Glory Days

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Glory Days

Post by Fox Storm on Sat Aug 18, 2012 3:54 pm

I have another fanfic for you all. This time, it takes place back in time, back to the days of the Academy, featuring four Space Rangers. Smile

Title: Glory Days
Author: Fox Storm
Fandom: Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
Character(s) / Pairing(s): Our story will focus on Buzz Lightyear, Ty Parsec, Rocket Crockett and Warp Darkmatter.
Rating: PG+ (Just to be on the safe side)
Word Count: More than 700 for now.
Warning(s): Spoilers from the show. If you don't wanna see them, turn away now. There will be some OCs, but they don't play too much of large roles in this.
Disclaimer: Don't own Buzz Lightyear of Star Command or any of the characters, etc. They belong to Disney, Pixar. I do own the OCs not heard of in the show.
Summary: Before they matured, before they went their separate ways, four different men once knew each other as friends, room-mates, and even brothers...before they grew older and wiser, and their friendship slowly descended into infinity and beyond. An origins-ish tale

Chapter One: The Four Winds
Chapter Two: Arriving from the East
Chapter Three: Entering from the North

"Do you know the legend of the Phoenix?...The Phoenix was a mythical bird that was consumed by fire, but always rose again from the ashes. Perhaps that's what the Phoenix represents-hope, which never dies." -Professor Charles Xavier, X-Men: The Animated Series

Storm Front....a BLoSC/X-Men crossover fanfic....NOW on!

Glory Days...the Academy Days of four certain Rangers, a BLoSC fanfic. NOW on!

*A Ty Parsec fan and proud of it!
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