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Roleplay Guidelines

Post by Steel on Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:30 am

I've noticed that roleplaying is popular on a lot of forums I've come across, so this section is where you can host all your roleplays. For those of you who are already experienced in roleplaying, the following will help you brush up on what's needed. For those of you first getting into it, this guideline will help you know what to do and not do.

    1. Never use someone else's character without permission. The only characters you can manipulate are your own.

    2. If there are more than two people roleplaying together in a thread, have a posting order so no one gets left out or pushed aside.

    3. Avoid making your characters the centre of attention, overpowerful, and omnipotent. This goes for both canon and original characters. Keep everyone realistic, as well as their situations.

    4. Follow the physics of the show at all times. Don't make the canon characters act out-of-character (OOC) by having them deal with situations they would never have to face unless your roleplay is set in an alternate universe (AU).

    5. If someone in your roleplay hasn't posted in three months without a legitimate reason, you can either find a new player to handle their character (if they were handling a canon character) or leave their character out of the storyline (if they are an original character) so the roleplay doesn't grind to a hall for the other players.

    6. Unlike the rest of the forum, the word count here is at least 200 words per post. This is to ensure quality posting and avoid one-liners.
If you have any other suggestions on how to improve the guidelines, don't be afraid to say so! The important thing here is to always have some good, clean fun, as well as a good bit of order, right?


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