Aurora Connors

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Aurora Connors

Post by Pythonmelon on Mon Jun 18, 2012 12:38 pm

Full name: Aurora Simone Connors
Species: Senturan
Home planet: Sentura-Seven
Family: older brother; Devon Connors. father; Boreal Connors. Mother; Kirin Gelin-Connors
age: Eight

appearence: She is about 4'4" with long light purple hair. She has a pair of short horns that show through her hair. She also has a pair of black antenna. Her eyes are large and shiny, like that of an insect but not grotesquely so. She has light green/blue scales and a set of dragonfly wings. She usually wears a short dark blue dress, and has a long scaly tail.

personality: she is very curious, but knows to be wary and doesnt like surprises. She is very sweet and not afraid of strangers unless they seem directly threatening. she is also a bit foreward and mischeavous

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