Rewatch: #02: Gravitina

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Rewatch: #02: Gravitina

Post by Steel on Sat Sep 03, 2011 8:47 am

And we're back with another instalment of our BLoSC Rewatch programme! Today, we'll be watching "Gravitina" and examining a few key points and aspects. I'll try to keep things shorter and to the point since interest seems to be waning.



In this episode we see the rookies slowly becoming more independent. They still look to Buzz for guidance and advice, but they start standing on their own feet. Mira and Booster successfully aid Star Command and XR's help and knowledge on machines is invaluable for Buzz to overcome Gravitina. They're starting to work more like a team and are rapidly gaining experience, no longer the shy first-timers we saw in "The Adventure Begins".

Booster's immense appetite is seen here for the first time, and his fixation on food will only get bigger. XR's "attraction" towards the female gender is also first seen here; more specifically, the non-robot, organic-exclusive attraction despite the gag on him reading Victoria's Circuits in "The Adventure Begins". Which isn't a bad thing perse and is only the first instance we get of the "sexist, robot pig" we'll all come to know and love.

And I don't know about you guys, but why the heck did Mira order a salad? Is she dieting or trying to keep her figure? It feels a little like they're trying to push the female stereotype here or something. I don't know about you, but I only stick to a practically salad-exclusive diet when I'm on a diet. The female stereotype comes off to me even stronger when she teases Buzz about Sally having a crush on him, like she's being gossipy. It might just be me, though, so feel free to argue with this opinion. She's still shown to be smart enough to compute trajectories and came up with the plan to help the Rangers escape the shell of asteroids.

And good, ol' Buzz. Here, he shows just how incompetent he is with women on a whole. He stutters, blushes, and thank god he's not the kind of guy to take the opportunity to get some when it's offered to him (like Darkmatter *cough*). Although he did seem to particularly enjoy kissing Gravitina...



And here we see Cosmo's Cosmic Diner for the first time. Judging by how often Team Lightyear and other Space Rangers have been spotted here, it's a pretty popular place that's lasted for at least two decades (judging by the flashback scene in "Tag Team"). However, Sally is new, introducing herself for the first time in this episode. And she's already vastly proficient at her job, with an impeccable memory who seems to have a crush on Buzz. Although we don't meet Cosmso in this episode, the premise for one of the finest fast food restaurants in the galaxy has already been set in motion.


Remind me again why "Lightyear can handle [asteroids] in his hyper-sleep" and Nebula doesn't bother evacuating Star Command when he thinks Buzz and his rookies can handle it? Why, oh why, is it always Buzz who saves the day? I'm beginning to wonder whether the only Space Rangers they've got are just the background Rangers we keep seeing...

Anyway, we get a first real glimpse of Star Command in this episode outside of the pilot. Rangers don't always wear their space suits and have nifty lime-green uniforms that would pop your eyes out in real life. Rangers and LGMs alike man the main deck (which I think is actually referred to as Mission Control?), and Nebula is the overseer who barks at everyone to haul butt. Now, I personally love Nebula, but sometimes I wonder where the hell his practicality is. But then again, I remember this is supposed to be a Saturday morning cartoon... But did any of you notice how Nebula contacted the team to congratulate them and Buzz was just all, "Oh, we were just doing our job." Seemed like Nebula almost looked flustered and embarrassed for even trying to compliment them. Hmmm.

But I do love how the LGMs keep things secret to watch Nebula squirm. I'm sure they love seeing him sweat, hehe.


Ah, Gravitina. She's not your usual evil villain, or villaness, in this case. Buzz mentions in conversation that she's a tyrant and she says herself that she's a dictator, so she probably pretty much owns the entire planet she's on. Maybe she's a queen, maybe she's a dictator... her status is never made clear. But it seems that she's the type to, ah, get around often. She's got a palace and a dungeon, after all. But I don't remember ever seeing guards at her place. You knoe the planet's got life since there are sailing boats on the river/lake Gravitina's palace is situated, but it also looks like the inhabitants give Gravitina a lot of room. Maybe she's just lonely. She certainly seems to be slightly misunderstood. But we'll examine more of that in latter episodes.

She's not called the Mistress of Mass for nothing! Her head's enormous (I wonder how she even sleeps) and she can manipulate the gravitational fields of the people and objects around her. She can even crush objects, and I can't help but wonder if it's her preferred method of execution, though she doesn't seem the type to get too gory. But it's made clear that the reach of her abilities isn't that far, so for her to be able to manipulate asteroids around Star Command means that something is amplifying her powers. And who else gave Gravitina the means to accomplish such a feat than the Evil Emperor Zurg? I swear, he's got his fingers in all the pies. And where does he even get all this technology? First Torque, now Gravitina... I bet if he ever really put his mind to it he could crush the Galactic Alliance and Star Command with a simple blink. And where does he even get the money for these things...?



And by Jove, there's a lot of it in this episode. Heaps and bucketloads of innuendo! I'm surprised some of these slipped under the radar and how the voice actors managed to keep a straight face throughout their lines. Like the following, which is just one example of many. Oh, do I have to mention that some of the following I'll mention might be above PG-13? Just in case people don't want to read some nasty terms, is all.

Buzz: XR, ready missile launchers!
XR: Missiles hot and juiced to jet! Haha!
Mira: What does that even mean...?
Buzz: It means we're about to kick some asteroid.

I took it dirty. I took it real dirty. And then there's that part when XR tells Booster he's on very good terms with the ship, and while he's still plugged into a port he's suddenly zapped and it almost sounds like he's using a vibrator. *shot* Methinks he and 42 were on pretty good terms even before she acquired a voice and mind of her own.

And not to mention Gravitina herself. She's the most under-dressed character on the show! She looks halfway between a super heroine (because yes, we all know most super heroines are made for eye candy) and a stripper. Her voice doesn't help, either. It's Eartha Kitt, for god's sake, but boy, does she manage to make Gravitina sound hot and bothered 24/7. Hey, at least she isn't baring her midriff, but I bet she'd be doing that too if the show wasn't PG.

And the love letter... I'm with Buzz on this one! Knowing XR's cheekiness, he probably wrote something ultra-hot and ultra-steamy, giving Gravitina the entirely wrong opinion. "You are the man with the surprises, no?" Oh god, I won't even mention what naughty ideas came to mind with that line. And did anyone else think rape when she tugs the robe off of Buzz? Also, she was totally naked underneath her robe. Totally. Nevermind the animator mistake of drawing her boots still on, unless that's how her foot is actually shaped (in the kissing scene) which I doubt since in an earlier scene it looks like a pretty normal foot. And clams are supposed to be aphrodisiacs... although Buzz is such a derp, eating them without even taking the shells off first! He probably really wanted to avoid Gravitina, hehe...

(And I'm curious, why'd he throw the "friends" line at her if he got so touchy over it in "The Plasma Monster"? Ah, well, something to examine when we watch that episode!)

And last, but not least, the cerebral flux generator. Apparently, this machine that makes Gravitina's gravitational powers stronger is closely linked to her moods. Bad mood means bad news for Star Command, good mood means nice things. So Buzz forsakes his morals for the good of Star Command, bares all (that suit is actually pretty snazzy, and "rev up her rockets"? Really, XR?) and kisses Gravitina passionately... and the entire complex, as well as the machine, explodes. Now damn, Buzz is sure shy around the dames, but if he could get Gravitina into such a state with a mere kiss, imagine how he'd be like with any other woman! Although I must admit, it seems really odd to get into an, ah, "orgasmic" state with just a kiss. I wonder if Gravitina's physiology is way more sensitive than that of the human physiology. Hoboy, she probably wears out all the men. Or maybe she hasn't ever had any physical contact before which is why it was so acute. And why she was so desperate. I don't know, but this is one of those episodes that has me laughing a lot.



Oops, nearly forgot this part.

1) How do you think Zurg discovered Gravitina and decided to use her to destroy Star Command?
2) What do you think about Team Lightyear occasionally being split while one part of the team deals with something and the other with something else (or is entirely absent)?
3) What did you think of Gravitina on a whole? How do you think she came to rule a planet?
4) What do you think is the true extent of Gravitina's abilities?

Next week, we'll be watching "NOS-4-A2", so stay tuned! Can't say I didn't warn you in time now, can you? :3



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Re: Rewatch: #02: Gravitina

Post by Alexa on Sat Sep 03, 2011 12:04 pm

I didn't have much to say about this episode for some reason. And I missed a lot of the innuendo somehow, though I did mention one in my notes and noticed Gravitina's amount of clothing... But, anyway.

"I don't date robots." "Well, that gives us something in common, neither do I!" I feel this statement is only true because XR has never been on a date before in his life (up to that point). XD

There goes Booster again, ripping furniture from the ground. I hope this one wasn't attached this time...

"Lightyear can handle this in his sleep." You mean to tell me that you called Lightyear away from his lunch just to deal with an asteroid? Is he really the only one that could? I mean, if you sent someone out when it was first certain it would hit Star Command instead of waiting until it was almost at it... *rants rants rants*

"Means we're about to kick some asteroid." Oh gosh! Oh gosh! XD I don't know why I laughed! I hate it when to get around cursing like that!

You would think one of those smaller chunks of asteroid would hit the expansive window that they are looking out of.

Wait, wait, wait. Just a scene ago, XR was clean and shiny and fixing himself up. Now, he's a mess again! Did he purposefully mess himself up again after that look he got/gave? (Though, I don't really know what look Buzz was giving him. But the expression XR had leads me to believe he was caught doing something he shouldn't have.)

^Just look that that there...

"XR. Gun." So... If this episode was made BEFORE the Adventure Begins, did they reuse the line or just added it again coincidentally? Or is this a running gag that I've never noticed before?

(I didn't get the first word here.) "Nerve gas! *cough hack*" Anyone else have Toy Story flashbacks?

"Now take off your pants." You know, I really did think I'd have something funny to say here, having expected the scene, but once it finally came up... No, not a thing.

All those asteroids look the same!

When Buzz was drag across the table... I felt sad for the wasted food...

Oh, the cat, or whatever it is... I remember once upon a time that this was a "popular" pairing, XR/Gravitina's cat...

Is that a giant make-up compact?

And now, the questions.


1) How do you think Zurg discovered Gravitina and decided to use her to destroy Star Command?
Well, if she's supposedly the tyrant/dictator of her planet or even just an area, perhaps Zurg found out about her through some amount of infamy? ...Or maybe it was in the classifieds!

"Single, blue skinned female with gravitomic powers seeking..."

2) What do you think about Team Lightyear occasionally being split while one part of the team deals with something and the other with something else (or is entirely absent)?
Well, the different scenarios depending on which team member is with whom lets us see more of the dynamics of how the different combinations act with each other. Also, from a story writing point of view, it's sometimes preferred to have one or more of the other team members missing so that they don't interfere with the plot. By that I mean that if Buzz had taken Booster or Mira instead, then they wouldn't be as likely to convince Buzz to "woo" Gravitina or possibly wouldn't even try. So, from a story quality stand point, I don't mind at all and I enjoy it.

3) What did you think of Gravitina on a whole? How do you think she came to rule a planet?
I'm not sure what to say about her... I love the voice they gave her and she has good style, even if it's not as wholesome as other character's outfits, but I don't really like her personality or the fact that she's so... However you would describe it towards Buzz and presumably other men. Forward, I think is the term? As for ruling the planet... Threats, perhaps. Seduction, more likely. Just as likely, just plain making whoever opposed her defenseless. She's able to move keep Buzz and XR unable to move and destroy their weaponry easily, after all.

4) What do you think is the true extent of Gravitina's abilities?
That's a thing I wouldn't know how to guess. I mean, thinking back on the previous question about how she came to rule a planet, I was wondering whether or not it was possible she MADE the planet using her powers. The generator was supposed to magnify her powers to the point where she could send asteroid upon asteroid towards Star Command and keep them on that path despite Buzz and XR being in her home and likely distracting her some. But Star Command is likely far off, meaning it could be possible that her power can extend over her entire planet.



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Re: Rewatch: #02: Gravitina

Post by Fox Storm on Sat Sep 03, 2011 12:28 pm


1) How do you think Zurg discovered Gravitina and decided to use her to destroy Star Command?

...Good question...we may have to make a backstory for her...but from what we have seen here, I'm going to guess he may have had some machine give her extreme power?....Either that, or she touched some radioactive rock that gave her this ability....(gets weird looks) Hey, it could happen.

2) What do you think about Team Lightyear occasionally being split while one part of the team deals with something and the other with something else (or is entirely absent)?

I think it's a considerably normal thing because while a team is good to take on some of the really big things, sometimes the team has to split up to cover more ground or complete more tasks to get the job done. In this episode's case, two Rangers went to find the source of the moving asteroids, while the other two stayed behind to keep them from destroying the space station, so that no one would be harmed.

As far as being absent goes, well, in a way, it sort of places a team to think outside the box and use their abilities to new extents because a team member is absent, along with their abilities.

3) What did you think of Gravitina on a whole? How do you think she came to rule a planet?

What do I think of her?...I never really gave much thought to her, but I will say this: she does a dang good job in the Catwoman department. Granted, I hate the way she dresses, but that's her decision. Anywho, a part of me does feel sorry for her, mainly because she has this great power, and as far as we know, she's the only one of her kind we've seen, and, aside from her cat, she seems pretty lonely. I just hope that she has some sort of therapy to keep her emotions in check, because like Starfire or Raven from DC Comics, if her emotions are out of control in some way, it could spell BAD news for everyone...

How did she come to rule the planet?...Probably after she was granted her power, methinks.

4) What do you think is the true extent of Gravitina's abilities?

Hmm...I think she can lift things up and around like rag dolls, and considering how she can lift cosmic fireballs from the sun and manipulate gravity, it would be a Very Bad Thing if you made her upset in some way. Why? Well, she could probably crush you with a large object or probably find a way to crush your organs if you made her very, very mad in some way. She'd probably want to toy with you first before she did away with ya.

For my response....Holy Catwoman, Batman! Gravitina sure is one mighty powerful woman, isn't she? Able to move things around with, ability, like Professor Xavier! (Although he could probably do some more harm considering he is one of the world's most powerful telepaths, but that's another fan story, in fact. Heh heh.) She is pretty powerful, no doubts there. After all, she sent all those asteroids for Star Command, and they had to keep the shield up for some time until the source of their movement was found.

Speaking of Star Command, I need to say this, otherwise it'll drive me crazy. I can't believe they didn't evacuate even though they figured Buzz and his team would take care of it! I mean, I know it's supposed to be a Saturday Morning Cartoon, and I know that Buzz is one of the best Rangers on the team, but come on. One would think that they'd have common sense to be careful. I mean, they can't always rely on Buzz to do everything. They've got to take care of things on their end. I mean, I like the Rangers and Nebula, don't get me wrong, but it's still annoying how they sometimes leave things in Buzz's hands....hmm... Idea IDEA! (goes to work on idea)

Whoo. Man, that felt good. On a side note, it is funny that the LGMs can keep things secret from Nebula, and from other Rangers. I think that they are very sneaky little guys, which makes me love them even more. xD

Yeah, it's kind of cool that Rangers don't always wear their space suits. It's a really good thing their uniforms look good in the cartoon, because in real life, usually when people wear something that's lime green, your eyes would explode!

Those are my thoughts for now, I've gotta go, but I'll be back later to post more later....

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Glory Days...the Academy Days of four certain Rangers, a BLoSC fanfic. NOW on!

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Re: Rewatch: #02: Gravitina

Post by DarklingDragon on Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:11 pm

This episode was quite something. It's been such a long time since I watched this episode that I forgot some of the jokes/innuendo that occurred.

XR was such a devious robot setting up poor Buzz as bait for Gravitina. I cringed every time Gravitina advanced on Buzz. It must be horrible having to go through something similar.

1) I actually think it may have been the other way around. Gravitina may have contacted Zurg first and struck a deal with him later on. She would get Buzz in exchange for destroying Star Command for Zurg.

2) I think it's sometimes necessary to split the characters up so they get more developed into the story. The story probably wouldn't have been as interesting if Booster was crashing Buzz's date.

...or would it?

3) Gravitina is quite obsessive over Buzz. I know Zurg is obsessed, but she goes on an entire different level. No one knows for sure whether or not her powers are part of her species or unique to her. If they are unique to her, she probably used them to take over. If not, maybe she's just a high class citizen on her planet.

4)That device Gravitina used to enhance her powers adds to the mystery of how strong she really is. Maybe she can control the entire planet she lives on. Or maybe she can only control things that go as far as her mansion.



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Re: Rewatch: #02: Gravitina

Post by SteffieMusings on Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:32 pm

1) How do you think Zurg discovered Gravitina and decided to use her to destroy Star Command?

I think that he had heard about her powers from one of the villians, and realized that her abilities could cause a lot of chaos for Star Command.

2) What do you think about Team Lightyear occasionally being split while one part of the team deals with something and the other with something else (or is entirely absent)?

I think it's quite good. I also think that it would also help them get more experience.

3) What did you think of Gravitina on a whole? How do you think she came to rule a planet?

I find her to be a cool villianess. I enjoyed her interactions and crush on Buzz.

As how she became a ruler, I think she became a ruler because of her powers. Maybe her powers are unique to royalty?

4) What do you think is the true extent of Gravitina's abilities?

I think that with that device, she could go beyond her limits. Like, maybe she could rival the gravitational pull of a small planet with it.




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Re: Rewatch: #02: Gravitina

Post by levy120 on Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:30 am

Part 1 - Protocol

I can’t believe someone is uploading BLoSC in German now on Youtube. NOW! Like... 4 years after I was actually looking for it! Oh wells ~

Gravitina now for me =) In German - because

First things first - Sally apparently switches Voice Actors throughout the Series. In Dirty Work she is voiced by the woman that also did 42. Here... it’s someone else that sounds way younger.
Sounds way better in English here (parallely watching - neeerd)

YES! Halm <3

And Buzz is saved by the bell ;D


I love how XR still gets help from Buzz xD In that sequence he seems more like a little child (especially when Buzz catches him) than a robot or a ranger to me.
But it’s adorable ^^

“You know I’M the one who has to talk to the ship, and turning one of her engines into a BOMB is going to seriously damage our relationship”
^ *waves flag*

Afaik, that broken antenna is never mentioned again xD

Ooooh German Gravitina sound suavey =)
Not as “smokey” as the English version, but all the more sleek. I like it xD

I’d take any bet that the LGMs developed that thing in like... just that minute.

XR had just fixed himself up to be all shiney again, yet again in this shot... he’s demolished. Poor guy

Yeah, you do that. And you’re gonna pay for the damage too?

“It’s just a question of will” (German translation)
Green Lantern Gravitina ~

Aw XR, out of everyone else you should probably know that’s not the way to talk with a Laday ~
So we see, girls, be nice to your robot or else he might not want to flirt with you anymore ~
(Not that he does it second-handedly by misusing Buzz for it xD)

0:12 (Part 2)
and OBVIOUSLY the only thing hanging in that dungeon are robots again. Figures xD
Poor XR ~

“Now take off your pants”
Yep, never thought I’d hear that in a Disney cartoon.

“I didn’t get the chance to check the spelling”
Mentioned in several episodes and PROVEN in at least one xD
I wonder if it is an excuse they made up for him after having him misspell “Au Revoir” in Return of XL and NOTICING it.

How the hell did this episode get through the censors? Ah yes...

XR you stalker ;P
Love how he’s blowing up at Buzz

XR being dragged around by the cat seems so surreal... xD
But I love how he actually approves of animals. I don’t think you really see it in any other episode.

How CONVENIENT that the hole left around Star Command is just where the cruisers jet out from xD

Yay cartoon elements ~
Though with XR... a bit irksome xD

“I really really like you as a human”
^ Translation faaail ~

Gravitina’s heel’s disappeared xD

“And who knows, in a different time, at a different place...”


Yeees, but what about Parallel Gravitina? Ultimate Lightyear-Loathing? Buzz/Parallel Gravitina? Anyone? XD

Part 2 - Discussion

To Come

Part 3 - Questions

To Come


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Re: Rewatch: #02: Gravitina

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