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MINERVA4.0 (Minerva Sparkstar)

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MINERVA4.0 (Minerva Sparkstar) Empty MINERVA4.0 (Minerva Sparkstar)

Post by TyFan10o3 Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:00 pm


Name: MINERVA4.0 (known as Minerva Sparkstar to her close family and friends on her homeworld)
Age: 34, but due to the cybernetics will always look 28.
Species: Spiritoian. (see post in world-building section for more)
Appearance: Teryllium-carbonic alloy outer shell that protects her cybernetics and remaining body parts, bright blue synthetic hair, bright blue optics with black on dark blue irises, wears a special space suit that was made to work with her body design.
Personality: Very kind, caring, good-hearted and determined to win any fight she gets into if it means taking some serious damage. If she does happen to lose, she can really lose her temper and be in a bad mood for a good few days before she can cool her anger.
Background: MINERVA grew up on a neutral planet that didn't believe in fighting, but she loved it with a burning passion and made it her dream to join Star Command and defend her system and the universe at any cost. At first her parents, Allieda and Rukos Sparkstar, were a bit uncomfortable with the thought of their beautiful girl going to fight evil and possibly losing her life but after a few years they finally accepted that this was what she wanted to do and encouraged her in anyway possible. Many others of their kind weren't too keen on it but they weren't the ones to discourage, though they thought it was due to the fact she was born with black hair which was considered taboo to their culture.

Growing into her teen years, MINERVA soon fell in love with a guy that was born with the same hair color that she was and understood that were somewhat outsiders. But he began to get corrupted by his own weird evil and tried to get her under that same influence but she soon found out what he was trying to do and broke up with him right away, her determination to be a Space Ranger keeping her strong and focused.

Leaving him in the past, she became a young adult and eligible for the Academy, passing with an almost perfect score. So packing her things MINERVA said good-bye to her family and friends and headed off to her training, graduating with the knowledge on how to keep the universe safe and fight like her life depended on it.

Working hard and doing her best, the young Spiritoian woman rose to the rank of captain and got her own team, all males that respected her the way a captain is respected, and all four were quickly fast friends always depending on one another to get the job done right the first time. And this was something that they were going to seriously need when one day during a routine mission the team was suddenly ambushed out of the blue and were getting hit very badly taking out their weapons and no way for the good guys to return fire. Soon, the unknown enemy disappeared leaving the star cruiser to explode on its own. With systems failing fast the four defenders were trying to make an escape, but due to a seatbelt malfunction MINERVA was stuck and getting injured worse by the minute. Before she could die and burn to ashes, one of her teammates came back just in time to sever the restraint, pull his captain in his arms and get out and away just as the ship went up.

However, the damage was done as her right leg, left arm, the skin and major muscles of her neck save for the muscles that controlled her voice, and the top half of her face including her eyes. Transporting the victim back to her homeworld, there was the debate of simply letting her go but the planet's top scientists had developed a new way to absorb the energy of the stars and could be used to power a new body for her, one that could be constructed by them to help save MINERVA's life. Her parents quickly agreed to the procedure wanting to see their daughter not pass on to the heavens above.

Getting to work right way, the men of science created the new cybernetic limbs, her new right leg getting a pop-out blaster holster ,and replacement organs, muscles and tendons for what had been destroyed as well as a CPU to run all the installed hardware that was implanted into one-half of her brain, where they made the permanent mistake of "erasing" her concept of fear and what it means. She was still able to make the emotion but she wouldn't be able to understand what she expressing on her face. That and blocking a lot of her memories about what happened during the accident. Then came the most important parts: two panels that were designed similarly to look like solar panels but were programmed with every star chart imaginable and were able to capture the energy of the stars, one of the greatest developments the race had ever made. With everything in place, the teryllium-carbonic alloy shell, this batch of the metal specially remolecularized to move like skin, was put into place on top and sealed which was fitted with a full head of bright blue"hair" which was actually made with synthetic-like fibers to simulate what regular hair would look and feel like. She was also given a set of spine-shaped wings that looked like they could belong to a futuristic angel.

Before activating the rebuilt Spiritoian the scientists made several test runs of the stellar panels to make sure that they were performing at peak levels and wouldn't malfunction on MINERVA. Once the results were confirmed, they charged the energy cells to 100% and powered the young cyborg woman up. When things leveled out, she slowly opened her optics and looked around seeing that she was in one of Spiritos Prime's science labs then noticed that her hand wasn't looking like it was supposed to be. Looking over and eying a mirror hanging on the wall she noticed her new reflection for the first time and nearly freaked at the sight, instantly experiencing what her saviors had messed up. She really had a hard time trying to figure out what she was expressing but luckily the group of brilliant men and women were right there telling her what had happened and what they did to help her see another day. After that, she calmed down immensely and was put through a six-month physical therapy to get her used to the new body and what she could do.

Finally, after a nearly-insane wait, MINERVA4.0, the number her choosing to make her new name sound not so boring, was allowed to return to duty once she was cleared to work again. After arriving at Star Command, she was saddened to learn that her team was disbanded due to the her unknown return. In the meantime, she was assigned to Team Lightyear until a new team could be made for her command once again.
Strengths: Has a strategic streak about her. After all she was the reigning Spiritos Chess League champ three years running. Also quite resourceful when need be in case low on something needed she can improvise if need be. Luckily, her metal body not hindering it, she is quite agile and was part of a gymnastics team back home for a few years. MINERVA is quite graceful on a bar.
Weaknesses: Probably the biggest weakness would be her stellar panels that is the source of her power. Next would be her wings, her number one mode of transportation. Then it would be her hindering of not being able to understand what fear means, her distraction of trying to understand what she is expressing making her not realize what's happening around her at the current moment.
World: Spiritos Prime, Star Command, Capitol Planet
Other: None.


With the way MINERVA was working, she had definitely worked up enough furlough time to take off for her people's annual three-day celebration known as the Festival of Life that honored their ancestors as they built their civilization up and what they had made in advancements to their society during the past year. She remembered when the scientists were credited with saving her life and their demonstrations that they had set up to show their revolutions in star power and the use of stellar panels.

As she arrived the day before the beginning of the festivities, she was greeted by her parents Allieda and Rukos who were glad to see their girl again after so long. After all three got home and had a good meal the close-knit family shared the stories of what happened that the other missed, going well into the night finally having to quit and say their good-nights wanting to be well-rested for the start of the festival.

The next morning, the trio of Sparkstars were up bright and early dressing in their jubilation garb and quickly making their way out the door and through the humongous crowds to the main plaza of the planet, where the cyborg's father was going to be sworn in as the new senator of Spiritos Prime. Making it just in time, the new Council of Spiritos greeted them warmly then watched as the parade came through with its huge floats, grand bands, and other things that make the march every year and once it was finished the Head Councilman introduced the new ambassador for the planet then let all of the Festival plans commence. Saying good-bye to her parents, the only Star Command Ranger to come from the civilization went about through the many booths and stands seeing what they offered, seeing little interest in what they had.

Moving off the main street and down a side one MINERVA couldn't help but feel that she was being followed by something but every time she would look behind her there would be nobody that she could see. After this was going on for a good two hours as she tried to dodge through several small parties, dances and vendor stands but yet whatever was following her continued the pursuit. Though she didn't noticed it, there were numerous oohs and ahhs aimed at the sky. Stopping once she realized it she focused her gaze and saw what everyone was gawking about.

It was the rare White Fire Phoenix, one the few species of bird that existed in the the system and was the only one to live on the the planet though no one knew where. As the majestic creature flew about the young metal woman could feel something connecting her to it, like it was saying that it wanted to show her something. When it departed, she took off down an alleyway, produced her own wings and took off after the winged wonder. It took a long while but the journey finally led her to a small cave on the shore of the upper end of the Sea of Spiritos Prime one that couldn't be easily seen by passerbys. Clinging onto the entrance the Ranger deactivated her mode of transportation and climbed inside coming out into a inside grotto-like area that had a small meadow with a single shaft of light coming form the ceiling that let the sunshine in surrounded by a small stream that flowed through the area.

Walking through the water and reaching the shore, MINERVA sank to her knees never knowing that something like this existed on the world's surface. As she looked around she heard the flapping of wings and noticed that the Phoenix had landed a few feet from her and was coaxing something out of a bushel of grass which popped out after a few tries. And the thing that had appeared was a little baby Phoenix not more than a few months old. The sight almost brought a tear to young woman's eye. The little one looking around a few times quickly saw the newcomer and made a couple of skittish steps then gathered the courage to approach the cyborg to put her hands down in front of it and after looking at them for a few minutes the chick hopped right in.

Slowly lifting her arms up the Spiritoian marveled the little guy as his surrogate mother watched from where she stood. When a few minutes of peace passed she spread her wings, took flight and landed on the officer's shoulder, reaching behind herself and plucking out one of her long tail feathers and sticking it in the outsider's synthetic hair. Realizing what the larger bird had done MINERVA understood what the Phoenix had wanted to show her: that she had been given a second chance and needed to live it to the fullest like the little one had been. Looking at great avian she whispered, "Thank you. For making me see the light."


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