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The Spiritoians

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The Spiritoians Empty The Spiritoians

Post by TyFan10o3 Thu Mar 22, 2012 8:27 pm

(Here is my fanrace, all set nice and pretty!)

Spiritos Quadrant
Planets: Spiritos Prime, Major, and Minor

The quadrant of Spiritos is a small one, consisting of only three planets: Spiritos Prime, Major and Minor. Prime is the main hub for the species' tourist attractions, research centers, historical archives, and getaway spots. The planet from orbit looks like the pattern of a baseball with one part land and the other a single body of water. Major holds the agriculture of the quadrant with its make-up being the land in the shape of two four-pointed stars and the rest water. Minor carries the industrial plants with one half land and the other water with several islands dotted here and there. Each of these worlds depend on each other for their leading exports for the race to live in harmony.

The Spiritoian race has been around as close to the beginning of the universe, according to the earliest history logs the race came about over a thousand years after the start of the galaxy. The people are somewhat of an immortal race, but they can still die like other races. Their ability to live so long is quite a mystery, especially to them, and it's one they have been trying to solve to this very day. It is a neutral race, one not entirely concerned with trying to be good or evil. With a bit of convincing, and some suggestive dealing, they were made part of the Galactic Alliance and were allowed to be neutral out of proper respect. The Spiritoians value the meaning of life and death very seriously, seeing their spirits and lives connected to the stars above and taking on the tradition of putting some form of 'star' in either their first or last name. With their advancements in science, math, and calculation they are considered one of the most advanced races in the galaxy. They do consider fighting, battles and wars insignificant and view it as trival, something that wasn't worth the time to spend.

As for the characteristics of the people, they all have pale skin, small to medium built skeletal structures, and their hair color is either blue, white, or silver. Black is never seen due to its rarity in the gene pool. However it is seen as a taboo or a sign of doom. If someone is born with this hue, they were considered to grow up to be different from others in society, to act unlike the others of their kind. So far, only two have been born with black hair: Minerva Sparkstar (now MINERVA4.0) and Moistar Knightscar*. And these two were quite the polar opposites. But more on them later. With each person they are given a distinctive tattoo when they are of age, to show they have passed through a hardship young in life and know the meaning of life and death itself.

Their clothing and appearance are quite original. They wear tunics, dresses, vests, pants, and jackets with scarf accents, usually features a triangular shape, to represent the three worlds, and comes in the colors of white and pale blues, greens, and purples. Their hair is adorned with beads, scarves, and the occasional feather of the rare White Fire Phoenix that is said to reside only in a remote location of Spiritos Prime and appears once a year for three days only. During special occasions they flip the look a bit and wear almost gothic-like clothing in colors of black, red, dark purple (not Zurg-purple, just to clarify), dark blue, and dark green.

Once a year a three-day festival is held (the same three days the Phoenix appears), known as the Festival of Life in which they celebrate their culture and very existence. During the festivities there are numerous parties, musical performances by the civilization's best musicians, scientific demonstrations, and other sorts of celebrations. As always, a large parade starts things off and traverses through the main streets of Prime and ends in the main plaza where the Council of Spiritos lets the Festival to commence. At the end of the third day a super-sized wedding concludes everything and for the chosen couple all the expenses are paid for.

Speaking of the government, there is not one established but instead it is a group of civilians that is rotated out every four months so that one group doesn't stay in control for too long. After joining the Alliance, they decided to elect a senator to go back and forth between planets and were to be the ambassador for three years, one to symbolize each of the three worlds in the system.

*profile will be up soon
(if anything needs to be clarified, please let me know!)



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