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UHC: toaster strudels

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UHC: toaster strudels Empty UHC: toaster strudels

Post by Pythonmelon Sat Dec 31, 2011 4:46 pm

UHC: toaster strudels Toaste10

okay, so this is from my sequel to Vampire of the Opera. XD i loved this part. It's from chapter 10, a few days after Nos found and bit Renee (gotta read to get)

'She looked around from her makeshift bed, searching for Nos-4-a2. Her working eye shrank to an angry slit. She was trying to remember what had happened, but couldn’t. “Ah, I was afraid I had killed you.” Nos smiled down on her worriedly. He dropped from his roost on the ceiling and brought over a tray of frozen toaster strudels. Renee looked at them and chuckled. He had tried to make her breakfast.'



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