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The Obsydorans

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The Obsydorans Empty The Obsydorans

Post by Senior Doctor Thalassi Mon Feb 13, 2012 3:19 am

Yes, yes, another fan-species. Don't worry, I have actual fan-characters, and I'll be getting them up...eventually.

A small planet near the reaches of known space. It is a very active planet, though not as active as Sentilla 6, with chains of volcanoes lining its surface. The flora consists primarily of hardy fungi and mosses, and the fauna tend to have thick, almost rock like skin and appendages for defense and camouflage.

The dominant species are the Obsydorans, basically eight-foot-tall bipedal rock armadillos with long slightly conular ears, thick blunt claws, saber canines, and an ankylosaur-like tail with a bone club on the end. They can curl up into a ball, the armor on their back and limbs locking together like a puzzle and making them look like large boulders. They live in small migratory tribes, with the strongest Obsydoran acting as leader. Though just starting to establish their civilization and culture, they are quick learners, able to speak broken Basic after only a few days of listening (due to the shape of their jaws and tongues, broken is the most fluently they can speak Basic).

Some of the animals they hunt include gorge bats, large flying animals with long stinger-tipped tails; boulder beasts, stocky, heavily-armored pig-like animals whose main method of defense is stampeding and trampling the threat; and rockdads, 20-foot crustaceans with claws that can crush most metals (these are usually reserved for rites of adulthood).
Senior Doctor Thalassi
Senior Doctor Thalassi



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The Obsydorans Empty Re: The Obsydorans

Post by Ranger-Nova Fri Feb 17, 2012 7:10 am

I like it. It looks like you've put a lot of thought into this species. I'm really looking forward to seeing your work. Smile



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