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Taylor Starsprinter

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Taylor Starsprinter Empty Taylor Starsprinter

Post by Stomper1232 Wed May 02, 2012 1:09 pm

Name: Taylor C. Starsprinter
Age: 33
Weight: 120
Gender: Female
Home Planet: Mars
Personalty: Kind, Skilled, Brave
Occupation: Space Ranger for Star Command and Co pilot for Brady Stormkeeper's team.
Friends: Brady Stromkeeper (He can get on her nerves sometimes), Chelsea Speedchaser, Chris Speedchaser, and Mckenzie Zathura
Enemies: Zurg's army

Back story: When she was younger she wanted to be a traveler but after finding out that Zurg killed her parents, she changed her mind and became a space ranger for Star Command. She has a good relationship with several other space rangers, but she doesnt care much for the Recovery space rangers (like most normal rangers), and her team captain, Brady Stormkeeper can get on her nerves sometimes. (Like the rest of her team)



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