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Warp Darkmatter

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Warp Darkmatter Empty Warp Darkmatter

Post by Steel Thu Mar 29, 2012 1:00 pm


Name: Warp Darkmatter

Age: Somewhere in his early forties.

Species: Unknown; blue-skinned humanoid, probably closely related to humans.

Appearance: 5'8'' (based on these two screen comparisons). Possesses dark blue hair, with a chin-strip beard, sideburns, and short hair. Has large eyes with a yellow tinge to them and has sharp, squarish features. Is also broad-shouldered and muscular, and possesses a cybernetic right arm with four claws that can morph into an array of weapons.

Personality: Warp is a man primarily driven by greed and vices. When given a choice, he will ultimately side with what is more profitable, or whatever will flaunt his abilities and prowess, especially to the ladies. He likes being in the lime-light and tends to be over-confident to the point of arrogance. To him, money is power. And the one who holds the most power in the galaxy is Zurg. (You can see where this is going already.) Power and money are what he believes in, and he loves to flaunt both.

Otherwise, he's quick with his tongue, being good at making jokes, quipping, and being sarcastic on a whole. He likes confrontation and won't hesitate to get in your face to rustle your jimmies (unless you're Zurg because, you know, he's his boss and can kill him at any given notice) or even flirt with the ladies in order to get what he wants.

Underneath all that, he might have a conscience... somewhere buried real deep inside. Somewhere where not even he knows it's buried. You know, the one hidden behind not being able to drive with a stick or busting Natron's butt to get his youth back. Who knows?

Background: Not much is known about Warp and his past. For unknown reasons he signed up at Star Command to become a Space Ranger in his early twenties, but quickly realised that Zurg's way was the profitable way. During his Academy years while he trained alongside Buzz Lightyear, Warp readily smuggled for the Evil Emperor and enjoyed the privileges of having money to spend when others like Lightyear were stuck poring over books. Being one of Star Command's finest while being on Zurg's payroll at the same time allowed Warp all the privileges of a Ranger as well as some extra cash to shell on the side for personal endeavours.

Somewhere in his forties, during the events that involved kidnapped LGMs, the Unimind, and Zurg attempting to enslave the galaxy, Warp feigned his own death, acquired a cybernetic arm, and joined Zurg's side as "Agent Z", officially becoming his right-hand man. Buzz meddling revealed Warp's alter ego, and when the Unimind was reclaimed by Star Command, Warp was taken into custody.

An unspecified time afterwards, Warp was released (how, no one knows) and openly went about Zurg's evil biddings without using the Agent Z persona. Some of his accomplishments include hacking into Capital Planet's mainframe computer, smuggling, and always being second-best when compared to Lightyear.

He lives on his own moon, lavishly decorated and reeking of opulence, biding his time (and avoiding work) until Zurg requires his services.

Strengths: Even without the added firepower his cybernetic arm gives him, Warp has always been a instinctive and vicious fighter, able to match and sometimes beat Buzz in fighting skills, despite always being considered second-best. Although not the smartest or cleverest, he's quick-thinking in a fight and can outsmart his opponents with almost child-like ease. He's also a really great actor. He had Star Command fooled for nearly twenty years, after all!

His right arm morphs into a flame-thrower and a laser cannon, as well as can be used to cut through glass cleanly, and toss magnetic grapple hooks to stop a fall or latch on to something like a ship. He can even remove his arm and replace it with some other arm-like gun fairly easily, if he wanted to. He also has a jetpack that enables him to fly both in air and space, as well as an array of weapons and blasters. He also has his own spaceship complete with an auto-pilot, and has fairly good piloting skills.

Weaknesses: He's not very good at making plans, let alone following orders, but he does follow Zurg's orders because, you know, strict failure-means-death policy. His lack of knowledge in some areas lands him in tight spots sometimes, as well as his not-thinking-before-he-acts attitude. His over-confidence has botched things up on numerous occasions, but that doesn't stop him from continuing to be over-confident.

He is first and foremost a man, which means he has urges he will sometimes act upon if he thinks he can get away with it. He also enjoys a good drink and loves to party and spend his money, so if you promise him a good time, he'll be on for the ride.

Sometimes, he has doubts. But these are very rare and few in-between, and he keeps them very well hidden. After all, he is a good actor.

World: Unknown.

Other: I'm thinking of playing him out canonly first and see where that takes me. Warp always struck me as a very stubborn kind of guy, so if he is to ever return to the side of good, he'll need a lot of convincing.


It was a day like any other day on Warp’s private moon—well, almost. He was reclining on a beach chair nearby his pool, sipping a Tangearine Twist. The artificial sun’s rays fell down upon his bare legs, but he had an umbrella set up nearby and sunglasses to ward off most of the light. Well, it’s not like you’d actually see a sun when you looked up; all you’d see would be the stark blackness of space and the faint hint of a dome overhead. Still, Warp liked living in a bubble like this, and the view was clear—but he had his eyes set on a different kind of view at the moment...

The dark-skinned woman was all curves, the bikini she was wearing accenting everything and leaving very little to the imagination. Warp was careful about staring, however. Women didn’t like being stared at directly, but he sure looked whenever she took a dive or turned her back to him. And the view from behind wasn’t that bad, either~

He spotted her swim over to the water’s edge and climb out, admiring the water beads sliding off her form for a moment from behind his sunglasses. He hid a smirk behind one last sip from his drink before placing it on a hovering table beside him just as the woman reached his side.

“Your pool’s totally amazing,” she gushed, taking her own drink from the disc and taking a sip. The Astro Blaster, it was called, and it sure sparkled like it was full of stars too despite the light green look to it.

Warp admired her profile for a while, smirking. “What can I say? The job pays off,” he drawled, shrugging as he placed the sunglasses over his forehead to get a better look at her. “And you look like you were made for it, Vicki.”

Vicki Vortex, spokesmodel extraordinaire, grinned down at him, settling down on the seat beside him as she stretched out her legs and dabbed at her face with a fluffy white towel. “Always the charmer, aren’t you, Warpster?”

“Well, you know me.” He shrugged. “If I see a beautiful dame against a beautiful backdrop, why, I just fall in love with the entire ensemble.”

“You sure know what to say to a girl to make her feel special.” Vicki stretched out upon the chair and took another slow slip from her drink. A trail of liquid trickled down her neck and Warp moistened his lips. “Unlike your boss. Always kept going on and on about his evil inventions and exploits... such a drag.”

Warp snorted, rolling sideways to face her as he propped himself up with his flesh-and-blood hand. “Zurg is a special kind of guy.” He tapped his temple with a claw. “He’s not too... familiar with pleasing the ladies, if you catch my drift.”

Vicki giggled and put her drink aside. “Wait, so... he likes guys? Guh-rooooooss!” She made a face and rolled over to face Warp. “Unless they’re, like, lathered in oil and wrestling, you know...” She shot him a coy smile.

Warp coughed, shivering. Ugh, just the mental image of his employer... no, no thanks, pass over the brain bleach, please. “I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like girls or guys. He’s just a strange dish like that.” But he caught her smile and grinned right back. “I think I’ve got a bottle of oil lying around, if you want to help me—”

Unfortunately, the pinging sound in the background alerted Warp to a much undesired presence. It cut off the jazz music and the name that flashed on the screen was red and consisted of four letters. It didn’t take a genius to guess who it was on the other end.

“Ah, craters, it’s Zurg!”

“I heard that, Darkmatter,” the voice snapped on the other end. Sure enough, Zurg’s face appeared on the screen. He looked around, spotted Vicki, then slowly looked back at Warp, eyes narrowing. “So, this is what you call being busy, hmmm?”

Warp chuckled weakly, sitting up better and crossing his legs. “Well, you know, Big Z. Time management isn’t one of my best skills...”

Zurg just gave him a look. “I have half a mind to comment on what your skills are but I’d rather not dirty my mouth.” Oh, burn. Warp concealed a wince and wished he had a mute button for times like these. He glanced at Vicki, who was pointedly rolled over to look away from the screen.

“Anyway... I have an assignment for you. And no, it can’t wait. Senator Hammerhold’s entourage has just left Rhizome and is heading back to Capital Planet. I want you to... intercept them. You know the drill.”

Oh, craters. Warp sure knew the drill, all right. And with such an opportune moment, of course he had to strike now. How many minutes did he have? If they just left Rhizome, he had a few hours to spare...

“I see the gears turning in your head, Warpster,” he threatened, his voice dropping a few octaves. Don’t be late.”

Warp cast a longing look at Vicki, who still had her back to him and the vid-machine, then grumbled, “Yes, Evil Emperor.”

“Good. I expect a status report in two hours.” And as quickly as Zurg had called in, he was just as quick to leave.

Warp ran his hands through his hair with a heavy sigh. Ugh, no fair. Just once, just once, he wanted to have a decent day off. Was that too much to ask? And Zurg just had to call when Warp had managed to bag the most eligible model in the galaxy too. Crater-flipping-terrific.

“Guess I gotta go, babe. Duty calls.” He sure didn’t feel like serving today, though. Ugh, just. Ugh.

Vicki rolled back around to face him, jutting out her lower lip. Cosmos, she looked so kissable when she pouted. “We didn’t even go out tonight like you said we would,” she said petulantly.

Warp had to admit he didn’t like it when her voice took on that tone, but he used the frown that appeared on his face to feign anger at Zurg at the sudden assignment—which wasn’t all that far from the truth. “Yeah, well, I value my skin. And when he says now, he means it. You don’t wanna get it on with a corpse, do you?”

She grinned in spite of herself, sitting up and wrapping the towel around her shoulders. “That would so not fly,” she agreed, getting up to her feet.

Warp followed suit and kissed her, which she reciprocated eagerly, pressing against him as he held her close and brushed his fingers against her cheek. She made a little swooning sound before they broke apart. Yes, Warp knew just what the ladies liked.

“C’mon, let’s get ready. I’ll drop you off at the next available wormhole. And look on the bright side... we’ll still have some time to ourselves in the ship.” He grinned almost wolfishly down at her.

“Hmhmhm! I like the sound of that!” she chuckled, tracing his beard with a finger. “Will it involve... oil?”

“Oh, you bet it will...”


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