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Episode Transcripts

Post by Ranger-Nova on Sat Nov 19, 2011 1:28 am

I was just wondering if anyone's ever transcribed the episodes? Because I think it would be quite useful, especially for fanfiction writing when you need to quickly check something. If no one's done any transcribing, I'd be happy to do my bit and transcribe a few (I've got all the episodes accept 42 and Rookie of the Year, although some are missing the beginning/ending).

I have Downloaded on my hard drive, and if no one's transcribed that episode, I'll do it today.


LAST UPDATED: 01/07/2012

Episode 01: The Torque Armada
Episode 06: NOS-4-A2
Episode 07: The Planet Destroyer
Episode 10: The Main Event
Episode 12: Strange Invasion
Episode 18: Stress Test
Episode 19: A Zoo Out There
Episode 22: Downloaded
Episode 26: The Slayer
Episode 52: Wirewolf (Part 1)
Episode 52: Wirewolf (Part 2)
Episode 56: Good Ol' Buzz
Episode 58: Speed Trap

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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Ranger-Nova on Sat Nov 19, 2011 7:54 am

Well, I don't know if anyone else has done it, but I've transcribed Dowloaded. Enjoy:


Location: Space

Warp's ship is flying through and asteroid field. Warp stops the ship and opens the cockpit windshield as a Star Cruiser flies over. He begins to float upwards.

Location: Star Cruiser bridge

Space Ranger with the long ponytail: Star Command, this is Star Cruiser 19. We're finishing our patrol of the asteroid belt.

LGM on the radio: Acknowledged, 19.

Location: Space

Warp watches the Star Cruiser. he shoots his metal hand out and it attaches to the hull. He then reels himself in and holds onto the hull.

Warp: Warp, you sly devil. I could kiss you.

Location: Star Command

Space Ranger with the long ponytail: Star Command, this is Star Cruiser 19 on final approach.

LGM on the radio: Roger, 19.

Warp lets go of the hull and flies down to Capitol Planet.

Location: Capitol Planet

Warp flies through the city and lands on a building. He sneaks past a window, turns his hand into a glass cutter, and cuts a hole in the window.

Meanwhile, a guard bot is patrolling the buidling's interior. It hears the sound of glass breaking, and hurries over. It examines the hole and the broken glass.

Warp (coming out of the shadows): Look, I'm not a guard here, but I'd say there's been a security breach.

The guard extends its weapon.

Warp: Uh-uh.

He fires a small robot tick out his arm and it lands on the guard's chest. The guard is overcome with energy surges.

Warp: Make sure to get the access codes, little fella.

The robot tick, which has a tiny hornet head, extends a robot "tongue" into the guard bot. The guard falls to the floor, and the tick returns to Warp.

Warp: What a fine techno tick.

He lifts a flap up on the tick, revealing a screen that reads "SECURITY CODE 097645".

War enters the code on a wall-mounted keypad. A pair of giant doors slide open.

Warp (walking in and looking at a huge computer): The mainframe computer - it stores and controls all data for the Galactic Alliance.

Warp looks down at the techno tick in his hand.

Warp: Sounds delicious. Dig in!

The tick hops off his hand and crawls onto the computer. It interfaces with it, causing it to ripple with blue energy.

Warp (backing away): Cool.

Location: Tradeworld

A robot traffic cop is directing the traffic when it suddenly goes offline, as do all the lights. The traffic goes wild, one car crashing into another.

The power all over Tradeworld goes out, leaving the city dark.

Location: Capitol Planet's atmosphere

Star Command is falling through the atmosphere.

Location: Star Command

Commander Nebula enters.

Nebula: Sweet mother of Venus! What's going on?!

LGM1: Commander Nebula -

LGM2: - problem in the Launchbay!

Location: Launchbay

42 is trying to launch, but the doors won't open, so it keeps crashing into the ceiling.

In what I'm going to call Launch Control, two Rangers are trying to restore order.

Ranger 1: Open the Launch door!

Ranger 2: I can't! Shut down the thrusters!

They look out the window and see that 42 is crashing towards them.

Both Rangers: Ahh!

They run away as it hits the glass, cracking but not breaking it.

Location: Capitol Planet

Team Lightyear fly though the darkened city (hmm... how did they get there if the doors wouldn't open - did Mira ghost them all through?).

Booster: Just one computer is causing all these problems?

Mira: Not just any computer, Booster.

Buzz: THE computer that keeps the entire Galactic Alliance humming.

They enter the building where the computer is.

Computer: Warning, total system failure in 60 seconds.

XR: This'll be tricky, but I might be able to prevent a complete shutdown.

He makes his legs grow longer, until he's on a level with the hole in the computer (I'm not sure where the hole came from).

XR looks around inside, using his eyes as torches. He sees the techno tick. It jumps onto his helmet.

XR (swaying back and forth on his long legs) Ahh! Whoa! Ahh!

Buzz grabs his legs, causing XR to snap backwards. The techno tick falls off and lands upside down on the ground.

Buzz: A techno tick! It destroys a computer while stealing its files!

Mira: There it goes!

The techno tick has righted itself and is now crawling away.

Buzz: I've got it!

He is about to fire when a laser shoots past him.

Warp (standing on the computer) :Can't let you do that, Lightyear!

Buzz (pointing disapprovingly at Warp): Give it up, Warp! Your evil is done for the day!

Warp: Not quite, my computer bug hasn't finished chewing up your mainframe. Should be just a minute.

Warp flies off the computer and starts firing at the team. He lands on the other side of the room and fires at them some more.

Computer: Warning, total system failure in 30 seconds [although 40 seconds have already passed].

Mira and Booster, who were sheltering behind the same wall, both look shocked.

Booster: I've got to stop that thing!

Buzz: Give him cover, team!

Buzz starts shooting at Warp, who ducks out the way.

Booster activates his jetpacks, and shoots into the hole in the computer. Half in, half out, he sees the techno tick interfacing with the mainframe. He grabs it.

Booster: Got it!

The tick sends energy bolts through Booster.

Booster: Ahhhhhhh!!!

Booster is flung backwards onto the ground while Mira ad XR watch.

Booster (a bit loopy from hitting the groung): Look at me! I'm the big hero!

He staggers around, then falls down, crushing the tick.

Mira: Okay, not exactly out of the Ranger handbook, but, uh, you know, who's complaining.

Warp sneaks up behind them, but Buzz flies over and grabs him.

Buzz (flying with Warp in his grip): Shows over, Warp! Your tick was a bust. Whoa!

He and Warp crash into a wall.

Computer: Warning, total system failure in ten seconds [although it should have failed 20-30 seconds ago].

Warp (getting up): Not entirely. The loss of your mainframe will send the Galactic Alliance back to the stone age.

He flies away.

Mira: We've got to stop him!

Buzz: No, Mira, we've got bigger problems.

The compter is sending out lots of blue energy ribbons.

Buzz and Mira approach it.

XR: Make room, people! I [couldn't understand the word, it sounded like "dug"] fluent mainframe.

He hops into the hole (I'm not sure how, since it was so high up).

XR: Oooookaaaay, I guess I just run through my CPU...

Meanwhile, the Computer is counting down.

Computer: Five seconds. Four seconds. Three seconds. Two seconds. One second [in case you're wondering, the mainfram should have failed quite awhile back].

XR plugs the cable into his chest. Energy surges through him, and then the power comes back.

Mira and Buzz sigh in relief.

XR (still coursing with energy): Galactic Mainframe, serial number 4C77635B, is online.

Mira (jumping into the air): Alright, XR, you did it!

XR falls to the ground.

Buzz: Good job, Ranger.

Ones and zeros scroll through XR's eyes.

XR: Assessing data loss and repairing.

Booster (getting up): Did I miss something?

He collapses again.

Location: Tradeworld

XR (voiceover): Power grid stabilised and functional.

The lights come back on in all the buildings.

Location: Capitol Planet's atmosphere

Star Command is still at red alert.

XR (voiceover): Universe protection unit systems operational.

Star Command goes back to normal, and the LGMs sigh in relief.

Location: Tradeworld

XR (voiceover): Restoring system traffic management.

The lights come back on the traffic robot is functional again.

Location: Mainframe

XR is smiling.

Mira: XR, are you okay?

XR: Having the time of my life, thank you for asking. Banking records restored!

XR sits up.

XR: Booster, are you familiar with a Vicki Vortex?

Booster: Oh, you mean my all time favourite supermodel Vicki Vortex? Oooo, yeeeaaah!

XR (printing out some paper and handing it to Booster): I just accessed her unlisted phone number.

Booster (stuttering nonsense at first): Really?!

XR: Yep. Saving civilisation has its perks.

*later on*

LGMs are crawling all over the place, while Buzz and Nebula are watching an LGM weld.

LGM (finishing welding and removing its helmet): Mainframe back online.

Nebula: Well, I got to admit, the little can-opener didn't screw up too bad this time.

XR is sitting in a chair with large cables connect to him while lights go off in his helmet.

XR: Changing traffic signal at first and main... correcting oven temperature at Cosmo's...

Nebula walks over.

XR (waving): Hey, Pop! Glad to report the Galactic Alliance is running smooth and easy! Ha, ha, ha, I even slushed enough money around to make sure the Space Ranger pension fund is nice and healthy.

Nebula: At ease, Ranger. The mainframe is all patched up.

The LGMs remove the cables from XR.

Nebula (hitting XR on the back): You done good for once! I'm, uh... I'm, uh... you know... I'mproudaya.

He abruptly walks away.

XR (downcast): Oh - yes, Sir. Uh... thank you.

Location: Recreation room or something like that on Star Command

Team Lightyear is seated on couches.

Buzz: See, XR, I told you you're good for something other than blowing up.

Booster: Yeah! Even Commander Nebula said so!

Mira (putting her arm on XR): So why are you being such a major party poop?

XR: Hello?! I was the smartest guy in the galaxy! It was fun having all the scoop - especially Vick Vortex's phone number.

Energy flashed across XR's face.

XR (excited): Which I still remember! In fact I remember all of it! I'm a know-it-all! I have absolute knowledge! Woohoo!

The others look surprised.

Mira: In your tiny head?

XR (annoyed): Yes, in my tiny head.

Buzz: I may not understand it, XR, but I do know it presents a serious security risk. You better dump the data.

XR (wrapping his arms around Buzz's legs): Dump it? Please, no! Let me keep it, huh? I'll be good, I promise!

He gives Buzz the puppy dog face.

Buzz: If word got out that your head contained all the knowledge of the Galactic Alliance, you'd be a marked robot.

XR: Think about what an asset this could be! You'll never have to ask for directions again.

He looks at Buzz hopefully.

Buzz: Ranger, wipe the files.

XR: Oh, alright!

He goes to a computer terminal. Plugging into it, he closes his eyes as data rushes past on the screen. He suddenly opens one briefly and looks in Buzz's direction, hinting that he may not have done what he was told to.

XR: There, I did it. You happy?

Buzz: Very.

Buzz walks out, and so does Mira, shrugging.

Booster: I know that must have been hard, XR.

XR: Well, as Commander Ja'rot [I have no idea if that's the correct spelling - guess it doesn't really matter] said at the battle of Armnok, hard decisions seperate the leaders from the bleeders. Ja'rot is rarely quoted because kind of a sick puppy. Maybe it was because he had but one antennae, when most of his kind sported three or more.

Booster: XR! You didn't wipe those files from your memory!

XR: I most certainly did!

Booster (not buying it): Then how do you know so much stuff?

XR: I... read?

Booster: XR, for shame!

XR: Oh, for shame nothing. Tell me you would wipe out Vicki Vortex's phone number!

Booster is about to make an indignant reply, then stops when he realises XR is right.

Location: Planet Z

Zurg is angry with Warp as usual.

Zurg: So, you accomplished a big, fat, zero?

Warp cringes and looks away.

Zurg: Darkmatter, why do I waste my time with you? Precious time, that I could spend with my date - the lovely Vicki Vortex, spokesmodel extrordinare.

Zurg clasps his hands together, while a woman with pink hair is looking bored.

Warp: I apologise, Evil Emperor Zurg. I couldn't feel worse about it, really.

Suddenly, a phone rings.

Zurg (angry): What's that? Are you taking personal calls in the office?!

Warp (cowering): Nah, it's not mine.

Vicki: It's me.

She takes out her cellphone.

Vicki: Hello? Who? How did you get this number?!

Warp: Yeah, how did he get her number?

Zurg: Hmm, she never get it to me.

Vicki: Yeah, whatever, creep.

She hangs up.

Zurg: Oh, darling, who was that?

Vicki: Some Star Command robot named XR or something. Said he has all the knowledge of the Galactic Alliance stored in his head. As if I care. Ugh, can we go out tonight?

Zurg has lost interest in her, and is now in evil-mode.

Zurg: The entire knowledge of the Galactic Alliance? I must have that robot!

Warp (saluting): Consider it done, Evil Emperor.

Zurg: You're sloppy of late, Darkmatter. I'm advertising!

Vicki: Ugh, drag!

Location: The Throne Room

Zurg is in his throne while a grub holds a microphone boom.

Zurg: Are you going to be shying off my horns? My [did't catch the word], perhaps... AHEM! [the camera is now rolling] Evil Emperor Zurg here, broadcasting on all evil frequencies.

The microphone hits his head.

Location: Raenok ship

A Raenok is watching.

Zurg: I'm announcing that I will pay top unibucks for the robot Ranger XR. He's the little trash can that can often be found side-kicking with my archenemy, Buzz Lightyear.

Location: Tangea surface

Two Grounders are listening to Zurg on an old radio.

Zurg: I want him. But the robot must be brought in with his memory intact.

Grounder 1: Ha, ha. Boom boom! We get bot!

Grounder 2: Woo woo, we get boko blow-doh.

Grounder 1 shoots the radio with his head.

Location: Rentwhistle Swack's ship

Zurg: As always, I'll reimburse for properly invoiced evil expenses. So, if you pillage or plunder, get a receipt.

Swack: Oh, boy howdy! This is just the ticket to weasle back into Zurg's good graces. I am so there, baby!

Zurg: I don't care what it takes. Just bring me that robot! This is Evil Emperor Zurg, hoping your news is bad news.

Location: Cosmo's

Mira: And I'll have the eggs Bathyos, solar side up.

Sally walks away.

XR: Oh, okay Mira, your call.

Mira: Is that a problem, XR?

XR: Well, not unless you buy the galactic health bulletin on the cholestorel count in Bathyosian eggs. You see, the way the peptides react with the microwaves causes -

Buzz: XR! Where are you getting this?

Booster (sarcastically): He reads.

XR: Oh, oh I see where this is going. You don't think I dumped the data!

Buzz is about to object.

XR: Oh, alright! Well, if that's the case, forget it. I'll just dine over here. On my own.

He goes to the counter, where there's a guy with his back turned.

XR: Oh boy, some friends, huh buddy?

The guy turns around, revealing himself to be a Raenok. He tears off his "kiss the cook" apron and points a gun at XR.

Raenok: Ha, ha, ha!

Buzz: XR!

The Raenok fires, and XR flashes a bit, then becomes motionless.

XR: Immobiliser puck? Oh. you came prepared.

The Raenok grabs him.

XR: Sir, under galactic code 63, section C, I hereby place you under arrest for - hello, are you listening?

The Raenok jumps over the counter and tries to get away with XR.

Team Lightyear block his path.

Mira: Drop him.

Buzz: Or we drop you.

The Raenok, holding XR's hand, throws the robot at them, causing his arm to stretch out. He hits into Buzz and Mira, knocking them out the way.

Retrieving XR, the Raenok walks away, only to be confronted by Booster.

Booster: Why don't you pick on someone your own size?

The Raenok stands up to his full height; he's a good few feet taller than Booster.

Booster (nervously): Um... we could just thumb wrestle?

The Raenok roars at him.

Booster attempts to punch him, but is stopped by the Raenok's strong grip. The Raenok throws him down to the ground. Booster then does the same thing to the Raenok.

Meanwhile, Mira, who had landed on a stool, finally stops spinning and goes to pull a plate of chilli off Buzz's face. Just as she gets it off, XR is sent flying onto the table, flinging the chilli back onto Buzz.

XR: Okay, you know what, no tip for that guy!

Buzz (pulling the chilli off): You didn't dump the data, did you?!

XR: I... may have kept a file or two.

Buzz: Mira, get XR into safe custody. I'll help Booster occupy our friend.

Buzz knocks down the Raenok, which was holding Booster in the air.

Meanwhile, Mira starts to ghost out Cosmo's with XR.

Mira: How can someone with so much knowledge be so stupid?

XR: It's a gift.

Mira is stuck halfway through the wall.

XR: Uh, Mira, this is a poor time to leave a job half finished.

Mira: I'm stuck, XR!

The Grounders approach.

Grounder: Blueblood powers no flobo.

Mira: Tangean Grounders! Ugh!

XR: Mystery solved! It's the old power cancel. Ahh!

One of the Grounders grabs XR.

Grounder 1: Ha, ha, we skaboo the bot, Blueblood.

After a tug of war between Mira and the Grounders, they manage to pull XR away.

Mira: No way, you - you clowns!

The Grounders run off laughing, while XR screams

Mira: Get back here!

She fires a shot at them, but misses.

XR: Kidnapping a Space Ranger is NOT something you want on your permanent record.

The Grounders ignore him and keep running, until the come face to face with Swack.

Swack: Gentlemen! Allow me to introduce myself! I'm -

XR: Rentwhistle Swack. Ugh. Guys, do me a favour. Make with the boom-boom.

Grounder 1: Clay and Marl get bot, Swack.

Swack: Whoa, whoa, easy. Old Rentwhistle wouldn't dream of taking you on. No, come on. What, are you kidding me? What, with that old blow-stuff-up-with-your-head thing you got going there? Noooo. Well, you see, Zurg and I had a slight misunderstanding awhile back. If I bring him the robot, I'm back in good grace villa. For that, I'm willing to take a loss. So, I need that robot, so I'll pary DOUBLE what Zurg is paying.

The Grounders look pleased.

XR: Double?! Of course, I'm worth every penny, but -

Meanwhile, Mira is finally able to ghost out the wall. She goes back inside Cosmo's, where Buzz has te Raenok hand-cuffed.

Mira: Buzz, Buzz, they took XR!

Buzz: They who?

Location: Cosmo's

The Grounders are walking away with a cheque.

Grounder 2: Ha, ha ha, Clay and Marl pu-ku blow-doh!

Grounder 1: Wanna go dancing?

They suddenly run into team Lightyear.

Mira (grabbing Grounder 1): Think you're a tough guy, huh? Cancelling out my powers? Well, cancel this!

She punches him. The cheque flies out his hand and into Buzz's. He looks at it.

Buzz: Rentwhistle Swack?!

He crumples it angrily.

Location: Swack's ship

XR is in a chair while Swack flies.

XR: You'll never get away with it, Swack. My massive databanks tell me that this ship is well beyond her 30, 000 parsec oil change.

Suddenly, laser beams go past the window. Team Lightyear is trailing the ship, firing at it.

As the ship shakes, Swack grabs a manual.

Swack: Where's the auto-gunner button? I'll get - ahh!

The ship continues to be rock with laser fire.

XR: I know, but naturally, I'm not in a sharing mood.

Swack finds it, and guns pop out all over the ship.

Buzz: Take out his guns!

Mira flies past the guns with ease and ghosts underneath one, destroying it. Booster sits on another, while Buzz flies between two, causing them to shoot each other when they try to hit him.

Booster slides open the hatch doors.

Buzz: Freeze, Swack.

Swack is on the phone. He holds a finger up to silence them

Swack: Just a - yes, the names R. Swack. I need to place a stop payment on a cheque.

Buzz (approaching XR): Ranger, I think it's high time you dumbed down.

XR: Buzz, you're over-reacting. Stuff like this is bound to happen by random chance. Are you familiar with the chaos theory?

Mira hand-cuffs Swack.

Mira: There's a ship coming in fast, Buzz. They're firing!

Blasts hit the ship, and it starts to veer off course.

Buzz: She's gonna blow!

The ship explodes, and the Rangers go flying in all directions. Buzz sees Warp's ship fly by.

Buzz: Warp!

Location: Warp's ship

Warp looks at a screen displayig XR's head. He smiles and opens a small hatch. The ship then leaves.

Location: Space

Team Lightyear regroups, with Swack in custody.

Mira: Did he get XR?

Booster: I see him, he's over here!

Booster retrieves XR's floating body.

He holds it up to the others, who groan in surprise.

Booster then notices there's a hole in XR's helmet and his head is gone.

Booster: Um... okay, never mind.

Location: Warp's ship

XR's head is floating angrily in the cockpit.

Warp tries to touch him, but XR snaps his teeth.

XR: Back off! I possess a complete knowledge of combat techniques!

Warp: Good! Zurg'll want those files - along with the tactical schematics of Star Command, the security details of Capitol Planet, the defensive strength of your Star Cruisers, the President's launch codes, and a certain unlisted phone number. You know what I'm talking about.

Location: 42's bridge

Mira: Warp is almost into Zurg space.

Buzz: Booster, divert the power from the weapons to the thrusters.

The ship suddenly shakes.

Booster: Uh... I'm not one to disobey and order, but, well um, maybe this isn't the best time for that.

The ship is surrounded by hornets, who are firing on them.

Buzz: Ranger, divert that power!

Booster: Okay, Buzz.

He presses a red button (so... why does 42 have a specific button for diverting the weapon's power to the thrusters?).

Buzz: Hold on, Rangers!

42 speeds up and escapes from the hornets.

Location: Planet Z

Zurg is holding XR's head and cackling evilly.

Zurg: It's finally happened! All of the secrets of the Galactic Alliance are mine!

XR (being spun around): Whoa! Whoa! Gentle! I'm the big boody [I think that's what he said], remember?

Zurg: Oh! So sorry. Here, take a load off.

He puts XR on a console and connects some wires to him.

Zurg: A load of data, that is.

Zurg pulls a lever, and information starts to appear on Zurg's screens.

XR: Get out of my head!

Warp: Congratulations, my friend, you're hooked up to the greatest storage of electronic evil in the galaxy. How do you feel?

XR scowls at him.

Zurg (looking at a screen): The designs for the Alliance's new Star Cruiser - very nice. Oh, my! Who knew that a plasma ray would render their security nets useless! Wow! A new proton beam! I feel positively upbeat!

Suddenly, there's an explosion. The dust clears, and team Lightyear become visible.

Booster: Oh no! We're too late!

Zurg: Quite right. File download complete!

He points to a screen that says "File Download Complete". It then changes to an evil hand holding a (presumably evil) letter with writing saying "mail".

Zurg: Ooo, I've got mail.

He leaves.

Warp: You failed, Lightyear. And, interesting sidenote, you'll never leave here alive.

Hornets drop down behind him.

Buzz: Defensive positions, team!

They fire lasers at the hornets.

Mira: Keep making the hornets, Zurg, and we'll keep blasting them!

Zurg (in his throne, no doubt having read his mail): Maybe you will, and maybe you won't.

He presses a button on one of the armrests. A strane wave is sent throughout the room.

Team Lightyer's lasers stop working.

Booster (laughing): Ahh, that tickles!

Buzz: What was that?

Zurg: That was a neutrino wave - which, as I've just learned, makes your Star Command lasers useless [I'm guessing Star Command quickly designed new lasers after this episode, otherwise they wouldn't be able to stop Zurg in future episodes]!

Buzz: Blast! Hand-to-hand, Rangers!

Buzz slides across the floor, past many hornets, grabbing one and using it to knock over the others. Mira has to ghost while one goes flying through her, then takes out a numbr of others. Booster grabs one and hits the others with it.

Suddenly, a new batch of hornets walk in. Booster tries to hold them off, but there are too many.

Zurg (laughing evilly): I haven't had this much fun since we conquered that planet of orphans and puppies! Or was it babies and bunnies? I don't know. Lets see what else is in here!

He and Warp look at the screens.

XR: Buzz! Behind you!

Buzz goes flying by.

XR: Mira, watch out!

Mira is thrown past.

XR: Oh, all the knowledge of the Galactic Alliance and I'm helpless! Or am I?

He concentrates and sends information into Zurg's computer. It reaches the hornet assembly line, where a video of him appears on a screen.

XR: Change of plans, fellas. I've got a rush order on a custom job.

The old hornet parts are thrown away, and the factory begins work on something new.

XR (grinning evilly): Oh, yeah! When I'm good, I'm good!

Meanwhile, Booster and Mira have been captured by hornets.

Booster: Don't give up, Buzz.

Buzz breaks the arm off a hornet and starts shooting the others with it. He suddenly gets thrown back and a hornet shoots its hand onto his chest. He tries to pull it off but can't.

Zurg: Excellent! Buzz Lightyear has fallen, just as the Galactic Alliance will fall! This calls for a celebration!

Warp: Tomorrow's cake day.

Zurg: Oh, good! We'll combine them. We'll save a few pennies.

XR: Zurg!

Zurg: Yes?

XR: Download this!

Zurg: What?! Techno ticks?!

An army of techno ticks with XR's head crawl in.

XR: I made 'em myself.

Team Lightyear gasps in shock.

XR: It's all you can eat, boys! Be gluttonous! Gorge yourselves! That's right, dig in!

The ticks jump onto the hornets and incapacitate them

Team Lightyear breaks free, while Zurg and Warp back away from all the ticks, who are playing havoc with Zurg's computer.

Zurg: My files! My evil files!

The tick start chasing him.

Zurg: No! No! Shoo! No! Get away!

Buzz: Zurg, there's one vital piece of information that you never downloaded.

He begins freeing XR's head from the wires.

Zurg (chasing ticks away): Oh, really? What's that?

Buzz (smirking): Evil never wins.

Zurg: At the risk of being redundant: CURSE YOU, BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!!!

Location: 42's bridge

They fly away from Planet Z.

XR (putting his head back on): Oh boy, you don't realise how much you miss your body until you don't have one anymore.

Buzz: Ranger, we have some issues to discuss.

XR: Way ahead of you, big guy. Now before you go tossing around terms like "disciplinary action" or "suspended pay", let me just say that I've seen the error of my ways, and I'm going to wipe all that superfluous information from my memory right this very moment.

Buzz: Very good, Ranger.

XR: Except Vick Vortex's number.

Buzz: Ranger!

XR: Kidding! Kidding! Alright, commencing info wipe now.

He plugs into 42.

Booster: XR, how do you feel?

XR (scratching his head): Me am good.

He begins hitting into the walls.

Buzz: I think he dumped too much.

XR (looking at a screen): Whoa, look at all the pretty, blinky lights.

Mira: Yeah, why don't I get tech support on the line, huh?

The End

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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Mira Nova on Sat Nov 19, 2011 7:21 pm

HOLY CRAP!! This must have taken a looong time, hats off to you ^^
Mira Nova
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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Ranger-Nova on Sat Nov 19, 2011 10:34 pm

It took several hours. The dialogue wasn't so bad - I just had to rewrite everything they said (although I think I may have accidentally left out a word at a few points), but it was hard to describe all the actions and other stuff that was happening.

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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Alexa on Sat Nov 19, 2011 10:55 pm

Woah! Dedicated! I'm getting the episode onto my computer, so I'll help you by trying to figure out what words you may have missed, but I'll probably have to do that later, since it's getting late right now.

Episode transcripts are a good idea. Maybe we can schedule them to coincide with the Rewatch schedule, but it'd probably be better if you weren't the only one doing them, Ranger (I shall call you Ranger to differentiate you from Mira Nova, unless you want to be called a different name.) Then, completed transcripts can be posted on their corresponding episode's thread in the forum.

Just my thoughts, of course. We can do whatever.


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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Ranger-Nova on Sat Nov 19, 2011 11:11 pm

Ranger's fine. Smile

And while I'd be happy to do more episodes, it would certainly make life easier if other people did as well. In fact, I will dedicate the next chapter of my story to anyone who posts a transcript of Rookie of the Year or 42, since it's been almost ten years since I saw either of those.

And they can be posted wherever. I don't mind.

"If there's one thing I can't stand it's gambling! I'll lay you seven to one odds there'll be no more poker after tonight!" - XR

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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Steel on Sun Nov 20, 2011 4:04 am

I did "The Torque Armada" a while back, because I made subtitles for the particular .avi episode. And I was also in the process of doing "Gravitina". If people pitched in to help, it would be loads easier to finally get all these transcripts done! Especially when you can't catch a word or two...

I suggest the first post of this thread to be a master post and to link to each post we post a transcript of! I'll spruce up "The Torque Armada" one after I do my review for "Little Secrets"~


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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Ranger-Nova on Sun Nov 20, 2011 4:19 am

I've just finished Stress Test (and now I could do with a massage from Pwerta - my neck's killing me). Where should I post it?

"If there's one thing I can't stand it's gambling! I'll lay you seven to one odds there'll be no more poker after tonight!" - XR

[03:35:11] @ Alexa : The bad thing about having Zurg on my desk is that he judges me when I flail in excitement. XD

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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Ranger-Nova on Sun Nov 20, 2011 5:10 am

Well, here's Stress Test. If you want, it can be moved somewhere else.

There was one word of Zurg's I couldn't quite catch (he was mumbling - how come he only ever seems to mumble or shout - never anything imbetween?) but otherwise I got all the dialogue down okay.

Oh, and I'm not online during the week, so if anyone has a transcript request, I'll only be able to get to it on Friday. But I do plan on doing another transcript or two during the week, which I'll post on Friday.


Location: Asteroid belt

42 is parked in an asteroid field, while Booster bounces around in space.

Booster (doing a somersault): Look at me! Ha, ha! I'm Mr. zero-gravity! Yahoo! I'm light as a feather!

Booster floats downwards and lands on an asteroid. He sees Buzz.

Booster: Oh, hi, Buzz. How's it going?

Buzz: Not good, Booster. Zurg is up to something. I can feel it.

XR (muffled voice): I can't feel anything. I'm numb!

Booster: Oops! Sorry, XR!

He jumps up, revealing a crushed XR.

XR: Yeah, you're a feather alright.

He gets up and break out a whole lot of tools from his chest and starts fixing himself.

Booster (to Mira who's walked up to him): Buzz has got that "Zurg is up to something" feeling again.

Mira: Yeah, he seems kinda edgy. Must be something huge.

XR: We've checked every planet and half the asteroids in the quadrant. I think Buzz's perfect record is about to get a strike out.

Booster (shocked): XR! Are you suggesting that Buzz could be... WRONG?

Mira: Nobody's perfect, Booster.

Booster (gasping): MIRA!

Meanwhile, Buzz is scanning the area with binoculars. Team Lightyear walks up behind him.

Mira: Nothing suspicious, Sir.

Booster: Sorry, Buzz. No signs of Zurg.

XR: Nope, nothing here... but a zero-gravity playground.

Booster: Tattle-tale!

He pushes XR, who floats off, hits a rock, then floats off into space.


He stops, just in time to see a school shuttle heading straight for him. He waves his legs frantically, then activates a whole lot of rockets and jets out the way. The force of the rockets make him crash into the asteroid and form a crater.

Booster: Sorry, XR. I didn't mean to send you into orbit. Are you okay?

XR (getting up): Oh, yeah. I almost got side swiped by a school shuttle, but otherwise, I can't complain.

Buzz (looking thoughtful): A school shuttle... anything suspicious?

XR: I think you're missing the key issue here.

Buzz: Report, Ranger!

XR: Uh... uh... it was a school shuttle... uh, it was, uh, yellow.

Buzz (pounding his fist in his hand): Yellow, really? Well, isn't that normal. I'm gonna check out this "school shuttle".

He activates his jet pack and flies away.

The school shuttle is flying through the asteroids, and Buzz follows it. He stops in front, and holds out his hand. The shuttle stops, and Buzz flies to the hatch.

Buzz (opening the hatch and waving - although if there were real pupils, they'd have been sucked out now): Morning, Ma'am. Everything alright?

A clearly fake driver turns to him.

Clearly fake driver with clearly fake voice: Fine, thank you. Have a nice day.

Buzz: Ha, ha, ha. You have a nice day too.

He flies away.

As soon as he's gone, the driver sucks in its costume, revealing it to be a hornet.

Meanwhile, as he's leaving, Buzz suddenly realises something.

Buzz: Wait a minute! No school shuttle driver's that nice!

He turns around and sees the hornet. He blasts it with his laser, and the hole in its chest reveals a tape player.

Hornet (the voice going weird): Fine, thank you. Have a nice daaaaaaaay...

More hornets arrive, and Buzz punches his hand, ready for a fight.

Mira: Hornets!

Team Lightyear flies up to join Buzz. They group together and fire in all directions.

Mira: Where'd they come from?

Buzz: The school shuttle! Come on!

He flies away, and the others follow, XR repeatedly almost being left behind.

Buzz takes out some hornets, while others sneak up behind Mira.

Booster: I got 'em, Mira!

He grabs the one and hits the other with it.

A shot narrowly misses Mira, but XR blasts the hornet. He fires madly with his two red gunes, taking out a whole lot of hornets.

XR: Let's go! You want a piece of me? Here!

An arm pops out his chest, and he throws it at them. Suddenly, he sees more hornets headed for him.

XR: Okay...

Another arm pops out his chest, this time attached to his body, and holding a gun. He continues firing at them.

XR: I know what you're thinking, punk. How many arm's he got, you say?

He baks away into the shuttle, and blasts the hornets as they're about to enter.

XR: Ha, ha! Uh oh.

A beetle comes up behind him.

Outside the ship, XR's screaming can be heard as the shuttle shakes about.

Mira: It's XR! He's in trouble!

Buzz: You guys go! I'll finish up here!

Team Lightyear leaves, while Buzz goes mad, firing at all the hornet at warp speed. He begins sweating, but keeps destroying the bots at an astonishing pace. He suddenly sees that things aren't going well in the shuttle. He flies through the front windscreen and smashes out the back with the beetle.

He hits it, and manages to knock it into the asteroid field. He then turns to wave at his team.

XR: Buzz, look out!

The beetle comes up behind him. Buzz sees it and just moves out the way in time to avoid being hit be a laser blast. He sighs in relief.

*later on, presumably after defeating the beetle*

Buzz climbs into the shuttle.

Mira: Are you alright?

Buzz (with shadows under his eyes): Huh? Right as rain! So, that many hornets... I wonder what they were protecting.

He looks carefully around the shuttle.

Mira: Nothing here.

XR: I don't know, school shuttle out in the middle of nowhere... I'm thinking field trip.

Buzz: Hohoho, no, no no. That's what Zurg wants us to think.

He looks around the cockpit, where a smoking hornet is slumped a chair. He suddenly sees something - a blue pen.

Buzz (grabbig it): Rangers, we may have just saved the universe.

Team Lightyear stares at him.

Mira: But... that's a pen, Buzz.

Buzz: And I'm a fluffy bunny.

Team Lightyear exchange glances, wondering what's up with Buzz.

Location: Star Command Science Bay

Nebula: A pen?!

Buzz (clicking the pen wildly): Affirmative. Ballpoint, Commander.

Nebula: Am I missing something here?

Buzz: Oh, I think so. That Zurg is tricky, oh ho ho, yeah! He's a tricky one, suuuuure. What better way to disguise an important component in your latest plan to destroy the universe?

They all give Buzz "you're crazy" stares.

Buzz: Don't you see? It's all part of Zurg's ingenius plan.

Nebula: And... what plan is that, Buzz?

Buzz: I don't know, Sir.

Nebula: You... don't know?

Buzz: It's ingenius!

They continue to stare at him.

Nebula: Buzz, when was the last time you had a nice vacation?

Buzz: VACATION?! I DON'T NEED A VACATION!!! I mean, I'm fine, Sir. Besides, I couldn't think of taking a break while Zurg is up to something so... so.. ingenius.

Nebula: Son, you've been pulling double shifts, you've been blowing up hornets non-stop. Maybe the pressure's starting to affect your judgement.

Buzz: I'm fine.

Mira: It's a pen, Buzz.

XR (talking in dual-toned voice): Yeah, Zurg's probably going, "How can I destroy the universe without my pen?!"

He makes his face look vaguely Zurg-like.

Buzz: Look out!

He fires at XR, who jumps into Booster's arms. The laser leaves a crater in the floor.

Buzz: Oh, uh, sorry. I just heard that... thought... Zurg... never mind. So, as I was saying, I'm fine.

Nobody buys it.

Location: Dr. Animus's office.

Animus: Ja, I'm sure you had a vonderful childhood, Buzz.

Buzz: Aggressively normal, Doctor.

Animus: But you answers to zese emotional fitness test indicate that you need a vacation. Badly.

Buzz (laughing): I, uh, don't think so.

Animus (sighing): Let's try zis.

He presses a button and a screen pops out displaying an ink blot test.

Animus: Ink blots. Now, tell me, vhat do you see?

Buzz: Zurg.

Animus (pressing the button again): How about zis one?

Buzz: Zurg.

Animus: And zis one?

Buzz: Zurg.

Animus presses the button again, and the screen goes away.

Animus (taking out a picture of Mira): How about, zis, Buzz?

Buzz: Ah, that's Ranger Nova. She's happy - 'cause we got Zurg's pen!

Animus: You're obsessing, Buzz!

Buzz: No, I'm not!

Animus: You are too!

Buzz: Am not!

Animus: Are too!

He grabs the pen away.

Animus: Buzz... I know a little spa on Rhizome. It's a beautiful planet, completely free from conflict of any kind. How does a veek of R & R sound to you?

Buzz: My emotional fitness is tip-top, Doctor. Give me back that pen!

Location: Rhizome

Everything's peaceful and idyllic.

Buzz is standing in a clearing, still with shadows under his eyes. A Rhizomian approaches him.

Tubunch: Buzz, I'm Tubunch. Welcome to Rhizome. Welcome to Paradise.

Buzz: What do I have to do to get out of this place?

Tubunch: Just relax, Buzz. That's all. And the first step is getting out of that smelly old Ranger suit and putting on this.

He holds up a toga.

Buzz (walking away): No way I'm giving up my wrist ray.

Tudunch: Buzz, you must shed your tension. Peel off your cares, like you're one big onion - each layer revealing more goodness, more positivity. Remember, this is Rhizome. Accpet the way of nature and let go!

Buzz: Of my wrist ray?

Tubunch: Please.

Buzz (suspiciously): Who do you work for, Tubunch?

A flower pops out of the ground, and starts beeping.

Tubunch: It's for you.

Buzz peers over.

Nebula's face appears in the flower's center.

Nebula: Hello, Buzz.

Buzz: Commander?!

Nebula: Buzz, I think this vacation is gonna do you a world of good, Son. So take off suit and put on the toga, and RELAX! AND THAT'S AN ORDER! IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?! Nebula out.

The flower closes.

*later on*

Buzz is now wearing a toga, and looking unhappy.

Tubunch: Now, doesn't that feel better?

A Rhizomian woman can be seen watching them.

Tubunch: Buzz, this is Pwerta. She'll be your masseuse.

Pwerta (in a deep voice): Lie on da table, please. Face down.

Buzz folds his arms.

Pwerta grabs him and throws him onto the table. She then yanks his arm and hits his back.

Pwerta: Relax, please.

Buzz: Can't relax. Must protect universe.

Tubunch watches as Pwerta continues hitting Buzz, who screams.

Location: Dr. Animus's office

Animus presses a button.

Animus: Next.

The door opens. Zurg can be seen, flanked by to hornets and two grubs (how did they get onto Star Command without being noticed?)

Zurg: You have something I want.

Animus: Ah, please, sit down. Ve'll explore zis unresolved envy.

Zurg (looking creepy): My pen, Doctor. Give me my pen.

Location: Rhizome

Buzz is walking through an idyllic garden, rubbing his shoulder.

Tubunch follows him.

Tubunch: How was the massage?

Buzz: Well, Tubunch, I'm relaxed. Mission accomplished.

Tubunch: Then you'll love our mood garden!

He picks up a watering can, calls Buzz over to a clump of unopened purple flowers, and holds up some fertiliser.

Tubunch (while watering and fertilising the plant): I spread the fertiliser and water the plant with a relaxed and open heart, and the plant gives us the gift of beautiful flowers. Now you try.

He hands Buzz some fertiliser and the watering can. Buzz takes them.

Buzz: Uh, fine, sure.

He dumps the fertiliser on a clump of flowers, pours some water, then throws away the can. Nothing happens.

Tubunch: You need to approach the plants with a caring, peaceful heart. I think of butterflies and moonbeams.

Buzz: I gave them water, what more do they want?

Tubunch: They want you to relax, Buzz. Think happy thoughts.

Buzz: I'm so outta here.

He turns to leave, but finds that his feet have been ensnared by weeds. He struggles but can't break free.

Buzz: Oh, come on!

Tubunch: Wrapper weeds, to remind you to relax. Relax, Buzz.

He takes a deep breath, then exhales.

Buzz does the same, and the weeds go back into the ground.

Tubunch: Much nicer, isn't it?

Buzz: Yeah... yeah... this feels nice!

One of the purple flowers opens.

Tubunch: Oh my!

Buzz grabs the watering can and starts humming.

Meanwhile, a grub is watching through a clump of grass.

Location: A clearing on Rhizome

Hornets are scattered all about, doing various things. Most of them are building something.

Zurg is watching them all as they work.

Zurg: Excellent! This mossy little planet gives me a clear shot at Star Command! Grubs, begin construction of...

The background changes to red and purple.

Zurg: ... the HYPER Death Ray!

The background returns to normal.

A grub runs over and trips in the dirt by Zurg's feet... or rather skirt.

Zurg: I'm sorry, did you have a question?

Gurb (getting up): Lightyear, my Evil Emperor! He's here!

Zurg (angry at first, then calm): What?! Really? Ha, ha, ha, I'll have to make room in my schedule for his annihilation. Destory Star Command, and Buzz Lightyear! Why, it's a double-doey!

He laughs evilly.

Location: Mood garden

Buzz is sprinkling fertiliser on some flowers.

Tubunch: Whoa, you are so very relaxed. Somebody gets a gold star!

Buzz (about the flowers): Beautiful, aren't they?

Tubunch: Yes, Buzz, they are. Feel like a soak in the hot tub?

Buzz: Yes, that would be lovely.

Location: A hot spring

Buzz, wearing only a small cloth and his hood (like he'd take that off) slips into the spring while Tubunch holds some towels.

Buzz (sighing in delight at the hot water): How about a little zer-grav tennis later, huh?

Tubunch has been yanked away, and Zurg is now standing in his place.

Zurg: Of course, Lightyear, right after I obliterate Star Command! Isn't it delicious?

He does another evil laugh.

Buzz jumps out the water put his hand on his arm, ready to fire at Zurg.

Buzz: Eat laser, Zurg!

Zurg folds his amrs in amusement.

Buzz taps his arm a few times, only to realise he's not in his suit.

Buzz: Oh, craters.

Zurg (feeling around behind his cape): Hmm, what's this? Why, it's a little old DISINTEGRATER RAY!

He pulls out his arm, revealing a giant gun.

Buzz: Oh, I can disappear without that.

Zurg fires at Buzz, who jumps out the way.

Zurg: What?!

He sees Buzz is not in a tree. He continues firing, but Buzz swings away on a vine.

Zurg: Get him!

Location: Somewhere else on Rhizome

Buzz is putting on his grey undersuit.

Buzz: I knew something was up! I knew it! Ink blots, mood gardens, back rubs! I should have been out there fighting!

He suddenly sees a beetle coming his way. It knocks down a whole lot of plants while Buzz is hiding. When it leaves, Buzz hops out.

Buzz (pressing his chest): To infinity - dang!

He then sees a large stick lying o the ground.

Buzz: Ah!

He picks it up and charges at the beetle, hitting it with the club. The stick breaks, and the beetle remains undamaged.

Buzz turns and runs away, closely followed by the robot. He comes to the edge of a cliff.

Buzz: Ahh! Whoa!

He steadies himself and wipes some sweat off his head. Then he hears the beetle approaching.

Buzz: You can't push me! I'm jumping.

He pretends to dive over the edge. The beetle crains its head over to look, and Buzz (who's hanging onto the side of the cliff) pulls it and throws it down.

Buzz: I'm not that stupid - but you are! And top heavy too!

Location: The place where Zurg has all the Rhizomians locked up

Buzz is creeping along with a leaf disguise over him. He sees a fenced off area with watchtowers, where Zurg is keeping his prisoners.

Buzz creeps up to the fence, and pauses briefly when a spotlight shines over him. He then continues creeping. He locates Tubunch, who is talking to some other alien on the other side of the fence.

Buzz: Psst! Tubunch! What do you know about Zurg's plan?

Tubunch: Well, when he was imprisoning us, he did mention something about a death ray.

Other alien: Hyper death ray, actually.

Tubunch (not worried): Right! To blow up Star Command!

The hornet guard shines the light in Buzz's direction again.

Buzz (ducking down into his disguise): Blast!

As soon as the light's gone, Buzz gets up again.

Tubunch: But you've got the power of nature, Buzz! Remember, the mood garden?

Buzz: Yeah, great. Do you have anything I can use as a weapon?

Tubunch (giggling): At the spa? We have no use for weapons.

Buzz: Of course not! Wouldn't want to get in the way of planetary conquest.

Tubunch: We have no use for sarcasm either. Smile!

Location: Rhizomian forest

Some hornets are patrolling, while Buzz watches behind some plants.

After they leave, Buzz looks around and sees a shed.

Buzz: Hmm... promising.

He bursts the doors open, only to find the place is filled with tool.s

Buzz (sighing): Garden shed.

He then sees a gun-shaped object hanging on the wall.

Buzz: Hello!

He grabs it and steps out.

Buzz: Looking for me?

The hornets turn around.

Buzz fires the "gun" at them. It shoots fertiliser onto the ground, which flowers spring from.

Buzz: Fertiliser.

The hornets start stomping towards him.

Buzz (lifting the gun): Well, when in Rome...

He fires at them again, covering the three hornets in fertiliser. Pink flowers start growing on them.

Buzz: On you they look good.

A beetle comes up behind him and grabs him.

Buzz (being squeezed): So, you survived the fall, huh? Impressive.

Location: HYPER Death Ray!

The HYPER Death Ray! is now finished... except for one vital component...

The flowery hornets approach Zurg.

Zurg: Did you get Lightyear?

Them step out the way, revealing the beetle with Lightyear in its grasp.

Zurg: Ah, Lightyear. Just in time to watch me destroy Star Command!

Buzz: You're never going to get away with this, Zurg!

Zurg: well, that may have been true the other.. dozen times that you said it... but - but this time I'm good to go! Although, I have to admit, when you stopped my school shuttle, you came very close to preventing from completing my...

The red background appears again.

Zurg: ...HYPER Death Ray!

The background changes to normal.

Zurg: I believe you know Dr. Animus.

He points to the doctor, who is being held by two hornets.

Animus: I'm reconsidering you diagnosis.

Zurg (background changing again): The HYPER Death Ray!...

Background returns to normal.

Zurg: ...is nothing more than a big noise maker without this!

He takes the pen from Dr. Animus.

Zurg: But with this, the pen-like triggering device, it becomes a weapon capable of more than death. It becomes an agent of...

The background changes again.

Zurg: ...HYPER death!

The background goes normal.

Zurg: Which is much... worser... than just... [couldn't hear the word] plain death. Well, in any case, you will have the rare pleasure of destroyed!

He puts the pen in a slot on the HYPER Death Ray's! controls.

Buzz struggles in the beetle's grasp, trying to break free and save Star Command.

Zurg: Oh, calm down, Lightyear. This is Rhizome. No need to stress out. Set targeting co-ordinants on Star Command! Begin arming sequence!

He laughs evilly and picks a flower off one of the hornets.

Zurg (smelling the flower): Ah, the spa is relaxing. I'm letting go, I can feel it.

Location: Star Command

Mira, Booster and Xr step onto the control center/bridge place (can't remember what it's called).

Mira: What's going on?

Nebula: The LGMs have detected a large energy build-up in sector six. Someone's triangulating on Star Command.

XR: Well, let's find them and tell them to cut it out.

Nebula: We're sitting ducks. Someone's gonna take a shot at us with a death ray.

The LGMs are watching the needle on a dial go up.

LGM1: No death ray.

Nebula: It's not a death ray?

LGM2: More like mega death ray.

The dial blows up.

LGMs: Oooo....

Mira: What is it?

LGM2: Oooo.... hyper death ray.

Nebula: Okay, it's a hyper death ray. Can we get a fix on the origin?

LGMs: Rhizome.

Nebula (scratching his head): Rhizome?

Booster: But that's a peaceful planet.

Nebula: Why would Rhizome build a death ray?

LGM2: Hyper death ray.

Nebula: What's the difference?

LGM2: More death.

Mira: Zurg must be on Rhizome!

Booster: Jumping Jupiter! We've gotta get there!

LGM: No time.

Nebula: Then what are we gonna do?

LGM2: Uh... hyper die?

Nebula: Well, I for one don't plan on dying. Not in this life time!

XR: I think that's hyper dying, Sir.

Nebula: Don't we have a ship in that area?

XR (realising): Buzz! Buzz is on Rhizome!

Mira: That's right! Dr. Animus sent him there to relax.

Nebula: Well, I guess it's up to Buzz.

XR: Oh, I hope he's not too relaxed.

Location: HYPER Death Ray!

Buzz is still trapped in the beetle's grasp.

Zurg: Excellent! Super! Jim-crackin' dandy! In just a few moments, we'll be ready to turn your precious Star Command into a cloud of galactic dust!

He has yet another evil laugh.

Buzz remains stoic.

Zurg (abruptly stopping his laughter): What's wrong, Lightyear? Why aren't you more upset?

Buzz: Because you'll never succedd, Zurg.

Zurg: What, is that something they teach you in Ranger school? Evil always fails, good will always triumph, bla bla bla bla. Well, you've failed your finals. You're captured, my...

*background change*

Zurg: ...HYPER Death Ray!

*end of background change*

Zurg (while he is a talking, a weed is growing): ... is pointed right at at Star Command, and it's ready to fire. Unless I'm missing something, that's everything on my checklist a success. And, when Star Command is no more, what is Buzz Lightyear going to do? You have no skills, Buzz, you have nothing to fall back on. Memorise this phrase, it may come in handy: "Warm fries with that, Ma'am?" Ha, ha, ha, fries, ha, ha, ha!

Buzz struggles to break free.

Grub (saluting) :Ready to fire, Evil Emperor Zurg!

Zurg: What? What? Oh, good! Good! Good!

Buzz notices the wrapper weed growing up the beetle. He somehow manages to push the beetle's arms apart and escape.

Zurg: So... you're free. Well... fiddle-dee-dee. Crush him!

As the beetle approaches, Buzz jumps onto its back.

Buzz (jumping up and down): Hey, Zurg! You really tick me off, you know that? You make me angry! Very angry! Very, verrry, aaaangry!

Zurg: You do need a vacation.

Wrapper weeds, sparked off by Buzz's anger, climb up the beetle. Buzz jumps off.

Zurg (to the hornets): Need I say it? Get him!

The hornets surroud Buzz, but he jumps away just as they leap at him. They fall the ground and are covered in weeds.

Two more hornets fire at Buzz, but he grabs a weed and uses it as a lasso, and grabs the two hornets with it. They are then covered in more weeds.

Buzz: I'm not relaxed at all here!

He climbs up the HYPER Death Ray! while weeds follow him.

The hornets prepare to fire, but Zurg stops them.

Zurg: Hold your fire! Don't damage the...

*background change*

Zurg: ...HYPER Death Ray!

*end of background change*

Buzz reaches the top of the gun, and puts his foot over the front of it. The rest of the gun has been covered in plants.

Buzz: Ha! Who's got the upper hand now, Zurg?

His happiness causes the plants to retreat.

Buzz: Uh oh. Need anger, need anger. Uh... uh... sixth birthday... begged Nana Lightyear for a Ranger X Big Boy rocket! That toy was awesome - jet real flames - and I get socks! She gives me socks! What kind of birthday present is socks?! Tell me that, Nana!

Zurg: Congratulations, Lightyear. The...

*background change*

Zurg: ... HYPER Death Ray!

*end of background change*

Zurg: ...is all wrapped up in ivy. So what? It will still fire. Oh, and, uh, Buzz, look where you're standing. When I pull the trigger, you're going to be blown up right along with Star Command!

Buzz: Oh boy!

Zurg: Ta-ta, Lightyear!

He pulls the pen down.

Buzz jumps off as the weapon prepares to fire. He grabs a vine that's attached to the gun and pulls. He manages to get the gun to move down a bit. It fires.

Location: Star Command:

LGM2: Hyper death ray on the way.

LGM1: Impact in seconds!

Mira: I guess Buzz couldn't stop it.

The station shakes.

Nebula: What the devil is that?

LGMs: Hyper death!

The beam shoots past Star Command.

LGM2: Ooo... hyper death ray. Want one.

Mira: What happened?

Nebula: I think I know what happened.

Booster: I know I know what happened!

Mira: Thanks, Buzz.

Location: HYPER Death Ray!

Grub: Missed.

Zurg: Alright, then just correct it and fire again!

Buzz, using the vine, manages to pull the HYPER Death Ray! down just as it fires again.

Zurg mutters angrily.

The beam blasts a hole through the fence holding the Rhizomian prisoners.

Buzz (calling out to them): Uh... 'scuse me!

He suddenly hears Zurg cackle and turn around. Zurg is in a small ship aiming a gun at him.

Zurg: This will be very therapuetic!

Buzz: Forget it, Zurg. Good has triumphed, as it always will. The universe is always on the side of truth and justice.

Zurg: Uh-uh, is not! Says you, you big smarty-pants!

His anger causes wrapper weeds to rise from the ground and surround his ship.

Zurg (as the weeds wrap around his ship): No! No! Get out of here!

He breaks free and flies away.

Zurg (as the ship rockets away): Curse you, Buzz Lightyear!

Location: Rhizomian garden

Team Lightyear has arrived.

Mira: Is everything alright here?

Tubunch: Oh, yes. Everything's fine. It's nice to see you.

Booster: Well, what happened to Zurg?

Tubunch: He left. He was not relaxed.

XR: And Buzz? Where's Buzz?

Tubunch: I believe you'll find him in the mood garden with Dr. Animus.

Location: Mood garden

Buzz is soaking in the hot spring while Animus is covered in wrapper weeds.

Buzz: You're a calm lake. You got to relax, Doctor. Relaaaaax....

The End

"If there's one thing I can't stand it's gambling! I'll lay you seven to one odds there'll be no more poker after tonight!" - XR

[03:35:11] @ Alexa : The bad thing about having Zurg on my desk is that he judges me when I flail in excitement. XD

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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Steel on Sun Nov 20, 2011 5:42 am

Oooh, perfect! No, keeping them all in one thread will do. I'll take the liberty of editing your first post a little to add links to these individual posts. Also, I would suggest hiding them behind spoilers to keep the page from appearing too long!

Now that I wrote the Rewatch, I'll go over "The Torque Armada" one last time before posting it too~! And anyone could pitch in and help! The more people on this, the faster it'll be!

Not sure if any of you are familiar with Avatar: The Last Airbender, but one big fansite has episode transcripts up right here. Maybe we could try to follow a similar format as them for future reference? Just a thought! I'm still stuck on separating each BLoSC episode into acts... how does one define an act anyway?

ab103's idea is good too! I try to write summaries for every Rewatch I do, but I don't have the time to do transcripts, as well! I might over Christmas break, but I'm in uni, so... derp.



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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Ranger-Nova on Sun Nov 20, 2011 6:50 am

Okay, thanks Steel!

I think the next episode I'll do is A Zoo Out There. I'll do that one and perhaps another during the week and post them on Friday.

So, anyone else want to write transcripts? It'd take a lot quicker if we all worked at it.

"If there's one thing I can't stand it's gambling! I'll lay you seven to one odds there'll be no more poker after tonight!" - XR

[03:35:11] @ Alexa : The bad thing about having Zurg on my desk is that he judges me when I flail in excitement. XD

I ship way too many couples.



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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Steel on Sun Nov 20, 2011 8:04 am


Act One

A backdrop of space pans down to show a far shot of Tradeworld. The camera zooms in and XR is heard speaking as he and Booster slow down their jetpacks as they make their descent into the city.

XR: Tradeworld... the criminal capital of the Gamma Quadrant. This place is dangerous, Booster, so here's the plan. You watch my back; I'll watch yours. Come to think of it your back's pretty big, it's a lot to watch. New plan! We both watch my back!

They touch down in front of a bar.

XR: This is it, Booster, the Black Hole. And the patrons here, by the way, are truly "the crème de la scum."

BOOSTER: Okay, okay. Identify and apprehend, identify and apprehend.

Booster nervously opens his wrist communicator and a hologram of their mission and suspect appear.

MISSION LOG: Suspect: Torque. Wanted in all fifty Sectors. For terrorism, smuggling, arson, unpaid parking tickets.

Booster cuts the feed and braces himself.

BOOSTER: Okay, I'm ready.

XR: Now listen to me, let's scope out the clientèle. Listen to me carefully! Watch what I do, watch what I say, take the time to soak up the atmosphere, as it were. Now that's an interesting concept, if you—Booster? Booster!

Looking around, XR discovers that Booster is gone.

XR: I said soak, didn't I say soak?!

Inside the bar, Booster is making his way determinedly through the patrons, who begin complaining at being jostled and bumped into.

PATRON #1: Hey! Hurgh! Ugh! What's the big idea?!

PATRON #2: You big oaf!

PATRON #3: Play with the—!

PATRON #4: Hey, watch it!

PATRON #5: Watch out!

PATRON #6: Ow!

XR enters the bar.

XR: Booster!

PATRON #7: All right!

XR begins to make his way through the various patrons again. Though they are annoyed again, they don't complain.

XR: Boost—! Oh, pardon me, was that a foot? Booster!

Booster finally makes it to one lone table.

BOOSTER: Mr. Torque!

Torque looks up with an unimpressed expression on his face.

BOOSTER: Pursuant to the authority of Star Command, I hereby place you under arrest! Get up!
Torque begins to rise.

TORQUE: What's the matter, Tiny? You can't say...

Torque draw out a blaster and points it at Booster.

TORQUE: ..."please"?

BOOSTER: Drop it! ...Please?

TORQUE: Too late! Haha! I'm miffed.

XR finally catches up with Booster, not noticing Torque yet.

XR: Well here you are, it's about time! See? Now you didn't soak! I said soak, and you didn't soak! No! You marched right up to—gyah!

Noticing Torque, XR lowers his voice as he addresses Booster.

XR: Did you tell him to drop the weapon?

Booster sighs and nods and XR lowers his voice further.

XR: Well, a please ought to do it...

XR assumes a louder voice and addresses Torque.

XR: Well! I think you'd better do what my rather immense colleague says.

TORQUE: No go, chips-for-brains. I'm not afraid of Space Rangers.

An unknown male voice is heard.

VOICE: Maybe you should be.

Surprised, Torque looks around. The patrons run off, clearing the area, and one figure remains at the bar, garbed in a battered coat that hides his features. One of Torque's brows raise. The figure is holding a drink in his hand, shaking the purple liquid around almost nonchalantly. Torque's eyes narrow in preparation and suspicion. The figure suddenly jumps back, shedding the cloak, revealing himself to be Buzz Lightyear as he fires at Torque with his wrist ray, causing him to cry out and drop the blaster before he can fire.

BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: You lose, lawbreaker.

Buzz makes his way towards Torque. One of the patrons, named Smeego, sticks his head out from the crowd momentarily.

SMEEGO: Buzz Lightyear!?

He quickly darts back down to hide behind the crowd as Buzz stops before Torque, hands on his hips. while Torque keeps both hands in the air.

BUZZ: Yes, the long arm of the law reaches even into a cesspool like this.

With a grin, Buzz beckons to Torque.

BUZZ: Let's go, Torque.

Torque suddenly grins and produces another set of arms from beneath his coat, both clutching a blaster each.

TORQUE: 'Fraid not, Buzz-Boy!

Buzz, Booster and XR jump back. Buzz ducks for cover behind a round table as Torque laughs and fires a blast at him.

BUZZ: Multi-limbed aliens. Hate 'em!

Torque continues to fire and Booster runs to escape the blasts. Frightened patrons huddle behind tables and on chairs, trying to avoid the fire. XR flees from a particularly close blast. Buzz rises up from behind the table, exposing his head and arms, attempting to get a clear shot at Torque, but Torque avoids Buzz's fire and ducks behind the bar counter. Torque continues his barrage of fire, peering up from over the counter.
A patron huddles behind a chair which is shot three time and runs out of the bar screaming. XR fires at Torque with a Star Command shotgun, but his blasts hit a table behind which another patron is huddling. XR's blasts narrowly miss another patron whose eye stalks part from their eyeballs to avoid being hit before he ducks for cover.

Holding a similar shotgun, Booster and XR fire at Torque together, but their blasts bounce off the counter and back at them, and they drop the shoguns and leap out of the way before getting hit in a blast that disintegrates the weapons. XR spots a skylight up above and extends his hand to grip the railing, hoisting himself up.

Having previously exposed himself and focusing solely on Torque, Buzz doesn't notice someone taking aim at his back.

PURPLE THUG: Say bye, Buzz!

There is a mystifying sound and someone grabs the gun from his hands.


Mira Nova's upper body appears through the wall behind him, smiling as she aims the gun at him.

MIRA NOVA: Say hi, Mira.

The thug and nearby patrons flee as Mira enters, passing wholly through the wall.

MIRA:Anybody here need backup?

Buzz waves gratefully to Mira.

BUZZ: Well done, Ranger.

A random blast from one of Torque's blasters hits Buzz's table and disintegrates it, and Buzz jumps out of the way. Torque continues to fire non-stop, boasting, but fails to notice XR above his head.

TORQUE: I heard Space Rangers are tough! Hahaha! Guess I heard wrong!

XR presses a button on his chassis and an electrified net drops down on Torque. Surprised, he cries out, but is pinned to the floor as Booster approaches.

BOOSTER: This time I mean it, Torque!

Booster grabs the bar's counter and tears it off, lifting it over his head and exposing Torque trapped beneath the net.

BOOSTER: You are under arrest.

BUZZ: What do you think of Space Rangers now, smart guy?

Looking disgruntled, Torque grumbles, but afterwards assumes a defeated expression.

TORQUE: Ugh, yeah right...

Cut to Star Cruiser 42 flying through space. Torque's voice is heard, mocking Buzz.

TORQUE: Hey, Lightyear! How many space rangers does it take to change a lighting filament?

Buzz is busy making a sandwich near Torque's holding cell, appearing rather peaceful.

TORQUE: A hundred. One to hold the filament and ninety-nine to turn the star cruiser!

Buzz suddenly frowns, gritting his teeth as he crushes the sandwich in a hand. As Torque continues to tease, Buzz makes his way towards his cell.

TORQUE: Oh, here's a good one! Three space rangers walk into a—

BUZZ: Not that I care one iota what you say but you're really pushing me.

TORQUE: Let's go! Right here, right now!

BUZZ: I have nothing to prove to you!

Buzz waves his hand and starts walking away, but darts back to Torque's cell quickly.

BUZZ: But I could take you down with one hand tied behind my suit.

TORQUE: You wanna step outside and say that?

BUZZ: Anytime, punk.

Mira's voice is heard on a speaker, interrupting the two.

MIRA: Buzz, we're entering Star Command.

The scene cuts to Star Command, where Booster and XR have disembarked and are walking down the dock when they encounter two Star Command Guard-Bots. XR quickly darts between one of the robots and Booster.

XR: Whoahohohohoho, 'scuse me, pal. But, ah, be a little careful here, you see, when—when these Guard-Bots are on duty they permit no interference. Am I right?

XR pats the Guard-Bot's arm and it automatically smacks him, sending him bouncing around the docking bay's railing before rolling to a stop before Booster's feet. Grumbling, XR rights himself and makes a comment on the Guard-Bot, who looks down at him with a frown.

XR: Don't look so smug, Muscles. I've seen your specs. You've got a brain chip the size of a dust-mite.

Three more Guard-Bots emerge from the ship, two of them leading on a chained Torque who struggles against his bonds.

TORQUE: Easy on the creases, Robo.

BUZZ: Don't forget to write!

Torque scowls over his shoulder at Buzz who waves at him.

TORQUE: You haven't seen the last of me, Buzz-cut!

BUZZ: No? Well, the first of you is bad enough! Hah! That got him.

XR rolls up to Buzz eagerly.

XR: So! What's next up on the agenda, Skipper? Patrolling for interstellar pirates? Restoring peace to a war-torn planet?

The scene cuts to XR drifting in space with the other members of Team Lightyear, scowling.

XR: Checking safety buoys on Tanker Alley?! Come on!

MIRA: Uh, not that I feel like I'm above a routine assignment, it's just that, hello? Boring!

Buzz puts his hands on his hips, less than amused at his rookies' complaints.

BUZZ: Boring, is it? Who here knows what happens to crystallic fusion fuel upon impact?

XR: It explodes Big, huge, mega blow-ups! Scour the ceramic polymers right off a poor robot!

BUZZ: Exactly. And what do the tankers traveling Tanker Alley carry?

Booster hops up and down excitedly, waving his arm.

BOOSTER: Oh, me, me, me! I know this one, oh, oh oh!

Dejected, Mira sighs and answers.

MIRA: Crystallic fusion fuel.

Booster stops and lowers his hand, ears drooping.


BUZZ: That's why safety is job one here on Tanker Alley. Sure, this may not be a glamorous assignment but, "Safe space ways save lives."

There is a loud horn blare from behind them as a tank whizzes by dangerously close. Buzz and XR are shaken, with the robot even losing his balance and spinning around. Buzz rights himself and points to the tanker.

BUZZ: Good example. Watch this.

As he speaks, the tanker drifts towards a set of buoys.

BUZZ: The buoys set up an electrified barrier which stops the pilot-less tankers from escaping Tanker Alley and posing a threat to other traffic.

The buoys spark with red electricity and bounce against the tanker's hull, causing its course to change and drift somewhere else.

BUZZ: So! Ready to commence safety inspections, Rangers?

Though Buzz speaks with gusto, XR's tone is bored and Mira's is indifferent.

XR: You're the boss.

MIRA: Whatever.

BUZZ: That's the spirit.

Booster pumps his fist in the air excitedly, Mira and XR staring at him.

BOOSTER: Let's go! Show me the buoys!

Buzz offers a crooked, but pleased smile at Booster's enthusiasm.

Cut to a prisoner transport vessel flying through space. Prisoners are shackled inside and three Star Command Guard-Bots are at the helm, along with two patrolling the aisle. All sorts of non-humans are shackled at the ankles, as well as a few familiar faces.

SMEEGO: Torque! H-H-Hey, what a coincidence! They picked me up on a bogus charge, it'll never stick, but I like—

TORQUE: Keep your little yapper clipped, Flea Boy.

SMEEGO: Sure, yeah, you got it, hey, no problem, I hear ya—

There's a sudden explosion and the vessel shakes.

SMEEGO: Hey! What was that?

TORQUE: Ambush.

The Guard-Bots reveal their weapons and aim them towards the sealed door in the back, where sounds are coming from. The door is blasted aside and three Hornets fire upon the Guard-Bots.

SMEEGO: Zurg's Hornets!

After an exchange of fire, the Hornets are atomized by the Guard-Bots, but more emerge from the doorway, and this time manage to bring down the Guard-Bots. Torque struggles to free himself from his bonds and escape while the Hornets take down the last Guard-Bot. One of the Hornets switches its cannon for another piece of equipment and approaches Torque and Smeego.

SMEEGO: Don't hurt me! I-I-I'm nobody! I'm nothing!

As Smeego cowers and tries to look inconspicuous, the Hornet approaches Torque and fires at his bonds, freeing him. Torque looks stunned at first, then excited as he gets to his feet and grabs the Hornet's shoulders

TORQUE: Way to pop the targets, Sweetheart!

The Hornets begin to lead Torque away and Smeego suddenly sticks his head up again.

SMEEGO: Hey! Don't leave me! I-I've got connections! I'm somebody!

The scene changes to show one of the red structures on Planet Z, none other than Zurg's fortress. Inside, Brain Pods and Grubs go about their business and Torque, accompanied by Hornets, begins to protest.

TORQUE: Hey, back off! Scaboo, baby! Scram!

They come to a stop before Zurg's throne when a claw descends from above, grabbing Torque by the head before placing him on a slab that rises from the center of the floor and strapping him there. Torque struggles to free himself as an evil looking machine with a pointed tip descends upon him, stopping just short of being inches away from his chest. Zurg emerges, pleased with this turn of events.

ZURG: Welcome to my little Funhouse! I'd give you the full tour, but we're a bit pressed for time.

Although Torque isn't amused, he puts on a face of interest for the Evil Emperor.

TORQUE: Hey, what a pad, baby! To what do I owe the honor, Emperor Z?

ZURG: As a matter of fact, I have plans for you. Big plans!

Torque starts sweating in fear and attempts to decline with his usual sass.

TORQUE: Sorry, gotta pass1 Dad's card's full.

Zurg suddenly grabs Torque by the collar, dragging both him and the slab close as his temper and voice rise.

ZURG: I refuse to accept no for an answer!

Then he nonchalantly releases him and pushes the slab back into place, waving a hand.

ZURG: It's one of the perks of being an Evil Emperor. That and all the popcorn shrimp you can eat.

Zurg clasps his hands, delighted at the prospect of popcorn shrimp. Torque struggles against his bonds again, getting angrier by the second.

TORQUE: Let me go!

ZURG: Don't bother! Those bonds are an unbreakable alloy! My Grubs' latest invention.

The scene pans out to show Zurg waving at the Grubs on the lower floor.

ZURG: Good work, Grubs!

GRUBS: Ooh, thank you, Evil Emperor Zurg!

Zurg leans closer to Torque, lowering his voice.

ZURG: I'm trying to praise them more, my... management consultant says it'll boost productivity.

He stands back and raises his voice as the Grubs below begin to fiddle with some control settings.

ZURG: You are about to receive amazing powers! Powers that will enable you to defeat... Buzz Lightyear!

This bit of news finally makes Torque warm up and he grins.

TORQUE: Well! Why didn't you say so? Drop the hammer, sweethearts!

The machine above Torque's head begins to spark with a dangerous-looking neon electricity as Zurg begins to leave the room. It also emits a loud hissing sound that is hard to speak over.

ZURG: By the way. Did I mention that this will be incredibly painful?

TORQUE: Say what?

The doors slide open to admit Zurg as he leaves, chuckling.

ZURG: Never mind! Not important.

Through the closed doors, you suddenly her Torque scream in pain and a green light gleams through the cracks.

Act Two

Back in Tanker Alley, Team Lightyear is hard at work repairing the buoys. Buzz is repairing one of the buoys as a Tanker drifts by him and he discards useless parts with a tired, bored expression on his face. Mira does her repairs by ghosting her hands through the buoys and going by feel. XR and Booster are working on a buoy together as the Jo-Adian dusts it off and XR presses a button to turn it on. It doesn't turn on and XR keeps pressing the button until Booster shakes his hand and attempts to fix it with a few shakes. However, he manages to break off the top part and the two panic, trying to repair it. XR exclaims and points at Buzz approaching, his expression bored, and XR acts as the top part of the buoy so Buzz doesn't notice that it's been broken s Booster hides the part behind his back.

Just as Buzz starts repairing another buoy, the boisterous and mocking voice of another Space Ranger interrupts him from his work.

ROCKET CROCKETT: Lightyear! Buddy! I see you've finally got an assignment worthy of your skills.

BUZZ: Eh, what brings you out here, Crockett? Need me to save your hide again?

Rocket laughs and slaps his knee, then draws close with a smug smirk.

ROCKET: Actually, I thought it might interest you to know that Torque's transport was ambushed by Hornets. He escaped.

BUZZ: What?! How could they—argh! Let's go, team! We've got a mission.

Mira, XR and Booster turn and straighten, but Rocket interrupts Buzz.

ROCKET: Not so fast, Ace. I've got a mission. You get to stay out here and direct traffic.

Rocket activates his jetpack and flies back up towards his Star Cruiser.

ROCKET: Keep up the good work, kids! Maybe you'll be promoted to crossing guards.

He laughs and flies off in the ship, leaving Team Lightyear looking disgruntled, Buzz more than the others.

BOOSTER: Huh! Shows you how much he knows, right, Buzz?

BOOSTER: This may not be a glamorous assignment...

While Booster continues to speak, Buzz grinds his teeth together and growls, his voice rising steadily in frustration. Mira and XR notice this and XR hastens to get Booster out of there.

BOOSTER: ...but "Safe space w—"!

XR: We'll just be over here.

XR pushes Booster aside and activates his rocket to fly them a little further away.


Mira looks at Buzz in concern as he finally rests against a buoy, still seething. She flies over to him to speak with him.

MIRA: You okay?

BUZZ: Oh, fine. Perfect, never better. Why do you ask?

MIRA: You know, Buzz, it wouldn't hurt you to open up. Admit it. You'd rather be tracking down Torque than doing road-side service.

It is obvious by his expression that Mira is right, but he turns back to her with a determined look on his face.

BUZZ: Listen up and listen good. When duty calls, a Ranger answers. No questions, no complaints.

He turns his back to her and floats away, but Mira smirks knowingly and crosses her arms.

MIRA: And Torque's escape?

At this, he cracks, gesticulating wildly and shouting as he paces around a buoy.

BUZZ: It's got Zurg's fingerprints all over it! Augh! I cannot believe that Rocket Crockett is out there chasing space scum while I'm stuck in a lower-ended any-flunky-space-rookie-one day-out-of-the-Academy-can-do-in-his-sleep assignment!

XR and Booster exchange looks at Buzz's tirade, but Mira continues to smile.

MIRA: That's pretty open.

Buzz finally sighs, deflating, his shoulders sagging.

BUZZ: Thank you.

Back on Planet Z, Zurg is sitting on his throne and playing with a joystick, connected to a machine up above that fires green rays at a prisoner's ankles, who scampers each time to escape the shots. The doors slide open to admit two Hornets and Torque, and he does not look pleased.

Zurg tosses the joystick aside.

ZURG: Exercise time for the prisoner is now over.

The prisoner sits on the floor and pants, but a secret compartment on the floor sides open to reveal a hole which the prisoner drops through helplessly.

ZURG: Ahhh, how's the patient? Feeling... better, I trust?

TORQUE: Can the bedside manner, Doctor Z! You said awesome power, but I got zilch. Except for this.

Torque parts his jacket to show a metal plaque that has been affixed to his chest. Zurg climbs down from his throne to get a better look, peering down at it and touching it to make sure the procedure went smoothly.

ZURG: Placement appears to be proper...

Grubs have gathered upon the edge of the floor to hear what Zurg has to say about their work.

GRUBS: Yes! And?

ZURG: Uh... edges are... even.


Zurg sighs and covers his face with a hand, grimacing, before finally turning back to the Grubs and forcing his voice to sound nice.

ZURG: Another nice job, Grubs.

GRUBS: Oh, you're just saying that!

The Grubs are bashful but get spooked when Zurg suddenly turns on them angrily.

ZURG: Of course I am, you—!

The Grubs dart back down below for cover and Torque, fed up, grabs Zurg by the mantle and drags him close in a threatening manner.

TORQUE: So what is it?

He freezes when he hears a whine from behind him, the two Hornets aiming their cannons at him. Zurg waves them down until their cannons retract back into fingers, then pries Torque's fingers off of him before giving him a harsh-voiced warning.

ZURG: Don't! Ever! Touch! Me!

Zurg assumes a less hostile posture, almost apologetic, then explains himself.

ZURG: I've got a... thing about personal space.

Zurg slides away, rubbing his hands, then turns back to Torque.

ZURG: Now... simply apply your hands to your chest. Like so.

Zurg demonstrates, and Torque blankly looks at his chest.

Zurg loses his patience again and his voices rises as he rattles his fists.

ZURG: Do it!

Torque does so, touching one hand to the plaque, then quivers. He exclaims, his body splits into two, and suddenly there are two identical Torques staring at each other, one with the plaque still affixed to his chest and one without it.

TORQUE and CLONE #1: Whoah!

TORQUE: Double Trouble!

Torque eyes his clone appreciatively, stroking his chin.

TORQUE: Not bad.

His clone winks and gestures at him.

CLONE #1: Right back atcha, Beauty!

Torque and his clone shake hands, grinning.

ZURG: Impressive, no? It's the latest in cell-separation technology.

Torque pressed the plaque gain and creates another clone of himself.

TORQUE: I dig! With a capital D.

CLONE #1 and CLONE #2: Ditto, Sweetheart!

ZURG: Yes, yes, I'm sure you'll all be very happy together, but first! There's a little matter of obliterating my enemies!

Cut to Buzz, still busy repairing buoys in Tanker Alley.

BUZZ: Not fair! I'm stuck out here while Crockett gets all the action.

He leans against the buoy, bored and disinterested, until he hears a familiar voice.

TORQUE: Oh, Buzzy, baby!

BUZZ: You.

TORQUE: Like I promised, Buzzy. Just you and me. One on one. Mano y mano, sweetheart! So what's it gonna be?

Torque revs his bike and zooms around Buzz.

TORQUE: You gonna call you little pallies, or what?

BUZZ: Let's go with what!

Buzz tosses away his tool and takes after Torque. Torque leers at him and activates guns on the back of his bike, firing at Buzz, but the Ranger swerves out of the way of each shot.

BUZZ: It'll take more than pop guns to stop Buzz Lightyear!

Torque leads Buzz to an asteroid, zipping through rock outcroppings, and laughs.

TORQUE: Ahahahahaha! Catch me if you can, Pally! Hahahaha!

Torque takes turn, and Buzz follows. Buzz is shocked to see several Torques aiming blasters at him from both in front and behind him.

BUZZ: What?! Huh?

Buzz activates his jet pack and tries to fly out of the ambush. But there are more Toques lying in wait. They fire bolas at him that pin his arms to his sides and deactivate his wings. He falls to the ground with a grunt.

BUZZ: So your taunts were just a ruse deviously calculated to lure me into this trap.

TORQUE: Gee, Buzzy! You figured that out all by your lonesome?

The Torque clones laugh. Buzz narrows his eyes.

BUZZ: Now you're mocking me.

TORQUE: Two for two, baby!

BUZZ: And now...

TORQUE: Enough, sweetheart! We could do this all day. Who's got the time? Come on.

He snaps his fingers. The clones approach Buzz, and the scene cuts off and cuts back to the Rookies. Booster has his head stuck in something and is struggling to remove it.

XR: I don't get it. It's not like Buzz to just leave without checking in.

BOOSTER: Holy pulsars...

Booster finally removes it and speaks more clearly now.

BOOSTER: Buzz might be in trouble!

Off-screen, a familiar voice speaks again.

TORQUE: I've got news for you, Jumbo! He's not the only one.

The Rookies are stunned to see Torque and several clones have surrounded them. The scene shifts to the Rookie's being bound to the nose of a Tanker, the Torque clones around them, smug. They grunt as they try to free themselves.

TORQUE: Forget it, babies. It's some kind of unbreakable whoozis that Zurg came up with.

XR: when Buzz finds us, you're going to be sorry!

TORQUE: Consider yourselves found, Metal Mouth.

Torque points to set of clones binding Buzz down a little higher above the Rookies.

CLONE: Knock 'em dead, Buzzmundo!

TORQUE: The boys are gonna do a little roadwork for ya. Gratis! Turn Tanker Alley into Deadman's Curve! Anytime, sweethearts!

He gives his clones a thumbs up. They destroy the buoys near Capital Planet.

TORQUE: Nice shootin'! Let's ride!

Torque and his clones ride off. The Tanker Team Lightyear is on, as well as the ones surrounding them, all begin to drift forwards, picking up speed as they go along.

BOOSTER: Where are we heading?

XR: Directly into the center of Capital Planet.

MIRA: And this tanker is loaded with crystallic fusion fuel!

BOOSTER: We're gonna blow up the headquarters of the Galactic Alliance! Oh... man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man!


Act Three

The Tankers continue to head towards Capital Planet, getting closer and closer.

BOOSTER: Noooooooo!

With some effort, Mira manages to ghost through the metal pinning her down.

MIRA: Made it!

She tries to free Booster, and the Jo-Adian exerts his brute strength and manages to break the bonds.

BOOSTER: Unbreakable! Hah!

XR draws out one of his saw-blades and easily slices through his own bonds.

XR: And that leaves one!

MIRA: Okay, you guys get Buzz out, I'll check the controls.

Booster glances at Capital Planet, becoming larger in their field of vision. Mira ghosts into the Tanker, and Booster and XR break Buzz's bonds. Booster grabs Buzz and starts shaking him violently to wake him up.

BOOSTER: Buzz, Buzz, come on, come on, come on, Buzz, Buzz... Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz--!

Buzz, already waking up from the initial shaking, finally exclaims and pushes Booster's hands away.

BUZZ: Booster! I'm awake. Okay, team, status report.

XR: We're leading a convoy of tankers loaded with enough crystallic fusion fuel to blow up Capital Planet. Which is, by the way, incidentally, where we're headed!

BOOSTER: It's coming up fast! Look!

Boster grabs Buzz to show him Capital Planet, now looming closer than ever.

BUZZ: Have you tried turning the--?

Mira ghosts halfway through the tanker.

MIRA: Turning and reverse thrusters are all non-operational!

BUZZ: So, it's like that. We've gotta order in a strike! Blow these tankers out of the sky.

XR: Uh, if I may, Buzz! At this distance, the concussion waves of an explosion would flatten anything this side of the planet.

MIRA: Including us!

Buzz, Booster and XR turn to look at her. She blinks, then grins sheepishly.

MIRA: Erm, not that I'm concerned about my own welfare, of course, it's just that Booster and--

Before she can finish, Buzz activates his jetpack and flies off.

MIRA: Well, I didn't mean to just turn tail and run.

BOOSTER: Come on! Buzz knows what he's doing! I mean, he'd have to, I mean--pfft, he's Buzz!

Booster activates his rockets and flies after Buzz. Mira and XR follow too. They see Buzz grab two buoys and fly off. Mira slaps her helmet.

MIRA: Dah, I've course! The buoys!

Mira and XR fly off. XR extends his hands to grab two buoys. Booster flies and grabs a buoy, and Mira grabs another. XR, Booster and Buzz each have two buoys each, and they fly beyond the Tankers and place them in their direct path, spacing them out evenly. Mira leaves four buoys as she soars past and the foremost Tanker stops as the buoys activate.

Sirens fill the air and the red energy pulse emitting from the buoys looks dangerous. Team Lightyear waits beyond the buoys nervously. Booster is gritting his teeth and XR is praying in the background incomprehensibly. But the sirens stop and the Tankers all turn to the right, drifting away from Capital Planet.
Booster and XR cheer, and Mira hugs Buzz.

MIRA: All right! Way to go, Buzz!

BOOSTER: Hot rockets! Buzz Lightyear to the rescue again!

Booster rubs Buzz's helmet affectionately. Buzz stands proudly, with his chest thrust out.

BUZZ: Who thinks Tanker Alley is boring now?

Cut to Plant Z and Zurg's palace. Zurg is heard humming in the background.

ZURG: Ladadee, ladado~ Monitors on.

His screens turn on to show Capital Planet intact. He taps his fingers together, sitting on his throne, and then his eyes grow wide.

ZURG: Wait... I don't understand! Grubs! Why hasn't Capital Planet exploded?

Below, the Grubs scamper. One of them trembles as it speaks.

GRUB: Can we, ah, focus on our earlier accomplishments, please?

ZURG: Spill it!

The Grub gulps and lifts up a remote, still trembling.

GRUB: Let's go to the replay.

The screens rewind. Zurg glances at them impatiently. They play at the part the Tankers collide into the energy field made by the buoys. A fast-forward shows Team Lightyear cheering in the background.

SCREEN: Hahaha, all right, wooo!

Another fast-forward zooms in on Buzz's smug look.

ZURG: No! Curse you, Buzz Lightyear! Nnnghaugh--wait a minute. How did the rangers escape from the unbreakable bonds?

The Grubs are hiding in a small opening, only their eyes showing, which are still trembling.

GRUB: Well, uh, perhaps it would be more appropriate to think of them as "not-that-easily-broken" bonds.

ZURG: Maybe we should see just how easily you break!

They scamper away in fright, leaving Zurg shouting from high above on his throne.

ZURG: Come back here! Don't you scurry from me, you litte--!

Cut to Tradeworld and The Black Hole. Inside, the doors suddenly open wide, and the familiar voice--or voices--of Torque are heard as they all enter.

CLONE #1: Hey, Torque! Looking good, sweetheart! Who did the hair?

CLONE #2: That goes double for me, Torquey.

TORQUE: Nice job today. This round's on Torque! Deep-dish olive pies for everyone!

CLONE #3: Your money's not good here, Torque! Come on!

They sit at the bar, but Buzz's voice is suddenly heard in the background. The rest of the patrons scatter.

BUZZ: You boys seem awfully happy. Under the circumstances.

TORQUE: Hey-hey! You've got moxie, Lightyear! That, I'll give ya! But you're still going down.

MIRA: Correction, Torque.

Mira moves into focus, wristlaser at the ready.

MIRA: Ooh, you see, this time, we've got the numbers

TORQUE: Ohoho, yeah! I'm real scared!

BOOSTER: You oughtta be!

The Torques turn around to see Booster standing behind them. XR's voice is heard somewhere above them.

XR: Are you starting to get the picture, pal? Hehehe.

BUZZ: Get it through your thick heads, Torque. We fight bad guys like you together.

As Buzz speaks, Space Rangers show up by his sides. Space Rangers emerge from their hiding spot behind the bar too, surrounding him and his clones.

BUZZ: Take 'em, Rangers!

The Rangers activate their wristlasers and attack. Torque and his clones fight back with blasters. Thee Black Hole is shown outside to be shaking as the Rangers and clones fight.

Cut to a prison transport ship again, full of bandaged and groaning Torques. The real Toque glares at a speaker as Buzz's voice is heard from it.

BUZZ: Hey, Torque! Looks like today's your lucky day.

The scene shifts to Team Lightyear in Tanker Alley, Buzz still talking to Torque through his wrist communicator.

BUZZ: I hear the prison planet is offering a group discount.

TORQUE: Ah, yeah, yeah, very funny, keep your little--!

Booster starts laughing even before Buzz hangs up on Torque.

BUZZ: Lightyear, out.

BOOSTER: Group discount, ahaha! You slay me, Buzz.

Later, Buzz flies over to Mira, who is repairing a buoy from the inside. He knocks politely on it and peers inside.

BUZZ: Ranger Nova, there's... something I want to say to you.

He steps back and joins his hands, and Mira pops her head out, leaning on the edge of the buoy.

MIRA: I know, I know, you let your pride get the best of you... You took off without your team and walked right into a trap.

As Mira clasps her hands together at the last part, smug, Buzz blinks, taken aback, then gestures upwards.

BUZZ: Uh... actually, I was just gonna warn you about that runaway tanker.

Mira ghosts through the buoy to glance behind and confirm Buzz's words. They are true and she exclaims in surprise, but Buzz grabs her by the waist and pulls her back to safety before the Tanker can do any damage. Mira shakes her head, then blushes, embarrassed.

MIRA: Thanks, Buzz.

BUZZ: Like I always say, "Safety is job one on Tanker Alley."

The sound of a jetpack looms near. Rocket Crockett settles down before them and slaps his hand across Buzz's chest.

ROCKET: How'd you do it, Buzz? How did you get me assigned out here?!

Buzz feigns ignorance as Mira silently snickers into her hand.

BUZZ: Ohhh...

ROCKET: Don't go acting all innocent!

BUZZ: Oh, why, Crockett, I... can't imagine what you're talking about. I think Tanker Alley is just a reward for your fine work cutting down Torque.

Rocket grinds his teeth together angrily, growling in frustration.

BUZZ: Oops! You never found him, did ya?

Buzz pats Rocket's shoulder briefly, then turns to his team.

BUZZ: Let's go, Rangers!

BOOSTER: Where to next, Buzz?

Buzz activates his jetpack.

BUZZ: Do you have to ask?

He takes off, Mira, XR and Booster following.

BUZZ: To infinity... and beyond!

The formatting might be off in some parts, because I had all the actions in italics, but I spaced it out for you all now so you could read it better. If you spot any mistakes, especially in Buzz's tirade after Rocket Crockett, I'd love it if you could point them out to me. Thanks~

As for who else should do what... is anybody willing to pitch in with these transcripts too? Maybe we could assign episodes to some people to do so we can have some of these ready in time for the Rewatch? :3



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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Fox Storm on Sun Nov 20, 2011 12:02 pm

Ooh, ooh, I'll do Wirewolf! Pick me, pick me for Wirewolf! Me, me, me!

Anyway, this all sounds like a great idea! I'm in! ^_^ (just one note: I won't do Revenge of the Monsters and Revenge of the Raenoks. I have issues with those episodes. -_-;...)

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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Olivus Prime on Mon Nov 21, 2011 1:39 pm

(Screams at the chance to transcript The Lightyear Factor) Count me in!!!

This could be fun and informative, and I've already got episode trivia (e.g. small references, plot points and other minor details) for every episode, if anyone's interested (if so I'll post them on another topic).

But who will ever do Devolutionaries?

Fox Storm wrote: I won't do Revenge of the Monsters and Revenge of the Raenoks. I have issues with those episodes. -_-
What's wrong with Revenge of the Raenoks? "Prison food make Varg gassy!"

Have a nice solar cycle!
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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Steel on Tue Nov 22, 2011 4:25 am

Ooooh, plot trivia! Do want! (But yeah, I think that's for another thread actually, hehehe.) And sure, you guys can have "Wirewolf" and "The Lightyear Factor"! Go ahead and take a crack at them~!

I will try to finish "Gravitina" this week since I already got the dialogue down for the subs I was making. That episode... SO MUCH INNUENDO.

Oooh, "Devolutionaries"! I could do that one. I have a fairly good quality version of it from my .mpg batch of episodes (the .avi batch had a terrible version of it, along with a terrible version of "Strange Invasion", but I scored lucky and had those in fairly good quality from earlier~) and is it just me or do some people have an issue with that episode??


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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Olivus Prime on Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:29 pm

Steel wrote:is it just me or do some people have an issue with that episode??

It's probably my least favourite episode, bar the few that just have awful animation. Devolving the main characters is like killing them off for an episode - such great personalities thrown out of the window, just for kicks.

And yes, Gravitina is a bit of a dodgy episode... Anyway, onwards with the transcripting!

Have a nice solar cycle!
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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Fox Storm on Tue Nov 22, 2011 3:17 pm

Olivus Prime wrote:
What's wrong with Revenge of the Raenoks? "Prison food make Varg gassy!"

It's not the dialogue that bothers me; it's just the plot that does. Y'see, I get VERY angry when people (IRL) hold other people hostage out of greed, revenge, money, etc. Seeing on a kid's show kind of makes it worse. I don't know why I get so furious about this on a KID'S show. Heck, when I see it in any show, movie, or news, and it's depicted in a certain way, I instantly feel anger and hatred forming in my heart.

It puts me in a dark mood, and I really don't want to be in a dark mood. I mean, I know this may sound like an excuse to get out of doing transcripts for these eppies, but I can't explain how else I feel about these things on television, or in anything that depicts these acts, for that matter. I just can't get through watching the two episodes I mentioned without feeling angry or any sort of negative emotion.

That's how I also feel about Revenge of the Monsters; I just feel angry at...well, to be blunt, EVERYONE in that episode. I get angry at Star Command, I get angry at Team Lightyear, I get angry at the villains, EVERYONE! The only person I don't feel negative emotions towards is Ty, and not because he's my favorite character, but because he really is the victim in this episode, and he was used against his own will to be part of something horrible, for the sake of NOS-4-A2's thirst for energy. That just....(sighs) It just rubs me off the wrong way, and again, I don't know why; It just does. (shrugs)

So, yeah. I didn't mean to go so deep into this, but that's why I won't do the transcripts for those episodes, or even watch them. I just get genuinely furious, and I have to suppress my anger by not watching those episodes, at least not all the way through (I can watch the endings, but that's about it). It's kind of weird, I know, but it does do me a great deal of good.

"Do you know the legend of the Phoenix?...The Phoenix was a mythical bird that was consumed by fire, but always rose again from the ashes. Perhaps that's what the Phoenix represents-hope, which never dies." -Professor Charles Xavier, X-Men: The Animated Series

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Glory Days...the Academy Days of four certain Rangers, a BLoSC fanfic. NOW on Fanfiction.net!

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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Ranger-Nova on Thu Nov 24, 2011 2:29 pm

Well, I'm back! I'm glad to see people are going to be doing transcripts Very Happy

I've done A Zoo Out There and am working on The Main Event.

Here is AZOT:

Location: Capitol Planet

Two senators are talking outside the Alliance Plaza.

Senator Aarrfvox (Shragorakkian): They are not dumb animals, Senator Phlegmex, please! Now, what would it take to get your vote on the animal rights bill?

Phlegmex: A sign from the heavens, Senator Aarrfvox.

They hear a loud crash, and turn to see that their taxi has been crushed by a strange space ship. It shoots a blue beam at them which pulls them into the ship, then flies away.

Location: Star Command Briefing Room

The previous scene is revealed to have been a recording projected by XR (where did they get the footage?).

Nebula: That was the tenth kidnapping this month.

Mira: All on Capitol Planet?

Nebula: Every one of 'em! And each one a senator from a different planet!

Booster: Gee, Buzz, who do you think's behind all this?

Buzz: There's only one deviant force EVIL enough to disrupt the solemn and important machinery of government.

XR (banging his fist on the table): Of course! That guy who cut me off on the Orion beltway this morning! I knew he looked evil!

Everyone stares at him.

Buzz: I meant Zurg.

XR: Oh, yeah. He's pretty evil too.

Buzz (dialing): Well, I won't stand for this. I'm calling Zurg and ordering him to cease and desist at once.

A Z appears on a large screen in front of Buzz.

Voice over the comm system: Hello, and thank you for calling the Evil Emperor Zurg. The Emperor is either on the other line, or engaged in a mind-bendingly ingenious plan to control the universe. Your call is important to us, and will be answered in the order received.

Music starts playing, and the Rangers wait. Buzz pulls a hair off his suit in boredom. Finally, Zurg comes on the screen.

Zurg: Hello? Zurg here. Oh, Lightyear.

Buzz: Skip the pleasantries, Zurg! I know what you're up to! You've pulled some evil deeds in the past -

Mira: But kidnapping innocent politicians?!

Zurg: Innocent politicians? Don't be oxymoronic! I'd never do something so... so obvious.

Buzz: Well, even if you're not doing the actual "dirty work", I'm sure it's one of your vile sidekicks.

Zurg: Oh, really? Well, why don't we ask them. Anybody here kidnapping politicians? Come on, speak up!

He moves out the way, revealing Torque, Warp, XL, a brainpod, Gravitina, and NOS-4-A2 sitting at a table.

They all murmur to each other (you can hear NOS saying "I don't know how") and deny it.

Zurg: Sorry, Lightyear. No kidnappers here, but we are cooking up something very evil for the fiscal quarter. I'm sure you'll like it. Ha, ha, ha, ha! Bye-bye!

The screen goes black.

Booster: You don't believe him, do you Buzz?

Nebula's desk arrives and prints out a paper, which Nebula snatches.

Nebula: Listen to this! Another senator was just snatched from Alliance Plaza five minutes ago!

Buzz: Hmm, the plot thickens.

Mira: Is it possible that Zurg was actually telling the truth?

Buzz: There's one way to find out.

Location: Capitol Planet

Buzz is strolling outside the Alliance Plaze, dressed in an alien costume.

He lifts a tentacle and talks into it.

Buzz: Heads up, Rangers. The kidnappers could be anyone, anywhere.

Meanwhile, Team Lightyear is hidden behind some bushes watching.

Booster: We've got you covered, Buzz.

Mira: Buzz is awfully vulnerable out there. I don't like this.

XR: Really? Ha, ha, I love it!

Mira gives him an angry look.

XR: For once I'm not the bait.

Location: Chlorm ship

A screen is visible, showing Buzz.

Eon's voice: Unknown species? That won't do at all.

His hands are seen touching the controls. The screen changes, and shows Mira, Booster, and XR.

Eon's voice: What have we here? A Jo-adian - excellent! A Tangaen - rare indeed!

The screen shows XR, with writing saying "glorified calculator".

Epoch: [gibberish]

Eon: Yes, yes! I suppose we could find some use for a primitive robot as well!

Location: Capitol Planet

Buzz (talking into tentacle): On your toes, team. My sensors indicate an approaching alien ship.

The ship lands behind him.

Buzz (while Team Lightyear is being pulled into the ship behind his back): Steady, steady. That's odd - now my sensors are showing them moving away.

The ship takes off. Buzz turns around and sees it.

Buzz: Hey! Those are my rookies!

He climbs onto his Star Command jetbike thing and takes off (while still in alien costume).

Buzz: Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

Location: Space

Buzz (now with a helmet up but still in alien disguise) chases after the ship.

Buzz: So, Zurg and his minions aren't the kidnappers. They're mysterious aliens of unknown powers and purposes.

The ship begins firing on Buzz.

Buzz (dodging): Spectral prism muskets, ha! No technology exists that can slow down Buzz Lightyear!

The ship launches two drones (which have very Warp-like colouring) that send out a red field between themselves. Buzz gets caught in it.

Buzz: Craters.

He gets thrown backwards.

Buzz: Whoaaaaa!!!

The drones then return to the ship and it flies away.

Location: Apparently, Tangea

Mira is sleeping on the throne in what looks like the Tangean palace.

She wakes up and yawns.

Mira (suddenly realising where she is): Wha-what? The palace?! How did I get to Tangea? This is weird - I'd better check in with Buzz.

She is about to use her communicator when she sees that she's wearing a dress.

Mira: Huh? I don't remember changing out of my uniform. Hmm... Father?

Location: What looks like Booster's farm on Jo-ad

Booster is sleeping on a couch, snoring. He suddenly smells something and wakes up.

He yawns, rubs his eyes, and looks around.

Booster (super excited): Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I'm back home on Jo-ad! Yay!

He stops jumping up and down and looks around.

Booster: Ma? Pa? Hey, where is everyone?

He smells something.

Booster: Mmm, bunzel berry pie!

He grabs the pie, jumps on the couch, and is about to eat when he sees a door slide away.

Location: Definitely NOT Tangea

Mira stares in shock as a metal door slides away, revealing a glass window through which a bunch of chlorms are watching her. Among them is a chlorm family.

Chlorm mom: It almost looks intelligent, doesn't it?

Chlorm dad: Don't be ridiculous, Morgalla, it's an animal - not a chlorm like us.

Chlorm boy: I want a Tangean, Mommy! Can we get a pet Tangean, please?

The chlorms start taking photos of Mira.

Mira (slapping her face): Argh, I must be dreaming. Ugh, I gotta cut out those late night lattes.

Location: Chlorm zoo

Chlorms are scattered around, looking at many different species trapped behind glass (all senators).

Voice over the speakers: A reminder that these exhibits contain wild animals, which can be highly unpredictable. Please remain behind the safety railings at all times. Thank you!

Among the senators are Phlegmex and Aarrfvox.

XR (voice): Here we have a species from the planet Shragorak. Note the voluminous tufts of hair which allow him to survive the 900 day long Shragorakkian winter.

XR is wearing a strange red belt and acting as a tour guide.

Location: Booster's enclosure

Booster is staring out the glass.

XR: And here, we have a specimen from the planet Jo-ad.

Booster: XR! Thank goodness! You gotta get me out of here!

XR: Love to, can't. This restraining module zaps me if I get out of line.

He points to the belt.

Booster: Out of line?

XR: They've reprogrammed me! I'm a walking factoid now!

The children in the back of the tour car thing throw an empty can at him.

XR: Don't make me come back there, you little - OW!

His belt zaps him.

He gets out the car and sweeps up the can.

XR: I also have various janitorial and gum-scraping duties. Stupid aliens! Stupid alien zoo! Ow!

He gets zapped again.

XR (as he starts driving the tour car away): Stupid restraining module. If I ever get my...

He continues muttering as he drives away.

Location: Mira's enclosure

Mira is pacing around.

Suddenly, a chlorm pops up in front of the glass.

Chlorm: Aw, look at that. Is it a Tangean? Oh, yes it is! And he's the cutest little thing. Yes it is!

Mira: Okay, stop that!

Chlorm: Ooo! Can it talk? Yes, you can!

Mira: Urgh. That does it, I'm outta here!

She slams into the wall.

Mira: Oof! Hey!

Eon: Ahem.

Mira turns to see Eon and Epoch looking at her through the glass.

Eon: I'm afraid you won't be ghosting through these walls, Tangean. They're made out of Tefloid 14 - guaranteed ghost-proof. So sorry.

Epoch: [gibberish]

Eon: Yes, Epoch, that's right. They also wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Mira: Who are you?

Eon: I am Eon. This is my counterpart, Epoch.

Epoch flashes her a toothy, creepy smile.

Eon: We are superior beings and emminent scientists.

Epoch: [gibberish]

Eon: Uh, yes... former emminent scientists. Our last assignment came to a... less than fruitful end. We were demoted.

Epoch: [gibberish]

Eon: Epoch prefers to call it a horizontal move. We now run this intergalactic zoo and... [whispers] research facility.

Mira: Of course... you're kidnapping senators from Capitol Planet because there are so many different species all in one place!

Eon: It's a veritable bargain bin of lesser beings!

Mira: Lesser beings?! I'll have you know, I am a Tangean princess and a Space Ranger of Star Command.

Epoch: [gibberish]

Eon: Yes, Epoch. Defenseive posturing and irrational assertion of self-worth. Classic lesser being behaviour.

Mira: Okay, just so you know, this lesser being stuff is growing old really fast.

Eon: Just make yourself comfortable, Bright Eyes. You'll be well taken care of as long as you cooperate.

Mira: Bright Eyes?! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Cooperate?

Location: Zoo

Chlorms are wandering around when Buzz suddenly shows up on his bike. They stare at him in shock.

Buzz (waving a tentacle): Greetings, alien civilisation! Although slightly delayed, I come in peace!

He gets off the bike, causing the chlorms to back away in fear.

Buzz: I'm looking for some kidnappers, last seen heading towards this planet.

Morgalla: Wild animal!

The chlorms all scream.

Buzz (realising): Oh! Ha, ha, ha, the suit. No reason to panic, good citizens.

He unzips the costume and lets it fall off.

Alien boy: Look, Mommy! It's moulting!

Buzz (now looking normal again): You see, I'm a Space Ranger.

Chlorm: Wild animal!

They all run (or rather float) off screaming.

Buzz: Hey, where are you all going?

There's an explosion. Buzz runs over and finds that his bike has been destroyed.

Buzz: Okay, I can take the running and the screaming, but I just got that back from the shop!

Three chlorms - either robots or wearing weird suits - have arrived, and one shoots a net at Buzz.

Buzz (tied up): Oh, so now you want to kidnap me?

He activates his jetpack and flies away. He spins around, breaking out of the net.

Chlorm robot/guard: After him! Don't let him get away!

They all chase after Buzz on their funny hover devices.

Buzz hides behind a wall as one comes past. Thinking it's safe, he steps out when the chlorm leaves, but finds another one coming towards him.

Buzz: Shoes untied.

The extremely stupid chlorm looks down to where his feet would be if he had any.

Chlorm: Huh?

Buzz grabs a trash can and shoves it over the chlorm. He then uses his laser to seal the bin to the ground.

Buzz: Just doing my bit for the environment!

He suddenly sees the other two chlorms coming towards him. He flies away as they start shooting at him. As he goes past the enclosures, he spots the Shragorakkian senator.

Buzz (flying back): That's no animal! That's a senator!

He goes up to the glass.

Buzz: Everything's gonna be just fine, Senator. I'm here -

He gets shot.

Buzz (collapsing): To shave you...

The chlorms come and take Buzz away.

Aarrfvox: Shragorakkians do not shave!

Location: Somewhere else in the zoo

A Chlorm audience is seated around a stage, where Booster and Mira sit. Eon is floating nearby, wearing a hat, and a sign says "Stupid Lesser Being Tricks".

Eon: Ladies and gentlechlorms! For this next trick, I will need absolute silence. These lesser beings can be dangerous when startled.

Booster: Mira, what do we do?

Mira: Just stay alert until we can figure a way out of this.

Eon: First, the animal I call "Jumbo" will perform a graceful swan dive!

Booster: Jumbo?! Hey, I don't make fun of your big head!

Eon lassoes Booster with his photon whip.

Booster: Hey! You'll never get me to perform for you... you... you... mm, pie...

A pie is held in front of him.

Eon (turning off the whip): You'll notice how a simple slice of bunzel berry pie hypnotizes the primitive Jumbo.

Booster stands on a diving board while a small robot holds pie in front of his face.

Mira (groaning): Oh, Booster.

Booster reaches out to gulp down the pie, but the robot moves it away.

Booster: Huh?

He jumps off the diving board, reaches the pie, eats it, then lands in the water surrounding the stage.

The crowd cheers.

Eon: Next is an exotic creature that I like to call "Bright Eyes". Being Tangean, she has the ability to pass through a solid wall as though it was thin air!

Crowd: Oooo!

Eon: Bright Eyes will now do the impossible and jump through a solid hoop!

The small robot holds up a solid hoop.

Mira: No I won't.

Eon: Yes you will. I've got a photon whip.

He pulls out the whip and grabs Mira with it. He throws her at the hoop, and she ghosts through to avoid hitting it.

The crowd cheers.

Eon: As you can see, resistance is futile. You may as well cooperate during the next show.

Mira (whispering to Booster): Okay, Booster, here's the plan: During the next show, you distract him and...

*later on*

Booster is on the diving board again.

Eon: Now be a good boy, Jumbo. Jump!

Booster: Okey-dokey!

He takes a huge leap.

Booster: Cannonball!

When he lands, water splashes everywhere, knocking the whip out Eon's hand.

Mira: Hyauh!

She jumps onto Eon, knocking him across the room.

Eon's head splits open.

Booster: Mira! You kicked him right in half!

Mira (shocked): I didn't hit him that hard...

Eon's outer exo-skin comes off, revealing a perfectly intact head.

Eon: Ah... that felt good. I've been ready to moult for a week now.

Mira: Moulting?! You mean you shed your skin?!

Eon: Exo-skin.

Booster and Mira shudder.

Suddenly, a net flies over them. They turn to see Epoch, accompanied by two guards.

Epoch: [gibberish]

Eon: That's right, Epoch. All the best species moult.

XR (bursting through some curtains): You forgot about one little member of Team Lightyear, you moulting freaks! Ow!

His belt shocks him

XR: Who said that? I think it was that chlorm over there...

Location: Hangar or something like that

A ship is parked nearby, while Eon talks to the captured Team Lightyear.

Eon: You could have cooperated, but no. You had to be bad. And now we'll have to send you away to where we send all our bad, naughty lesser beings.

He uses to the whip to put them in the spaceship.

The doors close, revealing the words "Alienco R & D animal testing".

Location: Inside the ship

Mira: Don't worry, Booster. As long as Buzz is still out there, we're going to come out of this just fine.

Buzz: Well, that makes this a little awkward.

He's also under a net, just like them.

Mira: Buzz?! You too?!

Buzz: Stay positive, Rangers.

Booster: Buzz is right, Mira. I mean, XR is still out there. I'm sure he'll save us.

They all look at each other.

Team Lightyear (as the ship flies away): Help! Get me outta here! Help! Get me out of here! Help! Ahh!

Location: Asteroid

They're all strapped down on beds in a strange lab.

Buzz: This place feels familiar - as though I were here before, many adventures ago.

Booster: What gonna happen to us, Buzz?

Buzz: Nothing good, Booster. You just remember that no matter how badly they torture us, we must never give up any Star Command secrets.

Booster (depressed): I don't even know any Star Command secrets.

Buzz: That's the ticket, Ranger.

Era (he, Epoch and Eon arrive): Greetings, my human [um, but only Buzz is human] guinea pigs. And Buzz Lightyear, well... we meet again.

Buzz: Now I remember! So, your sicko experiments with me didn't work before, and now you're going to torture us for top secret Star Command secrets [are there NON top secret Star Command secrets?].

Era: What piddling secrets of Star Command could possibly be of interest to our superior intellects?

Booster: Star Command secrets aren't piddiling! Not that I know any...

Buzz: So you're just going to torture us for a rollicking good time?

Eon: Torture? We don't want to torture you.

Era: This is simply the other, less, heh, heh, cuddly side of our current reassignment. Animals who prove uncooperative in the zoo environment are sent here, to the Alienco product testing devision!

Team Lightyear gasps.

Era (loading a container into a gunlike device): You see, before we sell cosmetic and personal hygiene products to our own species, we test them... on lesser beings. Like you.

Eon: To make certain they're safe.

Mira: Again with the lesser beings stuff - ugh!

Era (holding up a bottle): Today's miracle product - Molt EZ - helps ease the burden of that time of year... by softening the exo-skin for easier moulting.

He presses a button, and Buzz's table moves forward.

Eon: Uh, be sure to begin with a measured dose, Era.

Era: Nonsense! We want our customers to use this stuff by the handful!

A device on the ceiling moves directly above Buzz.

Mira: Buzz!

Era presses a button, and the device empties the Molt EZ on Buzz.

Buzz: Ahh!

Mira: Buzz!

The smoke clears, revealing that the Molt EZ melted through Buzz's suit, leaving a big hole. Fortunately, Buzz is unharmed.

Buzz: That Ranger suit was made of Terillium-Carbonic alloy, and it just melted Alterian yak butter!

Epoch: [gibberish]

Era: Yes, Epoch! Molt EZ is a winner!

Eon: Perhaps it worked too well - it liquified the creature's skin!

Era: Ah, so we put a warning label on it: "May cause dermal liquifaction. Use only as directed." Let's try it again!

Eon: Again? Why?

Era: To be sure! It's a double-blind thing [I'm not sure if that's what he said].

Mira's table moves forward.

Booster: No! She's not wearing a space suit - her skin'll melt right off!

Era: We don't make wild guesses - this is science!

XR (voice): Wait a minute, wait a minute!

He scoots over to Buzz.

Buzz: XR! Good work! You've alluded the aliens and come to liberate us!

XR: Love to, can't. Restraining module.

He points to the belt.

XR: Oh, if I could just get my hands on them!

Era (laughing evilly): Prepare to feel the joy... of moulting!

Mira: Guys, I have a confession to make. On the Zenway 9 stake out last year - I'm the one who ate all the freeze-dry pudding.

Booster: It was you?

The device extends from the ceiling.

Mira: Ahh!

She cringes, awaiting liquifaction.

Only a small drop comes out the device, and lands on the edge of the bed, melting through.

Booster opens his eyes and cheers.

Eon: There, you see! You wasted it all on the first dose!

Era: You, robot! Refill the applicator!

XR goes to a table with containers of Molt EZ.

XR: Oh, this is gonna smart. This is gonna smart. Gotta do it, but it's gonna smart.

He starts pouring it on the restraints holding down Team Lightyear.

Buzz: Way to take one for the team, XR!

Eon: They're getting away!

XR (getting zapped while freeing Booster): Yow! I better get a medal or something for this! Ow!

He shoots up in pain.

Era (shaking Eon): Where are the photon whips?

Eon: Back at the zoo!

Era (going to some controls): Activating defense systems!

Meanwhile, Booster gets the belt off XR.

XR: Ah... thanks, big guy! No more getting zapped!

He suddenly gets hit by a laser beam. Another narrowly misses Booster's head.

The Warp-like drones are back. Buzz throws a container of Molt EZ at them, but they just shoot it.

Buzz: Okay, team. We've no weapons, no space suits. We'll have to rely on our innate skills and instincts!

Mira: Just like animals.

Buzz: No time for irony, Mira. Lets get off this rock!

Era: Hold it right there, test animals!

He, Eon and Epoch are holding guns at them.

XR: Being a robot, I have no animal instincts. But I do have janitorial supplies!

He breaks out some cleaning stuff and throws it at them. He then attacks them all with a mop.

Booster grabs Eon.

Eon: Down, you beastly thing! Down! Bad Jumbo!

Booster throws Eon at the ceiling, where he hits his head.

Buzz opens the door, and they all run out.

Buzz: Take care of that door, Booster!

Booster: Gladly!

He punches the controls.

The chlorms crash into the closed door.

Location: Chlorm ship

Team Lightyear has boarded the ship.

Mira: Set course for Star Command, Buzz?

Buzz: No, back to their home planet. We're going to the zoo.

The ship launches and leaves the asteroid.

Location: Inside the asteroid

The chlorms are looking a a screen, which is tracking the ship.

Eon: They're going to the zoo!

Era: Then so are we!

Epoch: [gibberish]

Era: No, Epoch! We cannot got to the beach instead!

The asteroid blasts off.

Location: Zoo

Chlorms run off screaming when Team Lightyear lands.

Mira: Okay, this is REALLY getting annoying.

XR: Really? I'm kind of enjoying the creating-blind-terror-and-panic gig.

Buzz: Alright, save the chatter, Rangers. We've got senators to save. Now, we'll split up - each one of us bags a diplomat.

Team Lightyear (saluting): Yes, Sir!

Buzz (looking at the tour car): XR, you gather 'em all up in the tram. Rendevous back here in five.

Location: Space

The asteroid stops and one of the craters opens. The three chlorms (who can apparently breathe in space) come out.

Location: Zoo

Booster and XR are standing outside the Shragorakkian's enclosure.

Booster: Those big-headed guys maybe smart, but I bet their cages can't handle brute animal strength!

He punches through the glass. He then leads the senator out.

XR: Watch you step. Paws and claws inside tram, please.

He drives the tram away with the senator.

Booster (seeing a chlorm guard with a net): Uh oh!

He prepares to fire on it, then realises he's not in his suit.

Booster: Right - animal instinct.

He jumps at the chlorm, knocking it down and sitting on it.

Location: Phlegmex's cage

Mira and XR are looking in at the slimy senator.

Mira: Judging by the sludge on this cage, it's not made of easy-wipe Tefloid 14.

XR: Which means it's not ghost-proof!

Mira (ghosting in): Hold onto your slime, vesicle senator.

She ghosts him out.

XR: All aboard! Try not to slime the other senators, okay?

Mira slumps down a bit.

XR: You alright, Mira?

Mira: Yeah... yeah. Just... a big ghost job -

XR: Look out!

A guard has arrived, but Booster jumps on him. He grabs his gun.

Booster: I'll take that.

Mira: Thanks, Booster. Go help Buzz. I'll catch up.

She runs off.

*later on*

Booster and XR are driving along in the tram, looking at all the broken glass and empty cages.

Booster: Looks like he came this way.

XR: The whole asthetic does say "Buzz Lightyear was here".

Buzz (smashing two guards together - they seem to short out, which makes me think they're robots): What, uh, took you so long?

Booster: Wow!

Buzz has amassed a whole lot of senators.

Buzz: Climb aboard, senators. Let's get back home.

They all board the tram.

Era: Not so fast!

The other two chlorms lasso them all with photon whips.

Eon: You are completely untamed!

Era: You've made a mockery of our scientific experiments!

Eon (eyeing the broken glass): And you're obviously not house broken.

Epoch: [gibberish]

Era: I quite agree, Epoch. Time to put these lesser beings down!

Mira (voice): Stop. Calling. Us. Lesser beings!

She comes up behind them and sticks her hands into Eon and Epoch's heads, making them drop the whips.

Mira: Catch, Buzz!

He grabs the whips and uses them to lasso the chlorms.

Buzz: Pretty harmless without your little toys, huh?

Era: Please, put us down!

They scream and moan as Buzz plays with them a bit, knocking them into each other.

Buzz: Maybe now you won't prey on weaker, less intelligent creatures like myself. That didn't come out right.

*later on*

The senators or boarding the chlorm ship.

XR: Okay, all aboard the senatorial express back to Capitol Planet!

Inside, Phlegmex clears his throat.

Phlegmex: Given the recent events, I may be ready to reconsider your animal rights bill, senator.

Aarfvox: We'll do lunch.

Meanwhile, outside, the chlorms are still trapped by the photon whips.

Era: Surely you won't just leave us here?

Buzz (in the driver's seat of the ship, leaning out the window that he will hopefully close when they reach space): The power cells of those whips will run out eventually.

Eon: Yeah, yeah, but our highly advanced power cells can run for weeks!

Buzz: Tough beans. To infinity and beyond!

The ship flies away.

Eon: I wonder what'll become of us now that we've failed at yet another assignment.

Epoch: [gibberish]

Era: Hmm...

Eon: Interesting...

Location: Chlorm house

The chlorm family is watching TV.

Era (narrating the TV program): The Zolve Network presents: When Lesser Beings Attack - part 4.

The TV shows clips of Booster sitting on a guard, Mira attacking Eon, and Buzz playing with the photon whips.

The End

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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Fox Storm on Sat Nov 26, 2011 10:21 pm

Nice job, Ranger! It looks pretty good and pretty true to the script of the episode. Well done. Wink

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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Pythonmelon on Sat Nov 26, 2011 10:33 pm

cool~ and ooo!ooooooooo! i wanna help out! maybe do 'Revenge of the monsters?" I could take "Nos-4-a2" too, and "Dirty Work", and "The Slayer"

i'll leave wirewolf to Fox Storm ;D all yours buddy

any other episodes you assign to me work too!

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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Fox Storm on Sat Nov 26, 2011 10:39 pm

Be our guest! Go ahead and do those eppies. Wink

Heh, thanks, Pythonmelon. I'll be sure to do Wirewolf to the best of my ability. I'm sure you'll do great on the episodes you want to do. Smile

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"Do you know the legend of the Phoenix?...The Phoenix was a mythical bird that was consumed by fire, but always rose again from the ashes. Perhaps that's what the Phoenix represents-hope, which never dies." -Professor Charles Xavier, X-Men: The Animated Series

Storm Front....a BLoSC/X-Men crossover fanfic....NOW on Fanfiction.net!

Glory Days...the Academy Days of four certain Rangers, a BLoSC fanfic. NOW on Fanfiction.net!

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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Pythonmelon on Sat Nov 26, 2011 10:43 pm

thanks ;D i should be able to get one episode a night this week, so woohoo

and thanks ^^ you'll do great on yours

"So, try and stop me you self-proclaimed 'normal people'"- The Major (Hellsing)

"He's a bit insane at the moment, but he'll get over it."- Dr. Membrane (Invader Zim)

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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Fox Storm on Sat Nov 26, 2011 10:52 pm

Right back at ya!

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"Do you know the legend of the Phoenix?...The Phoenix was a mythical bird that was consumed by fire, but always rose again from the ashes. Perhaps that's what the Phoenix represents-hope, which never dies." -Professor Charles Xavier, X-Men: The Animated Series

Storm Front....a BLoSC/X-Men crossover fanfic....NOW on Fanfiction.net!

Glory Days...the Academy Days of four certain Rangers, a BLoSC fanfic. NOW on Fanfiction.net!

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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Pythonmelon on Sat Nov 26, 2011 10:55 pm

king yays

"So, try and stop me you self-proclaimed 'normal people'"- The Major (Hellsing)

"He's a bit insane at the moment, but he'll get over it."- Dr. Membrane (Invader Zim)

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Re: Episode Transcripts

Post by Ranger-Nova on Sun Nov 27, 2011 12:54 am

Pythonmelon wrote:cool~ and ooo!ooooooooo! i wanna help out! maybe do 'Revenge of the monsters?" I could take "Nos-4-a2" too, and "Dirty Work", and "The Slayer"

i'll leave wirewolf to Fox Storm ;D all yours buddy

any other episodes you assign to me work too!

It would be great if you did all those! The more people pitch in, the faster we get them all done.

I'm still working on The Main Event... I'll try to get it finished today. During the week I'll do Root of Evil.

"If there's one thing I can't stand it's gambling! I'll lay you seven to one odds there'll be no more poker after tonight!" - XR

[03:35:11] @ Alexa : The bad thing about having Zurg on my desk is that he judges me when I flail in excitement. XD

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Re: Episode Transcripts

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