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Princess-Ranger Mira Nova

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Princess-Ranger Mira Nova Empty Princess-Ranger Mira Nova

Post by Kat Eclipse Sun Mar 25, 2012 10:05 am


Name:Mira Nova


Species:Tangean Royal

Appearance:Tall, hourglass figure, with long red hair, crystal blue skin, and big bright cyan eyes...

Personality:Basic personality: She's a sassy princess-ranger who can think quickly on her feet, most likely has the most common sense of anyone of her team, and has a passion for being a ranger that could rival Buzz Lightyear's.

Quirks: On the surface she is quite confidant in herself, but deep down she's got a few deep rooted issues with her father and such, that cause her to waver on occasion (and by waver I mean babbling like there's no tomorrow, at the worst possible times). Also, she has the nervous habit of rubbing her arm when embarrassed or thinking hard.

Background:Family and Career: First (and only) child born to King Nova, Mira is next in line to the Tangean throne; but if she could, she would gladly deny the crown. Always being a bit a rebel, the last thing Mira wants is a stuffy life as Queen, and so when she saw the job of a ranger close up (when Zurg and his Hyper-Hornet attacked the palace) she was immediately intrigued. Against her father's wishes she enrolled at the Academy and soon became a space ranger, and apart of Team Lightyear.

Romantic Incounters: Mira's first love was with out a doubt, Romac, her being a Royal and him being a Grounder, they probably never would have met if Mira's hadn't run away when she was 15. They fell in love quickly, but alas it came to a quick end when Mira's father found out, she was forbidden from seeing Romac, and didn't see him again until a few months ago, when she was Space Ranger for Star Command, and he was a bounty hunter for Zurg....
She's also had a few crushes at Star Command, Flash Flemming (for about 5 seconds) and our own Captain Lightyear of course... (sorry to anyone who hates this pairing...I happen to like it XD)

Strengths:Being a Tangean Royal, Mira has the ability to 'ghost' herself and other things and people, through solid objects; another way of using her ghosting ability’s is a 'mind probe' to get information out of her enemies. She also has a vast knowledge of Star Command combat maneuvers.

Weaknesses:If she comes within a certain range of another type of Tangean (called 'Grounders') they cancel out each others mental powers. Also, using her powers constantly is a terrific energy drain, making her exhausted, or in extreme situations, black out.

World:uuummm...this one XD jk Tangea, and Star Command I guess....

Other:Ummm...can't think of anything.... ^.^


Mira sat up with a cry as she awakened from the nightmare. Her eyes darted around the room as she struggled to figure out where she was. The Tangean sighed with relief as she realized she was safe and sound in her team's cabin at Star Command. She hugged her knees to her chest, the moonlight framing her, as she listened to Booster's snore from his bunk across the cabin.

It had only been a week. The nightmares would go away....right?

They were always about the same thing... Zurg's army attacked Tangea, they destroyed the palace, multiple Grounder villages, and snuffed out countless lives.....but unfortunately the nightmare....had been real.

Team Lightyear had been working a double shift....again. Ever since war had been declared between the GA and Zurg Space a few months ago, the Universe Protection Unit had been spread thin, to say nothing of Star Command's rangers; so pretty much EVERYONE, from Generals to Cadets were out in the field pulling twice as much (or more) as their normal load. It was pushing everyone to their limits, but as long as it was working, the Galactic Senate wasn't budging.

“Buzz we've got a distress signal coming from....” Booster trailed off.
“What!?! Where is it ranger!” Buzz huffed impatiently.
XR peered over at Boosters control panel, then looked back and forth from Mira to Buzz and quietly filled in the blanks. “Tangea. Priority one call Buzz, coming from the palace.”
Mira's face was a flood of emotion for all of two seconds, then the mask of indifference, that came with being a princess, dropped firmly into place.

Mira shivered. The moment XR said Tangea her heart dropped down to her stomach, her resolve to keep strong in this war slipped for a split second, but then the princess took over. “Never let them see you waver Mira.....don't let them think you doubt yourself, even for a minute.” The words of her father rang in her head when ever she started to stumble, and she always managed to catch herself before she fell all the way.

She mentally slapped herself for her slip. Her team had noticed; the looks they were giving here told that much, she squared her shoulders.

“Booster, set a course for Tangea.”

The rest was a blur; they made it to Tangea, and were gunned down by Zurg's dreadnought. Shaken, but not injured, the crew made there way toward the palace.

As they walked, Booster edged his way toward Buzz as he continued scanning for Planet Z technology. “Buzz...” He whispered nervously. “I'm not picking up very much.”
“Good,” Buzz mumbled as he led the trek through Tangea's rain forest-like terrain. “The less of Zurg's toys we have to take down the easier this will be...”
“No, Buzz...” The Jo-Adian gulped, glancing back to make sure the princess wasn't listening, and quickly continued as she was arguing with XR (again). “I meant I'm not picking up much of anything! Zurg technology OR life reading of any kind....”

When they finally got there, all they could see was rubble and blood; the palace's anti-gravity field had been destroyed apparently, making the palace drop like a rock into who know how many pieces, on top of who knows how many people. And as they searched for survivors among the heaps of wreckage, Mira's heart pounded a mile a minute, hoping and praying that her father was alive and uninjured.

They did eventually find him, relatively uninjured, pinned under some beams; but devastation had been so great and the threat of another attack so imminent that King Nova and what remained of the royal council fled the planet and were now under the protective custody of the GA (much to their dismay).

And that brought Mira to where she was now; in her bunk on Star Command, soaked with sweat, shivering and willing the memory of the dead bodies to vanish....she moved to get up when a voice stopped her.

“Mira?” Buzz asked sleepily, glancing over at the clock. “It's 2am, what are you doing up?”

“I was just going for some water,” She tried to keep her voice from cracking as she responded. “Sorry, didn't mean to wake you.”

“I know about the nightmares.” He stated quietly.

She gave him a questioning look.

“I'm not as hard a sleeper as you might think.” He supplied. “You know, it's not something you should keep bottled up.” He hesitated, watching for her reaction.

Her face stayed solemn.

He sighed before continuing. “This kind of thing happens to all rangers, it's an occupational hazard, sooner or later a mission hits home, literally or figuratively.” He took a deep breath. “I speak from experience...”

She nodded, knowing the havoc Warp's betrayal had wreaked on Buzz.
“But the last thing you want to do is close up.” He walked over to her and perched on the edge of the mattress. “It's not healthy, and beside......this team is never gonna let you feel alone, you've always got a family in us.”

And that did it. Broke down Mira's last barrier, and it all came out in a flood of tears.

Her sobs woke Booster and XR, and the two of them and Buzz spent the rest of the night comforting her....

And even after the war was long over, and the life lead each member down different paths, they were always there for each other when it counted.

When Warp came back to Star Command...

When Booster's grandpa had a stroke.....

When Command Nebula passed away...

When Mira miscarried her first baby.....

For everything there is a season....

And for every season they were a family....

((note: i shall add more color in the RP it's self (so bring sunglasses Wink ) , just didn't want to do it right now *coughlazycough* XD))


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