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The First Memories and Birth of NOS-4-A2

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The First Memories and Birth of NOS-4-A2 Empty The First Memories and Birth of NOS-4-A2

Post by TheLonelyWitch22 Fri Apr 13, 2012 1:53 pm

Title: The First Memories and Birth of NOS-4-A2
Author: TheLonelyWitch22
Fandom: BLoSC
Character(s) / Pairing(s): NOS-4-A2, Zurg, Grubs, Brain Pods
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,711
Warning(s): None
Disclaimer: Disney/Pixar
Summary: Just as the title says, this is when Nos comes online for the very first time

Zurg let out a round of uncontrolled laughter as he stared down at his newest creation. Around him Grubs trembled and Brain pods watched from the other side of the room. Normally, as the science's of Planet Z, they were in control of inventing new weapons and gadgets. Once in a while Zurg would put the Grubs in control in inventing but he learned a long time ago it was a bad idea.

"Finally, my greatest weapon ever built is finished! There is no way Lightyear will win this time." Zurg laughed some more. He raised his hands into the air and lightening seemed to appear out of nowhere.

"That's what you say every time." Brain pod 15 spoke out. Zurg spun around and pointed a metal finger at the brain alien.

"Quiet you. This time it will work. I'm sure of it." Zurg responded as he turned back around to stare down at the weapon.

On the operation table laid Zurg's newest creation, a robot to be more specific. Although it wasn't just any robot and nowhere near being just another hornet. The robot's head was a slivery-blue and was triangle shaped. It's left eye was big and red with a yellow outside ring; which made it look like a monocle while the right eye was hidden but it's eyelid. At the top of the robot's head was a patch of purple to resemble hair. The robot's neck was thin and matched the color of the head. The color of the body was a dark red with yellow around the waist but it went unseen as the cape Zurg gave the bot hid the body. The robot had no legs but a hover system instead.

This robot was special, one of a kind in the whole galaxy. The reason for this was because this robot was build to drain electronic and robotic energy. This robot was a robotic, energy vampire complete with fangs in his mouth. Zurg build the robot in order to destroy Star Command for once and for all. He built the robotic vampire with a special feather; once the robot bit something electronic he could have complete control of it.

"Now, live LIVE my creation! I give you life!" Zurg shouted dramaticly, raising his hands in the air as lightening once again appeared. Then, apparently calmer, he lowered his arms.

Reaching over to the small tray at his side, Zurg grabbed a large triple A battery. With his other hand, Zurg pulled on the robot's chin, forcing the mouth opened. With the silver fangs reviled, the evil emperor forced the battery against one of the top fangs. The fang proved sharper than it looked and it sliced right through the battery. Zurg had to jerk his hand away quickly as sparks flew from the battery and the emperor watched in excitement as his creation began to twitch.

"Yes, It's working, it's working. Hahahahahah!" Zurg laughed evilly as the left eye of the robot lit up and the right eye began to open. Zurg began to tap his fingers together in excitement as the robot's jaw snapped down on the battery before it was swallowed it whole.

Using it's clawed hands to push himself up, which were red but blue from the elbow down, the robot began to look around at his surroundings. Everything had a red tint to it and it wasn't just him. Even though he could only see shades of red from his left eye, the robot could see different colors through his other eye. For example the first thing his attention was drawn to was a creature standing close by, wearing purple robes and mask like head with huge, green tinted teeth.

"Where am I? Who are you?" The robotic vampire asked in a male, British accent. Zurg held out his hand onto his chest in a gesture.

"Why I am your creator of course. I am Evil Emperor Zurg and you, my dear energy vampire, will be called Nos-4-A2." Zurg said in a pleased tone while he pointed one of his fingers at the robot. The robot, newly named Nos-4-A2, crossed his arms over his chest, causing his cape to open and show his body.

"What kind of name is that?" Nos-4-A2 asked, seeming less than pleased by his new name. Zurg waved his hand as if he was dismissing the subject.

"It's the name I picked for you. You'll get used to it soon enough. Now as for where you are this is one of my science rooms, or in your case, delivery room." Zurg turned his back on the robot with another round of insane laughter. Nos-4-A2 slid off the operation table and his anti-gravitational system kicked in.

"Is that supposed to be organic humor?" Nos-4-A2 asked, a hint of annoyance in his voice while crossing his arms again. Zurg waved his hand in dismissal again as he led the energy vampire to another corner of the room.

"Oh have a sense of humor, why don't you?" Zurg complained as he neared a group of Brain pods which were working on something unseen. Nos scoffed as he looked off to the side.

"Maybe you should have programmed me with one." He said with a smug smirk. Zurg sighed and shook his head slowly.

"Children, they always tend to disappoint you." The evil emperor mumbled to himself, so low that Nos-4-A2 didn't hear him. As the two got closer to the Brain pod aliens, the pair noticed that the aliens were working on a large green box.

Although Nos-4-A2 was much more focused on the Brain pods rather than the large box. The energy vampire could feel a tingle in his throat and his fangs seemed to sizzle with electricity. Even though he was a few minutes old, he could already recognize the feeling as hunger. Something in his motherboard was telling him what he had to do to satisfied hungry; just bite the robotic suit and absorb it's energy.

Before he could realize what he was doing, Nos was slowly sneaking up to Brain pod 17 for an attack. Although the brain alien seemed to notice that the robot was behind him when the shadow cast him in darkness. Turning around slowly, Brain pod 17 saw the energy vampire about to attack. Shrieking in fear the Brain pod dove behind Zurg to hide.

"Hey, what do you think you are doing!" Zurg demanded annoyingly as the Brain pod clung to his purple robe. The alien could only shake in fear as he lifted a robotic arm and pointed.

Zurg turned to see that Nos-4-A2 was baring his fangs with a growl. His left eye glowed a bright red and made it shine on the Brain pod. The robotic suit that housed the Brain pod began to twitch violently under the stress of Nos-4-A2 trying to take control over it and the brain alien himself trying to keep control. Understanding what was happening, Zurg stepped to the side so the Brain pod was completely hidden.

"Now now, Nos-4-A2, I know you must be really hungry. However I happen to need my Brain pods and can't have you killing them. Have a hornet instead." Zurg scolded before he gestured to a near by yellow robot. Nos-4-A2 hissed a bit in anger but quickly lunged towards the yellow robot.

The poor, stupid robot didn't even have time to twitch before it was tackled and bitten by Nos-4-A2. In a quickened pace, as he felt starved, Nos drained the robot's energy dry in the matter of moments. In a fit of feeling powerful, the energy vampire dropped the now dead robot and flew up to the ceiling of the room. Laughing like a madman, red wings popped out of the robot's back and electric lightening filled the room.

"Well, Evil Emperor Zurg, you actually did a really good job." Brain pod 15 complemented as he and the others watched the robotic vampire fly around the room. Zurg himself had tears of joy escape his eyes before he turned to glare at the Brain pod.

"Of course I did a good job, who said I couldn't?" The cyborg man demanded. The alien held out his arms as he rolled backwards, holding out the robotic suit arms in defense.

"No one, Evil Emperor Zurg. Forgive me." Brain pod 15 bowed in respect before wheeling himself away. Watching the alien retreat, Zurg just waved it off to deal with it later and looked back up at his wonderful creation.

"Nos-4-A2, I have a mission for you." Zurg called out, wagging his finger as if calling to a pet. Noticing his creator calling for him, the energy vampire swooped down and stopped right in front of Zurg.

"Ah, yes, to take control of Star Command and destroy it. It's all in my motherboard. But how do you expect me to get there?" The vampire asked, crossing his arms over his chest while his wings disappeared. Chuckling, Zurg gestured to the green box which now had the words Nos-4-A2 on the side.

"Why in your coffin of course. You don't have to worry about a single thing, I have everything planed out. All you have to do is wait inside until Lightyear takes you onto his ship. There will even be a small robot for you to play with." Zurg began to laugh evilly as one of the Brain pods opened the cover lid for Nos-4-A2. The vampire wasted no time in climbing into the coffin and sitting on the soft bedding.

"Lovely." Nos-4-A2 chuckled softly while laying on his back. Zurg stood over the coffin as he took another glance at his creation.

"Have a good trip. Oh and I apologize in advance for any damage you might get from a rough ride." Zurg waved as the coffin lid was shut before Nos could make a reply. The robotic vampire rolled his own eye as he allowed himself to get comfortable.

Knowing it would be pointless to try to do anything else, Nos-4-A2 allowed himself to sleep. Only to be woken up as a great deal of energy entered the coffin and to be woken up again when he sensed a little robot alone in the room with him.



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