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The Boxer [September 2007]

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The Boxer [September 2007] Empty The Boxer [September 2007]

Post by levy120 Tue Jan 24, 2012 1:53 pm

Look what I just stumbled over again 8D

I dunno if there is a lot to say to this video... it basically just tells a story and has TONS of insturmentals in it - but they were easy enough to fill with story instead of effects this time.
When I told some friends of mine I was going to make a video with BLoSc and "The Boxer" most of them doubted it would work

They admitted to having been wrong xD

Not to mention that it was based on one of my first attempts on a BLoSC fanfiction. For curious eyes:
But don't expect too much, this thing got a few years on its back xD



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