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Picking up an old Project Empty Picking up an old Project

Post by levy120 on Sat Aug 13, 2011 2:13 pm

Or not?

So I wonder.

Just a few days before Steel introduced this board to me I received a comment on my Crossover. You know - that VERY FIRST fanfic I wrote for BLoSC; that Crossover between BLoSC and Rayman with Claire the OC and... you oldies get the gist. It was cancelled somewhere in between, though I had plenty of things planned out.
I still think that the fandoms themselves mixed... rather well. I mean darnit, in Rayman's world there's an Alien running a little restaurant and it gets taken over by robotic pirates from space every other Sunday, with purple Tonic Trouble Cameo Aliens sell them Death Machines on Tuesdays. No one in the Rayman world would be really surprised at a visit from Zurg trying to take over the place and the BLoSC fandom has so many different species in it that... yeah - you know what? Don't get me started on THAT argument ;P

But... would it even be worth to pick up a project like this again? People are not too fond of Crossovers after all. And I myself consider it merely a breach to get comfortable in writing BLoSC characters (for, really, all I could write when I expanded fandoms WAS Rayman)

And so... I wonder



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Picking up an old Project Empty Re: Picking up an old Project

Post by Steel on Thu Jun 21, 2012 3:43 am

Well, if you still have ideas for it and think it can work out pretty well, why not try it out, if you feel inspired to? I still get reviews sometimes on some of my old stuff, but I find it hard to get back into them...

Just do what you feel you can do. c:

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