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Anton (Anti-nos)

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Anton (Anti-nos) Empty Anton (Anti-nos)

Post by Pythonmelon Sun May 13, 2012 7:18 am

Name: Anton (short for Anti-Nos-4-a2)

Age: physical- three, mental- twenty-four

Species: energy vampire

Family: Nos-4-a2 (brother) Evil Emperor Zurg (stepfather, in a sense)

Appearance: he bears a great resemblance to his brother, with some variation. His monocle is on the left side of his face, and he has no goatee etched into his chin. His hair is in a v-part and colored blue, with layers on the sides. His tongue is silver and not forked. His upper body is darker red than his brothers and is painted so that he looks like he is wearing a vest. He also has a gold arrow pointing down on his lower body. His cape is dark blue and has coat tails. He also has non- retractable black and silver mesh wings.

Favorite color: Black

Favorite food: energy

Personality: He is a rather outgoing character and a bit of a /fail/ fighter. He is a bit of a ladies man and prefers organic women over machines. He does not have any desire or real ability to fall in love though. He also has some insecurity about taking off his cape, because he feels ‘nude’. He has a simple yet complex world view that ‘everything will be fine with planning’. This makes him think things through quickly but thoroughly. He is about equal with his brother when it comes to how evil they are, but his strong and slightly vulgar sense of humor makes him seem like less of threat, so he is ignored for the most part. He has a bad habit of cursing for no good reason.
Back story: He was actually one of the earlier designs for nos-4-a2 and put into a prototype, but he was never completed or activated. After Nos turned on Zurg he was completed as a security device. Zurg planned to use him to ‘fight fire with fire’ and Anton had no will of his own. Soon a rogue brain pod gave him a real personality and used Anton as a distraction while he escaped. The energy vampire commenced wreaking havoc on a small part of the planet before escaping.

picture (based on nos screenshots) :
Anton (Anti-nos) More_a12



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