The Healer

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The Healer

Post by Fox Storm on Mon Jan 02, 2012 7:24 pm

In the RP that Alexa and I are doing, a person known as the Healer has made herself present. Although mysterious, she is a very powerful being, as she knows certain things that other people don't, like the near future, and has made many criticisms towards Star Command and how they do things.

But she merely criticizes them to see that they should stay pure and true to everything they claim to be, otherwise everything will backfire on them and they'll be blamed for them, like about Ty's military tribunal or about Warp's spying for Zurg when he placed spy drones into various places around Star Command.

Thus, she is very persuasive, having others think about their actions, both past and future.

She can also be very kind, as she distributes things that she knows the person in distress needs even before THEY do. Despite her blank expression upon her mask, her giving nature is reflective of her name-she watches over and protects people she feels need her guidance and support.

The Healer's identity has yet to be discovered, but what is clear is that her intentions are good and that she'll always try to do what is right, regardless of what costs it may bring.

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