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I Have Arrived!

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I Have Arrived! Empty I Have Arrived!

Post by Ttone12 Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:25 pm

Eeeee I learned about this site thanks to a friend (you know who you are!). The last BLoSC site kinda hopefully this one won't, since I love the show sooo much! I am so excited to have people to discuss such a great show with!

Right now I am on a bit of a Transformers fix and can't get them outta my head! BLoSC is another one of my fixations though, and at times, is all I can think about! I guess it's my obsessive personality, derp. My favorite characters are XR, NOS, Torgue, Zurg, the Fixer, and pretty much most of the villains of the show.....derp xD (though he was only in one episode and needs more love D:)

My favorite things to do are play video games, read, listen to music, draw (though I need a lot of practice) be with friends, and talk about my obsessions with people (but really, who doesn't?!) I like long walks in the park and have a wonderful girlfriend that I love dearly and wouldn't trade for all the vidya games and books in the world! (Oh, and my favorite word to say is "derp" at the end of my sentences.)

I go to a boarding school in the middle of nowhere (the closest place to go shopping is Wal-Mart, joy) though I plan to leave after this year.

(PS. I am a proud crack shipper of many pairings!)

Darnit, this intro is way more than 30 words like the rules said, is that bad? D:



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