambling and his general "loving" personality. He really is unrealistic about his expectations, thinking that he could woo any woman and often trying odd schemes to make money quickly or make a name for himself in some way.

Ty – King of Hearts
Now, this one wasn't chosen because of the card's meaning, per se. Sure Ty is a very handsome bloke, and he seems to have a lot of fangirls right now, but that can be fleeting as times and opinions change. Instead, the reason for this association is because of the card's nickname: the Suicide King. Named for the fact that this is the only face card to hold his weapon behind his head, this King seems to have suicidal tendencies. This isn't to say that Ty will off himself anytime soon, but is instead a reference self-destructive ways. For example, his resentment and other menagerie of negative feelings back on Canis Lunis did help lead to getting bitten by NOS-4-A2 (those Buzz was also at fault there, you have to admit), which as we know caused his turn into a monster.

Fop – Six of Clubs
Successful outcome. – "What?! You gave Fop a card before ____?!" Yes, because this one was a request. There really isn't a more perfect card for this guy. He managed to be engaged to Mira just like he wanted, he passed her challenge of worth with flying colors, and turned out to be a spectacular Ranger, and he even managed to decide not to marry Mira in the end (even though the normal Tangean rules probably would have made him follow through with it). How much more successful can you get?

Zurg – Queen of Spades
Calculating, disciplined, logical, craves power. – I don't care what you might have to say about me giving a male character a feminine card; this meaning fits Zurg PERFECTLY. I shouldn't even have to explain how perfectly it fits him. And, the fact that Zurg wears something that could be called a dress is a bonus for picking a Queen for him, but the meaning is much more important.

Warp – Seven of Spades
Stealth in dealings. Betrayal by someone you trust. Minor theft. – Another fitting meaning for a character. Warp, of course, is great at being stealthy since he managed to keep it a secret for years that he works for Zurg. He was the trusted person that betrayed the galaxy, Star Command, and, most importantly, Buzz himself. The only thing that doesn't fit is the "minor theft" since we all know that Warp is more for grander heists.

NOS-4-A2 – Ace of Spades
This is another one who I chose a card for based on the card's nickname. Ace of Spades, famously known as the Death Card, fits NOS well considering all the robots he "killed", the destruction he brought, and considering his own death in the end, being one of the only characters to die and stay dead.

Evilyear – King of Spades
Authoritarian, cold, logical, stubborn, possibly ruthless. – Again, this card fits the character perfectly. The Evil Buzz Lightyear is all of this things and more. He's not only "possibly" ruthless, he is completely ruthless and nothing stand in his way from what he wants, and he wants to rule.

That's all I have so far. If you have any other suggestions for who could have what card and why, leave a comment in this thread! I'd love to see it and I'd love to have a full deck of BLoSC playing cards (well, in a sense)!



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Pick a Card, Any Card Empty Re: Pick a Card, Any Card

Post by Rook Mon Jun 18, 2012 8:54 am

Norbert Q. Klerm - Jack of Spades
Immature, cold, bossy, delinquent or gang leader – This seems to fit this evil-overlord wannabe to a tee. Compared to others in positions of evil power, he's a basically a fourth rate delinquent with delusions of standing.

Grubs and Brainpods - Eight of Spades
Fear of leaving a bad situation, Imprisonment military life – For most of them at any rate, they're too scared to leave Zurg because he'll kill them if they get caught deserting his ever growing war machine against the galaxy.

Romac - Six of Hearts
Holding onto the past memories, Renewing an old friendship – He still carries a torch for Mira, and he did say that someday he hoped to win her back. And apparently this is the Loyalty at the Risk of Death card, which alludes to him staying behind to give Mira and her team a chance to escape Zurg. Hope he made it out in one piece.

That's what I've got so far.



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Pick a Card, Any Card Empty Re: Pick a Card, Any Card

Post by Mod Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:54 pm

I've got some cards up my sleeve. xD

Savy SL2-Jack of Diamonds
Ambition without focus, sporty, lively youth.-When we first meet Savy, she has a goal in mind: to avenge her parents by destroying NOS-4-A2. However, she was not without a focus, as in she did not have a clear plan of where to find him and destroy him. She jumped in without thinking first, which makes her a very spirited and stubborn young girl. She is also a pretty athletic girl, able to move at a rapid pace to keep up with anyone or anything.

Dr. Ozma Furbanna-Queen of Clubs
Ambitious, good head for business, self interests come first-Ozma fits the bill on this one because we can see she is VERY ambitious about preserving and protecting the animals and their habitats from poachers. She knows what she needs to do to take care of them, and will do her job well, regardless of anyone or anything that gets in her way. She loves her business, and she usually has a pretty good head about it. This may make her seem selfish, but to her, she believes that animals are worth saving, and loves them as if they were her own children.

That's all I've got for now! ^^



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Pick a Card, Any Card Empty Re: Pick a Card, Any Card

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